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Duplex House

Why Build A Duplex? Hi, I’m Greg Vadillo from Advocate Property
Services. A duplex is two attached dwellings that usually
share a common wall and have their own titles. So why are they a good investment? From a duplex you have to salable assets. When building a duplex It can manufacture
equity or profit right from the start. They offer two rental incomes. They are more fluid investment. You can sell one side and keep one side or
hold on to both or even sell both sides. They can be a bit tougher to find or a bit
more complex than building a house or a dual key property. At APS we assist you in sourcing a great investment
in the right location and design and there for our clients right from the start process
to end and even in beyond. To find out more please complete the form
below for a copy of our duplex fact sheet.

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