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Elevation 77 – Luxury Apartments – 16 College Avenue Shellharbour – Spinelli Real Estate

Mark Spinelli here, Spinelli Real
Estate what I love most about this project,
Elevation 77, is the fact that I’ve worked with this developer before – I know the quality product he produces and the finished product is second to none. I think this project is a perfect match for DWA because we’re renowned for our
creativity and our quality. DWA is an office where it’s a collaborative
environment everybody’s got an input we’ve worked way better with our client
to create an awesome innovative distinctive project in the sense that
people can see there’s something which is beneficial to the community. this rooftop garden is pretty special because it’s got 360-degree uninterrupted views of the escarpment, of the beach, of the lake – it’s gonna be a
really special place. The rooftop gardens are going to be amazing. It’s going to be a great spot to relax after work and a great spot to entertain on the weekends.
You’re also going to get lake views which are going to be quite great and
you also get them from the ground floor all the way up to level six. On the other
side of the building, the top few levels you’ll have some partial views as well. We’ve got a really good mix of unit types as well so you know there’s a mixture of one beds, two beds and three beds but we’ve also got some two-storey
units as well which are quite interesting because they’ve got dual
aspect too so these two-story units actually have views of the escarpment as
well as views of the beach which is I think pretty special. The fixtures and fittings selected for these units are going to make it quite special and make
this a standout project. Shellharbour City Centre has really
created its own identity in the past few years with restaurants, cafes and over
200 specialty stores right at your doorstep. What a place to live! Register on our website spinellirealestate.com.au for instant access to the information package with plans and prices. Otherwise get in touch for
further details.

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