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Pavel Gogyaev is a Russian designer, the owner
and director of the company “GP Project”. He works not only in Russia, but also abroad
– Spain, Italy and other countries. Let’s have a look at one of his projects
– a flat in Spain, in Marbella. Besides, if you are in the USA they don’t say a flat,
it is “an apartment” This is a 3 bedroom flat in a well-off residential
area near the sea, with a wonderful sea view from the bedrooms. The kitchen and the living
room overlook a quiet street. Let’s have a small virtual excursion around
the flat. As you enter, you are in the hall. The hall
is large and spacious. On the right is the living room. As matter
of fact, this is one big room that combines both the living room and the dining room in
one big space. A sofa in the middle of the room separates the living room section from
the dining room zone. On the left there is a big table with 6 chairs for the family to
have their meals, and on the right there is a coffee table with two sofas and a pouf around
it. There are a few cushions on the sofas. Fixed on the right wall, there is a TV set
and on the opposite wall there is a painting. The room is really bright as there two lamps
on the ceiling and four lamps on the walls. There is also much light during the day because
the windows are huge and there is a balcony. In one of the corners there is a plant in
a pot. On the left of the plant there is a huge speaker from a stereo system and on the
right there is a bookcase. From the living room you get to a balcony.
It is actually a terrace with a dining table and a few comfortable chairs.
There are three bedrooms in the flat. Let’s look at one of them. There is not much furniture
in it – a bed, two bedside tables on both sides of the bed, a chest of drawers opposite
the bed and a TV set on the wall. Oh, there is another armchair in the corner and beautiful
curtains on the windows. The kitchen isn’t big but quite functional.
There are a lot of cupboards on the wall and kitchen cabinets on the floor. So there is
really lots of storage space for cups, plates, forks, spoons and other utensils. Forks, spoons
and knives are all together called cutlery. There is of course a sink and a designer tap.
The family cook on the electric stove (or electric cooker) and in the oven.
Let’s go to the bathroom, or better to say “a bathroom” because there are four bathrooms
in the flat! This is one of them. The bathroom has a window and at the window there is a
bath (also called “a bathtub”) , on the wall there is a large mirror, a cabinet under
the mirror to store different things (for example: shampoo, soap, scrubs, sponges, cleaning
liquid and other things, and on the floor there are two rugs. On the left of the bathtub
there is a shower cabin, a toilet and a bidet. In general the flat is absolutely great and
the owners are really happy with Pavel’s work.

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Снова и снова смотрю видео на заданную нам тему и повторяю, что восхищаюсь вашим методом, вашей подачей материала. Я лучше усваиваю материал только!!! после ваших видео. Благодарю вас?????

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