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Eagle ID Home For Sale | 981 W Cherry Bello Eagle Idaho

Hi it’s Mike Turner and I’m at 981 West
cherry Bello an Eagle Idaho this is new a home on the market and I just have to
point out a few things about this place that are really cool and you
don’t get to see that often so let me just kind ofslowly walk backwards
and try not to trip but you get to see that that’s one of the coolest entries
and that you don’t see very often it’s a Tuscan style house it’s in a Tuscan
styled neighborhood called Corrente Bello and this is in the section where they
call the estates of Corrente Belo where they have the bigger estate homes but
though this one, it’s like they really went for it, in fact
to build this house today this is this actually listed for 730,000 right now
but to build it today would probably cost you over at well over a million
dollars because there’s nuances in this house that if you walk through with any
builder they’ll be like oh yeah we did that it’s gonna cost you a lot of money
for example even though it’s like this kind of as courtyard entry you know you
have pounds of this open and it’s right up top here and that means you have so
much more roofline when you do this which makes it a lot more expensive and
then like even like these columns and stuff this isn’t like the fake stuff
right so it’s just like it’s like really good materials are used throughout you
got this cool outdoor lighting on this at night this place is gonna look super
sweet I just have this kind of grand entrance and it’s hard to point out the
details in fact I’m gonna let the photos do most of the talking well you may not
pick up on in the in the video or in the photos is that you know like there’s
wood case windows those are expensive and how they even the drywall curves
into them there’s these little nuances that if you pay for a builder to do
very spicy so you get a lot for this house for its price and and I can’t wait
for you to see the backyard just try to pay attention those details cuz that’s
what makes this one different I’m in the backyard and let me just say
if you were gonna replace the landscaping or install the landscaping
in this house today it probably costs you well over $100,000 yep and so think
about that when you’re looking at your next new construction home this house
really delivers I’ve actually been to a party at this house that had more than
30 people at it and this backyard handled it like a champ it doesn’t seem
that big when you first walk out but it’s got all kinds of nuances that from
fire pits you know to many areas for entertaining and it’s got you know of
course you got the outdoor kitchen with barbecue you know in frigerator and you
know you got hot tub in the back you’re just all kinds of cool spaces in this
backyard and with the trees that are in here extraordinarily private and it
backs up to open space and really there’s actually a the middle school
Eagle middle school is kind of sort of that direction but this area that a lawn
that’s here it’s like no-man’s land there’s like no activity it ever goes on
this section of this area so really it’s very protected there’s never really
gonna be anything built back there which is kind of a nice you know rather than
have someone’s house back there this is open and it just gives you a real sense
of privacy back here so I dig it you don’t see it very often you know
cheap as often people go this far with their landscaping and it’s quite a treat so I’m back up front pretty cool house
right so if you want to check it out just give me a ring and we’ll get you in
to see it but don’t wait too long might go pretty fast see you back next

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This private resort is full of creative energy.

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