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Easy DIY’s to Bring Art into Your Apartment Decor

(pop music) – You probably noticed on the
way here my wall over there, that was inspired by this book. Now this book I picked up in
Sans Francisco a few years ago, and its all pretty much just art. And its meant to be torn out So let me just show you what I did. I took a few of them and, this wall I didn’t know
what to do with the wall, but I ripped some out and I just took some alligator clips. Easy as that. And just some simple nails
and it just brings art, right away for the cost of the book. And it makes the space look a lot bigger. A lot of people tend to do this this way, I like to go this way, epically for a small place like this. So a lot of people ask where
I got this poster from. Funny enough, I don’t know if you guys take your car into the car dealership they actually give this to you, they put on the floor just to
protect the carpet in your car but I actually opted to take it cause I knew the size right away would fit perfectly inside the IKEA frame and it just goes really
well with the apartment. Another little DIY thing
that I did is my skateboards. I used to skate back in the day I have three of these
around the apartment. So what I did is just I rip off the truck and the wheel from the skateboard. Got a can of chalkboard paint, just quickly sprayed it. So its easy DIY, its fun to do, its good for the (inaudible) apartment for reminders and what not.

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