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English Conversation 18

Would you like a drink sir? Yes Diet Coke please I some lemon just lemon Here you are, thank you Coffee tea coffee, please Milk yes, please sugar. Nothing’s Here you are Thanks Hello, are you mark writer? Yes, are you Ally? Yes I am nice to meet you and you welcome to the UK your hotels in the city centre. How far is it? It’s about 30 minutes if the traffic’s okay, great. Would you like a coffee first? No, I’m fine. Thanks Alright, let’s go my cars in the car park Can I help you with your bags? No, it’s okay. Thanks Good evening, sir. Hello. I have a reservation. My name is Mark Ryder. Can you spell that please? Ry d er For five nights. Yes, that’s right. Can I have your passport please? Just a moment. Hey Can you sign here please you’re just smoking or non-smoking room non-smoking please Here’s your key it’s room 45 on the 4th floor. Thank you Oh, where’s the lift it’s over there? Do you need help with your bags? No, it’s okay. Thanks. Enjoy your stay. Mr. Ryder. Thank you Where are you from in the United States mark the west coast San Francisco. Is it nice? Oh, yeah. It’s a great city Are you from London? No, I’m from Cambridge. My family lived there, but I live here in London Sorry Hello darling, how are you? I’m fine. Yeah Don’t worry Fine fine. That’s great Bye darling, I love you Sorry, that’s okay your wife no, no my daughter she always phones me when I’m traveling How old is she she’s nine. She lives with her mother in Los Angeles We’re divorced Are you married? No, I’m not Holier that’s very personal What do you think Twenty-five twenty-six. Thanks. I’m 27. How old are you? I’m 34. No Would you like another drink no, thanks. I have to go now mark our first meetings at 10:00 See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow alley. Good night night Can I help you, what would you like a cappuccino please regular will large large please? And can I have an espresso please? Two half here will take away. Do you have here? Anything else no. Thanks Brownie for me, please. Okay How much is that? Together or separate together? That’s 645, please sorry how much? 645 Thank you Thanks mark, you’re welcome. Look there’s a free table over there. Oh I’m really sorry. Don’t worry. It’s always the same when I wear white something like this always happens look first I’ll get you another coffee, then we can go shopping shopping Yeah, I want to buy you a new shirt You can’t go to a meeting like that, but we don’t have time the next meetings at 12:30 you have time It’s only 11. Are you sure? Yes, sit down and relax. Let’s have coffee and then go Well, okay Can I help you yes, what size is this shirt? Let’s see a small what size do you want a medium? This is a medium, thanks. Where can I try it on the changing rooms are over there? Thank you How is it it’s fine, how much is it $34.99 do you take American Express? Yes, sir Thank you very much mark, oh, you’re welcome. I’m really sorry about the coffee it’s okay It’s late. Our meetings at 12:30. We can take a taxi, okay? Do you like the shirt? Well, yeah, it’s exactly the same as the other one. The same is completely different. Sorry typical man Ali can I ask you something? Yeah. What? Would you like to have dinner with me tonight Tonight. Yeah, you see It’s my birthday. Oh, happy birthday I’m sorry, but I can’t have dinner tonight. I’m busy Oh How about Friday night Friday well Okay You know a good restaurant Let me think. Do you like Italian food? I love it. Well, there’s a new Italian restaurant. We can go there good idea taxi Can I help you, how much is that t-shirt? It’s 1560. Sorry. How much did you say? 1560 and How much of those mugs the big mugs are ten twenty five and the small ones are eight seventy five Can I have a big mug, please? Here you are and yes, do you have birthday cards sorry, we’ve only got postcards Oh, well, just the mug then that’s ten twenty five You want I have you got the 25 oh, yes. Yeah Thanks. Thank you Hi Ali, wow, you look great nice dress. Oh, thank you This is for you for your birthday. I bought you a little present. Oh No, I hope it isn’t broken it’s a mug It was a mug Thanks Ali. I don’t believe it. I’m sorry mark. No problem. It was really nice of you. I’ll get you another one tomorrow Don’t worry. Listen, did you call a taxi to go to the restaurant? No, I have my car outside Come on, it’s time to go. I booked the table for 8:00, and I’m not sure exactly where the restaurant is Hey Ali relax, this isn’t work. This is a night out. Sorry, I’m a bit stressed today Okay, let’s go Excuse me. Where’s King Street, please? Sorry. I don’t know Excuse me is King Street near here King Street. It’s near here, but I don’t know exactly where sorry. Thank you Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to King Street? Yes, go straight on go past the church and then turn left at the traffic lights And then I think it’s the second on the right Sorry, could you say that again, please? Yes, go straight on go past the church and then turn left at the traffic lights And then I think it’s the second on the right. Thank you Evening do you have a reservation? Yes a table for two. My name’s Allie gray smoking or non-smoking non-smoking, please Come this way, please Are you ready to order? Yes, I’d like the onion soup and then the steak please the goats cheese salad and lasagna for me, please What would you like to drink? Would you like some wine? No, thanks. Just mineral water for me. Okay, a glass of red wine and a bottle of mineral water, please Thank you, sir. Thank you How was the pasta it was delicious Listen alia there’s something I want to ask you Yes, what would you like a dessert? Yes, please What is there tiramisu ice cream or fruit salad fruit salad, please? And you sir nothing for me. Thanks Ali yes Go on mark Well, tomorrow’s my last day and I think we I mean I I really like meeting you and You are fruit salad. Would you like any coffee? Yes an espresso piece there same for me, please Sorry mark Do you want to come to California next month? There’s a big conference. I’m gonna be there Why don’t you come? What do you think? versus Anything else No, thank you What do you say Ally I’m not sure mark. I Need some time to think about it. Okay. All right, but please tell me before I go, okay Could we have the check please? Sorry the check the bail mark. We’re in Britain. Remember? Sorry, could we have the bill, please? Yes, sir Good morning, sir. Good morning. Can I have my bill, please? I’m checking out. Which room is it room? 425 Did you have anything from the minibar last night yes a mineral water Here you are how would you like to pay American Express? Thank you Okay, can you sign here please Thank you Would you like me to call a taxi for you? No, thanks Do you need any help with your luggage? Oh, no, I’m fine. Thanks. Have a good trip. Mr. Ryder. Thank you. Good bye. Good. Bye Hello hi mark its ally I’m really sorry, but the traffic this morning is terrible. I’m going to be very late Okay, I think the best thing is for you to take a taxi to the station and then get the train to the airport No problem. I’ll call a taxi Well Thanks for everything No, listen, I’ll meet you at the airport. We can say goodbye there. All right. Well, where can we meet at the information desk? Okay. See you there. Bye Excuse me, a change a plan. Could you call me a taxi, please to the station? Hello, sorry, I can’t take your call. Please leave a message after the tone Hi Ally, this is Mark Where are you? I’m at the information desk My flight leaves in 40 minutes Sorry, I’m late. Don’t worry. I’m just happy you got here. Come on, you’re gonna miss your flight. Wait a minute Are you gonna come to the conference in California? Am I gonna see you again? The plane is going to leave without you ally I asked my boss this morning and he said yes, I can go great. I don’t have your home phone number. Don’t worry I’ll email it to you tomorrow This is the final call for all passengers on flight ba 287 to San Francisco, please proceed immediately to gate 12 goodbye, Ally and Thanks for everything goodbye mark Have a safe trip see in California Good evening ma’am. Good evening Where are you arriving from from London? What’s the purpose of your visit business? I’m here for a conference How long are you staying in the US a week? Where are you staying in? San Francisco at the Pacific View Hotel Do you know anybody here? Yes mark Ryder. Is he family or a friend? He’s a colleague and a friend Do you have his phone number? Yes his mobile is Four zero five six double five seven one eight two Is this your first visit to the US yes, it is enjoy your stay in San Francisco. Thank you Maui hi. Hi mark. You look great. You too How are you? I’m fine. How was the flight long? 11 hours. Oh, you must be really tired. Yes I couldn’t sleep at all the people next to me had a baby with them. Oh What’s the time here? I need to change my watch 7:00 in the evening. It’s 3:00 in the morning for me Okay, I’m gonna take you right to the hotel and you could rest fine Hmm Sorry, you are gonna love San Francisco. I’m so pleased you came. Me, too. It’s great to see you again Come on, my car’s in the parking lot. Let’s go Good evening, ma’am. How can I help you? Good evening. I have a reservation. My name’s Allison gray. I’m here for the MTC conference Just a moment. Uh Here it is miss gray for six nights, that’s right Okay, miss gray Here’s your key you’re in room 419 on the 4th floor. Thank you What time’s breakfast from 7:00 to 9:00 in the pavilion restaurant on the sixth floor Thanks Where’s the lift? The elevators are over there Thanks. Do you need any help with your bag? Yes, please Hello reception. Hello, this is room for one nine. How can I help you? I have a problem with the air conditioning It isn’t working and it’s very hot in my room. I’m sorry. I’ll send someone up to look at it right now. Thank you Hello, this is room for one nine. Can I have a tuna sandwich, please whole wheat bread whole wheat, please Without french fries or salad salad, please drink yes a diet coke Just ice Thank you Here you go Ali a cappuccino see I remembered well done Thanks. Did you sleep well yes very well How are things? They’re fine What are the plans for the week? Well today we don’t have any free time But tomorrow I’m going to take you to this great little restaurant. Oh, that sounds good And then on Wednesday night, there’s a cocktail party here at the hotel and then a conference dinner on Thursday Is there anything special you want to do? Well, I’d like to see the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge and I’d like to go shopping if this time I’m mark, how are you doing? I’ve read them fine. Just fine Aren’t you going to introduce me? Oh Sure Ali, this is Brad Martin. Brad works in the Los Angeles office Brad this is Ali gray from the London office. Hello? Hi Ali great to meet you Mark told me you were very nice, but he didn’t tell me you were so beautiful So, is this your first time in San Francisco yes, yes, it is has mark shiny other sites. Well not yet then Maybe I can show you around I love this city Ali it’s time to go. Excuse us bread. Well great to meet you Ali. I’ll see you around Yes, nice to meet. You, too. Goodbye Bye Are you ready to order? Yes to start a tomato and mozzarella salad. Is that right now? Yes, and the mushroom soup for me and for your main course I’ll have the fried chicken with french fries or a baked potato a baked potato, please And for you sir, and I’d like the steak with french fries How do you like your steak rare medium well-done rare, please? And to drink could you bring us the wine list, please? Chicken for you, ma’am And the steak for you, sir? I’m sorry, but I asked for a baked potato not fries. No problem. I’ll change it Excuse me Yes, sir, I asked for my steak rare and this is well done, I’m very sorry. I’ll send it back to the kitchen Could we have the check please? Yes, sir Your check Thanks Excuse me. I think there’s a mistake in the check. We only had two glasses of wine not a bottle Yes, you’re right I’m very sorry. It’s not my day today I’ll get you a new check. Thank you Your check sir Thanks Thank you, thank you mark that was a lovely dinner I’m glad you enjoyed it How’s your daughter? Jennifer she’s fine. She’s with her mother in Los Angeles mark Yeah, can I ask you something something personal? Sure. What how long were you married? three years Why did you break up? There were a lot of reasons We were very young when we had Jennifer. We were both working very hard. We didn’t spend much time together the usual story What about Ewing Li Well, there was someone I met him when I was at university we were together for two years You broke up Why I don’t know usual story Thank you Listen oh, it’s early. It’s only 9 o’clock Shall we go for a walk? Good idea? Where should we go? There’s a place called Fisherman’s Wharf it’s right on the bay. There are a lot of cafes and bars We could have another cup of coffee fine. Let’s go Good morning, man. How can I help you? I want to go shopping. Where’s the best place to go? Well, all the big department stores are around Union Square. Can you tell me how to get there? Yes, of course Go out of the hotel and turn left Go straight ahead down Sutter Street turn left at Stockton It’s the 3rd Street on the left Union Square will be right in front of you. You can’t miss it. Thanks Can you recommend a good museum Well SF MoMA is fantastic. Sorry. Where did you say SF MoMA the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art? Where is it on 3rd Street? How far is it from Union Square? Not far? It’s just a couple of blocks. Can I walk from there? Sure, it’ll take you 10 minutes. Can you show me on the map? Yes Union Square is here. And the museum is here from Union Square you go down Geary to the end and turn right That’s 3rd Street go down 3rd and you’ll see SFMOMA on the left. What time does it open? It opens at 11:00? Thanks very much. Have a good day. I’m sure you’ll love the museum Oh Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to Union Square? Hey Don’t I know you I don’t think so Ali I’m Brad Brad Martin from the Los Angeles office. I’m Marc’s friend remember We met yesterday at the hotel. Yes. That’s right Brad. I’m so sorry No problem What are you doing here? I want to go shopping. I’m looking for Union Square, but I’m lost Where’s mark he’s at the hotel. He had a meeting, I think Listen Ally I’m going to take you for a cup of coffee at Delmonico’s They have the best coffee in San Francisco and amazing cookies and I’ll walk with you to Union Square Oh, that’s really kind of you. Are you sure absolutely? It’s my pleasure Okay, great I’m awful with new cities. I always get lost. I Love your British accent Can I help you, yes, I really like this sweater. Do you have it in a medium? Let’s see We have it in red in a medium, no, I want it in black just a minute. I’ll go and check Here you are a black medium do you want to try it on no thanks. I’m sure it’ll be fine. How much is it 43 38. Oh it says $39.99. Yes, but that doesn’t include sales tax. That’s 8.5% extra Okay, do you take MasterCard? Yes, of course Can I help you yes, I bought this sweater about half an hour ago. Yes. I remember. Is there a problem? Yes, I’ve decided it’s too big for me. What size isn’t medium so you need a small I? Don’t see one here. Do you have any more I’ll go and check just a minute I’m sorry, but we don’t have another one in black. Oh dear we can order one for you. It’ll only take a few days No, I’m leaving on Saturday Would you like to exchange it for something else? Not really? Could I have a refund? No problem. Do you have the receipt? Yes Here you are Ali you look great as usual How was your morning? Really good first, I went shopping. Then I went to the Museum of Modern Art What did you think of it? It was wonderful, but I didn’t have enough time to see it all never mind. Maybe next time What a lovely evening Hi, Holly, Oh How’s the shopping great? Thanks. Am I and did you like the museum? I hope you didn’t get lost again Hey, I didn’t know you two were friends already. We met this morning. I got lost I was trying to find Union Square and suddenly Brad appeared so I took her to my favorite coffee shop Ali what would you like to drink? I’d like a cocktail, please a margarita. What a good idea. I’ll have one too mark Could you get us a couple of margaritas? So Now, I’m the waiter. Am I? So Tell me about the museum Ali what was your favorite painting? Hi, how can I help you? Do you have any painkillers? I have a headache. I’m sorry We can’t give our guests medicine, but we can call a doctor for you if you like. No, it’s okay I don’t need a doctor. It’s just a cold, but is there a chemist’s near the hotel do you mean a pharmacy? Sorry, that’s right a pharmacy sure. There’s one right across the street. Thank you. You’re welcome Good morning, can I help you? I have a bad cold. Do you have something I can take? What symptoms do you have? I have a headache and a cough. Do you have a temperature? No, I don’t think so. Does your back hurt? No, are you allergic to any drugs? I’m allergic to penicillin No problem. These are aspirin Louisa make you feel better. How many do I have to take to every four hours? Sorry How often every four hours if you don’t feel better in 24 hours, you should see a doctor Okay. Thanks. How much are they for 75, please? Thank you But Bless you. Are you? Okay? It’s just a cold. I had a bad headache this morning, but I feel better now Listen, I’m really sorry about last night What do you mean at the party? I got kind of angry at Brad. He was really annoying me. Oh, I think he’s very nice Yeah women always think so Don’t worry mark Brad’s not my type So, what is your type Ali you know what my type is Dark hair 34 years old lives in San Francisco Listen, tomorrow’s your last day. I want to do something special. What would you like to do? I don’t mind you choose. How about a Boat trip around the bay we could do that in the morning and then have nice dinner in the evening. That sounds fantastic It’s too bad. You can’t stay longer. Yes. It’s a pity this week has gone so quickly I feel I’ve just arrived and now I’m going home Well, I’m gonna make sure tomorrow is a really special day Hi Ally How you feeling today? Much better. Oh good Are you going to be warm enough for just that sweater? It might be a little cold on the boat. I’ll be fine Are we going to walk to the bay? No, it’s too far. It’s better if we get a cab How long does it take by cab about 10 minutes? And how long is the boat trip? I’m not sure I think it’s an hour. Why? Well, I have to be back here by 1:00. I’m expecting an important phone call Not from Brad. I hope well actually No, of course not from the New York office Okay, let’s come Good morning. Good morning, sir. What time does the next boat leave at 10 o’clock? How long does it take about an hour? And where exactly does the boat go? It goes under the bridge around Angel Island and pass Alcatraz and then back here Can we get anything to eat or drink on the boat. Yes, ma’am. There’s a snack bar. Can I have two tickets please? Sure Two adults. How much is that? That’s $40 There you are, thank you sir, thank you So, what do you think of San Francisco it’s beautiful mark, I love it better than London not better different Do you think you could live here? No, I don’t think so. No why? Well, it’s a long way from London I think I’d miss all my family and friends. Could you live somewhere else? But in Europe, maybe why do you ask? Oh, No reason, I just wondered on your left you can see the island of Alcatraz Look, can you see that building that used to be the prison but it was closed in 1963 it’s a museum now Where are we going for dinner tonight? It’s a surprise. Oh, I’m really looking forward to it. Me, too. I’m cold Do you want to borrow my coat? No, it’s ok I’m gonna miss you mom. Hey, excuse me. Could you take a photo of us, please? Sure Are you ready ready say cheese? Good afternoon, how can I help you? Hi. I’m leaving tomorrow morning very early Could you prepare my bill so I can pay this evening? Of course, and could you order me a cab for what time my flights at 9:15? So I have to be at the airport at 7:15, then you’ll need a cab at 6 o’clock. I’ll order one for you Thanks Owen. Has there been a phone call for me? Oh, yes. There’s a message for you Can you call this number in New York right? Thanks. You’re welcome Hello, is that MTC sorry. Oh, sorry How can I help you? Hello, can I speak to Lisa Formosa, please just a moment. I’ll put you through Hello hi, is that Lisa no, I’m sorry. She’s not at her desk right now. Can I leave a message please? Sure Tell her ally Gray called. I’ll call back in five minutes MTC New York, how can I help you? Hello. Can I speak to Lisa Formosa, please? Just a moment I’m sorry, the lines busy. Do you want to home? Okay, I’ll hold Hi Lisa, its ally gray. Ah Great great. Well, is it good news or bad news? It’s good. You’ve got the job in Paris Oh wonderful. That’s fantastic Thanks for everything I’ve had a great time here cheers to us Ally We need to talk about the future I mean about our future yes Ally I really think we have a future together I’m serious. So my mark, but the problem is you live here and I live in London We’re 6,000 miles apart Maybe that’s not going to be a problem. I have something to tell you. We’re not gonna be 6,000 miles apart We’re only gonna be 300 miles apart. What do you mean? You know the new MTC office its opening in Paris next month. Yes Well, I’m going there. I’m gonna be the marketing manager. Isn’t that amazing? I’ll only be an hour away from you. You’re joking No, I’m serious What’s the matter aren’t you pleased you don’t look very happy Yes, I am happy it’s amazing. But I have something to tell you – no I’m going to the Paris office – I’ve just heard that was the phone call. I was waiting for I don’t believe it That’s wonderful. We’ll be together Yes But there’s just one little thing mark What’s that? I’m going to be the director in Paris I’m going to be your boss Hi, I’m Marc writer ah You’re the new marketing director. That’s right. I’m Nicole de Lacroix. I’m Ally’s personal assistant Welcome to Paris. Thank you. I’ll just tell Ali you’re here Ali Marc riders here, okay You’re from San Francisco, aren’t you? Yes, I am. Hello Marc Ali it’s good to see you again. How are you very well Did you have a good journey? Yes fine. No problems Let me introduce you to the team you’ve met Nicole my personal assistant. Yes, we’ve said hello This is jack la Mettrie our PR director. How do you do Marc writer? How do you do and this has been what’s our designer? Hi Marc. Great to meet you Ben. We’ve heard a lot about you Really? Oh good. I hope Okay. Should we go to my office? What a lovely view the rivers beautiful isn’t it Paris is so romantic I can’t believe we’re here together at last yes It’s weird weird It’s wonderful. I Really missed you me too Why don’t we sit down? So did you like the office? Yes, it’s great How do you get on with everyone? Okay, but we’ll see. I’ve only been here three weeks What did you think of them? Oh, I thought shock was very nice. And Nicole. What about Nicole? She was very friendly you Know we have to keep things a secret What Thanks You know us our relationship. I don’t want the people in the office to know we’re together. No, of course not But it isn’t going to be easy. No, it isn’t How’s the hotel well it’s okay I guess but it’s not like having my own place I have to find an apartment Don’t worry. It won’t take long What are you thinking Do you really want to know I? Was wondering what kind of boss you’ll be. Well, you’ll find out tomorrow Mack would you mind sending me those concept dates? Of course not Ben are you busy me never? Could you help me? I can’t open this document Sure Thanks Hi Nicole, could you sign these please? Sure Is it okay if I take tomorrow afternoon off? I’m sorry, but tomorrow is really difficult The what about hila afternoon Friday? That’s fine. Do you think you could send me the request by email? Yes, of course Hello hi mark, could you hold a moment mark Thank You Nicole Can you come and see me when you have a moment Have you started looking for an apartment? No, I haven’t had time yet Anyway, it’s best to get to know Paris first. Yeah, it’s a big city. Yeah Now see mousey Merci beaucoup. Very good Mack Thanks. That’s nearly all the French. I know I Be at least yeah, just a minute sorry How would you like the office? Oh, it’s great and the people really friendly I like Ben a lot He’s amazing with computers and jocks a really nice guy Boys IQs very charming everybody likes him and he has a lovely wife She used to be a pop star when she was young. Have you heard of Isabel? No, I’m sorry. I haven’t she’s very pretty Ali is very attractive to Ali Yeah, I guess Although her clothes are very English And she’s very formal You know today I asked her if I could have a day off and she wanted me to send her an email Well, the English have their funny ways Oh Hi, Ellie. Hi, let me get you drinking Thanks. I’ll have a diet coke Where exactly is it I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that Okay, how far is it Okay Okay Missy Oh what Any luck, I Think I found an apartment. How do I get to Belleville? The easiest way is to get the met hole at pyramids Take line fourteen and change at châtelet Okay, then take line. Eleven towards Mary Delilah. Where do I get off at Dell Villa? And how many stops is it? Six I think oh Right. I found it on the map How long does it take to get there? About that’s an hour Have you found a flat? Yeah in Belleville this time When are you going to see it this afternoon? If you can wait till 6:00, I’ll give you a lift. I live near, Belleville So I’m driving that way. That’s great Thanks Thank you This is the apartment Ruler visiti Josiah Never seen madam Sorry Nicole, what did she say she said we can never look at the flat she’s going to wait downstairs Thanks So, what do you think It’s a long way from the station And it’s on the fourth floor. It’s a pretty there isn’t a lift who needs one. The stairs are good exercise Look, there’s a great view from here. It’s also very noisy sure, but it has character It’s just how I imagined an apartment in Paris Everything’s old Including the heating it would be very cold in winter. Oh Hi, well, what’s it like Nice really Parisian. Are you going to take it? I think so. Yeah, I can’t wait to see it. Yeah Are you okay? Are you on your own? No, I’m with the woman who owns the apartment. I’ll call you back. Okay? Speak later. Love you. Love you, too. Bye Sorry about that that was that was my My daughter calling from America You know, she’s just taking an interest Taking an interest. That’s nice I Got a message this morning, it’s from Jacques Le it’s Jack. I’m in Rome my return flights been canceled. There’s a small problem Scarlett’s copy no is in Paris for her concerts of this evening. I was going to look after her today Could you possibly take care of her? Thank you And see you later You’ve met Scarlett scarpino, haven’t you been? The punk princess. Yeah, I met her in London last year. What’s she like, let’s say she’s a bit difficult What are we going to do with her? Why don’t you show her around Paris? I have a better idea Why don’t you show her around Paris? What me? I’m new here. You can’t leave me to do this on my own Okay, why don’t we take it a no-trade? Um, I mean, it’s her first time in Paris, isn’t it? I don’t think churches are really her thing How about taking her on a boat trip brilliant and then we can go up the Eiffel Tower. That’s a good idea I’m sure she’ll love the view and she might fall off Thanks for your help. Ben. Shall we have lunch after that? Let’s go somewhere. Really. Nice. Do you have any recommendations Ben? What about Lauren a songs is Shaq’s favorite. That sounds perfect Ben do you want to come too? Sorry Ali. I’m really busy. But I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable meal So Scarlett, what would you like nothing Aren’t you hungry sure but this foods really horrible. This is one of the finest restaurants in Paris Well, I can’t eat this stuff. I never touch meat the seafood looks good Hey Fish have feelings too What about the mushroom risotto? mushrooms no way Didn’t they tell you guys about my allergies? I’m allergic to mushrooms strawberries nuts. Shall we go someplace else? Whatever. I’m going to the restroom Well, that was a disastrous morning the boat trip made her feel sick and she wouldn’t go up the Eiffel Tower I can’t stand Heights. It’s a pity. We didn’t just take her shopping She’s so spoiled. Oh, come on. She’s just a kid, really? So what are we going to do about lunch? Shall we leave now? No, hang on I have an idea. Let me talk to the waiter, Monsieur Do you think you could possibly do me a favor? Yes, of course. So would you like? Well, I think this place is great more wine alley no, thanks What was it What’s this? It’s your lunch scarlet, but I didn’t order anything Hey pizza margherita cool That was a great concert last night Scarlett Thanks As we know Scarlett’s got a new CD coming out soon So let’s have a look at the best way. We can promote it in France. Okay Well, I think Scarlett should visit the major music stores in my opinion. That’s the best way to meet her fans I’m not so sure. What do you think Jack? Actually, I don’t agree with mark Scarlett isn’t commercial in that way Scarlett Scarlett I Agree with Jacques. I don’t have a commercial image. It isn’t my style Okay, but Scarlett needs more publicity What about a series of TV and radio interviews, don’t you agree? Yes. Well, that’s what everybody does What we want is something different Personally I think Scarlett should tour clubs and summer festivals She can DJ Play her favorite music Play the new CD and meet her fans, too. Yes, absolutely. That’s a much better idea mark Okay, why not Scarlett I think That’s a great idea Thank You Jacques It’s great to be on our own again, yeah, that’s the first time you’ve been to the loo. Uh-huh. What’s the matter? Is this about the meeting because I agree to the jack and not with you? Yeah, well we knew it wouldn’t be easy working together. I mean it’s difficult for me as well But if I don’t agree with you, I know I know you’re the boss and I have to do my job I really thought that Jack’s idea was better and so did Scarlett. It’s not a big deal Allie. I’m fine. Really? So who exactly was the Mona Lisa I’m not sure. I think she was the wife of a banker. It’s that way she’s smiling because her husband has a good salary. I Also read somewhere that she was a self-portrait of Leonardo a self-portrait you’re kidding Now, I don’t know much about art. But Leonardo da Vinci was a man, right? Well, it’s just a theory Why do you think she’s smiling Well in my opinion She’s the managing director of a music company What she lives in Paris she’s in love with her marketing director and she has a lot of fun telling him what to do That’s really unfair. Hey, we’re not in the office now. You can’t tell me I’m wrong Let’s get a coffee good idea Don’t turn around. What is it? I just seen Ben from the office where I said don’t look I Don’t think he’s seen us. Let’s get out of here. Come on Oh, yeah, you’ll never guess who I saw on Saturday Ali and mark in the Louvre together Really? You’re joking. It was definitely then And they looked really close. I think they were holding hands. No, I don’t believe it. It’s true. I’m telling you And I think they saw me because they turned and left really quickly Are you serious? You know, I’m not surprised. I think they’ve using each other ever since Mac arrived Oh maybe even before That’s incredible What makes you say that when I wait to look at Marc’s new apartment? I’m sure Ally called em on his mobile and I’ve seen her looking at him Certain way hey quiet everyone. It’s mark Dear all Please find attached a copy of the latest sales report from the US a mark So did you guys have a good weekend? Yes fine, not bad very quiet What about you? Muck? Oh, I spent most of the time at home Just being domestic, you know the apartments looking pretty nice. Now. You must come around for a meal one evening. That would be very nice So didn’t you go out at all? Oh Sure, I went to the Louvre on Saturday. I felt like getting a bit of culture on your own Yeah, I Kind of prefer going to museums and galleries on my own. You can look at everything at your own pace. That’s funny. I went to the Louvre on Saturday – Really? I I didn’t see you. Well, it’s a big place. I Didn’t see you either I just had an email family So have I Me too Dear mark, thank you for the information. And thank you darling for a wonderful weekend Ally Mark Ryder sure Thanks for the sales report, I think there’s something more important to talk about right now What do you mean that message? You sent me you hit reply to all you sent it to everyone in the office Oh, no, you’re joking Oh Mark, I’m so sorry. I did it without thinking it’s all right, Ally. It’s an easy mistake to make how could I be so stupid? I just wasn’t concentrating Ally I’m really sorry. Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter but I think we should talk to the others. Yes. You’re right I’ll do it. It was my fault Listen everybody I just want to say that I’m terribly sorry. I haven’t been honest with you we mark, and I Well, that’s okay Ellie. We had already guessed. It wasn’t really a surprise I still can’t work out how they knew about us. I was always really careful not to treat you differently You were really hard on me mark I wasn’t. Oh you were just being fair and very British So if it wasn’t me, it must have been you what? I’ve got my own office you’re with them all the time. You must have said something you’re hopeless at keeping secrets Don’t blame me. This wasn’t my fault. They probably just guess How you know the French they’re experts on love affairs, maybe Actually, I think it’s great that everyone knows now we don’t have to pretend anymore. Yeah, that’s true Ally there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time. I just haven’t said anything But it’s now or never Ally Sorry marker didn’t hear a word you said I said, will you marry me? Is that a yes, yes Can you confirm that an email for me just don’t send it to everyone in the office this time


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