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[Eng Sub] Boy For Rent ผู้ชายให้เช่า | EP.1 [3/4]

See? I told you he’s cheating on you. Cards never lie. Calm down. He could be busy with something. How can you still protect him? I’m picking a new card for you right now. It says you’ll meet someone new. So if someone shows an interest in you, you need to get him. Okay? Get back at your boyfriend. I’m gonna need to call you back. Excuse me, that leaflet is mine. Can I have it back? Yours? But I saw it fell on the ground. I dropped it. Please give it back. Are you sure it’s yours? Do you have proof? Hey. It’s mine. Why do I need to have proof? Give it back! No. What if I told you I need this leaflet too? Go find a new one. This one is mine. Give it back. No. Let go. No way. It’s mine. It’s not yours. Give it to me. What have you done? This is your fault. You wouldn’t let go of it. It’s your fault. Your fault. It’s torn. What do I do now? I can’t use their service without this We each take half of it then. Tell them it got bitten by a dog Did you just say I’m a dog? Just giving an example. I’ve got to go. Thanks for the leaflet See? I told you he’s cheating on you Cards never lie. If someone shows an interest in you, you need to get him. Okay? Get back at your boyfriend. Don’t worry. I’m feeling better. Salmons when I recover. Deal? Don’t worry. I’m feeling better. Salmons when I recover. Deal? Why is this so wrinkled? It was bitten by a dog. A white Siberian husky Can I see your ID? I’m not underage. Although people say I look young Come in. Thank you. Welcome to Boy For Rent. Please have a seat. I’m Jayden. What kind of guy are you looking for? I want someone who can teach me how to love like adults if so Please fill out the form here. I’ll set you up with someone who’ll surely meet your needs You mean I can’t choose by myself? Actually, you can but there will be extra charges. I suggest you let me choose for you because I know all the boys here the best I’m sure you’ll be pleased And if you’re not, we will be happy to give you a full refund Oh. You can choose for me then. Here. Okay. The purpose of using the service There’s a guy you like and you want to make his heart race Yes, well. I confessed my love to him but he rejected me He said I couldn’t make his heart race. So I thought I’d hire someone to be my practice boyfriend. Got it. You said here you want someone who has had girlfriends before? Can you explain? I think that boys who have been in a relationship before… Their exes must have made their hearts race. So they would probably understand how I feel better than boys who never dated Am I mistaken? No, you’re not. It’s just that you’re the first client whose needs are this complicated, you know? Do you have someone I want? Well. Hmm. We have someone. He’s our client’s top choice You’re very lucky you come at the right timing. Really? He’s currently available He has a very long waitlist. Others don’t get him so quickly I’ll hire him. How much do I have to pay? For the fees, this is what we charge for 1 day rental What? Why so expensive? Okay. We have a special promotion now. If you rent 10 full days and pay a flat rate, here’s what you’ll approximately be charged. I can assure you that our boys have been carefully selected Our price is reasonable. It’ll be worth it. All right. I’ll take this option. A very wise decision. Now can you please make a fingerprint on the contract for me? Here. Your thumb, please. We’re all set. You can come back here at 6 p.m. tomorrow to make your payment and meet the boy of your dreams I guarantee you’ll be impressed Thank you ma’am. Why is this so wrinkled? It got bitten by a dog. Another one? Can I see your ID, please? Is this place a pub or what? So many security checks. Oh, I must have left my ID at home. But you can clearly see that I’m not underage Can I enter? No, you can’t. I need to see your ID first Please, handsome angel. Can you let me in? Flattery won’t work, bitch! Take it back. You’re gay Hey Do you work at Boyz Bar? Judging from your outfit, you must be one of the waiters Yes. Why? Well, I forgot my ID and security won’t let me in Can you get me in through the back door? I’m not asking you to help me for free. I’m gonna tip you Here, 100 Baht. Is 100 not enough? I give you 150 Here, take this. Don’t feel bad. It’s nothing. I know this is probably more than half of what you earn in a day Can you get me in now? Follow me. Where is my rental boy? He’ll be here soon. The one that matches your needs is quite special If he chooses you, he will come to you himself

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