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Dublin Apartment Tour | Tips & Tricks | €500 Apartment in Dublin | Ruhie

Yo Wsup People! It’s your girl Ruhie How are you? Today I’m going to give you an apartment tour It is my apartment in Dublin I’m doing this on my selfie stick So if it is a bit shaky Or I’m looking here and there everywhere Please bear with me 😀 I hope you enjoy this video I hope it will give you a heads up on the life in Dublin and what you can expect when you come here. If you enjoy the video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t! 😀 So, let’s do this right! This is the apartment entrance First room that comes is the kitchen and we have a bedroom here and a shared bathroom here As we go further, we have the living room and some more rooms It is actually a 4 bedroom apartment in city centre and everyone has like their individual rooms and we have two shared bathrooms that we use among the four of us the kitchen and living room are also common Right now, I’m in the kitchen In most apartments in Dublin you get a set of things that come with the apartment And that is Usually, you get a water boiler toaster, microwave and a refrigerator So that’s like something that usually comes with most of the apartments So you might not need to buy them There are apartments with a oven and a washing machine as well But it’s not always there! TBH, I think you should rent an apartment which has a washing machine Otherwise, you will end up like spending a lot of money on laundry and laundry here can be a bit
expensive So make sure to rent an apartment that already has like a
washing machine in it. Then we have the stove and everything. I think gas stoves are very rare in Ireland Most of them are induction tops or hob tops Hob Tops can be really slow and annoying But induction is ok. It’s not so slow But I always prefer a gas stove, anyday! You get to keep your stuff in cupboards We share it between the four of us So some belong to me. Some belong to my roommate So we have everything shared Now about the utensils! Like you know, for all the apartments In most apartments, you get the utensils For all the apartments that I have rented And I have rented around 4 different places in Dublin itself I think that most of the apartments come with utensils because people have been living there and they have huge sets of utensils I’ve never bought utensils here There were always so many plates and cutlery and pans and everything but of course, if you’re a
vegetarian or if you avoid meat then You would want to buy individual pans because people here are from different nationalities and they cook all kinds with meat and everything if you don’t want to share it
of course you can buy but I don’t think that’s a major problem. You know, you can share it accordingly So that’s the kitchen and then we have the living room The living room is a bit of a mess, tbh. It’s because this apartment is going for renovation So everybody has got their stuff in boxes It is a total mess But the point is that Most of the apartments have these living rooms like a shared living room I think that most of the time it’s also like an extension to the kitchen. So the kitchen and living room are connected. So this is where you can bring your guests or your friends over and have dinner together This is actually a very decent place except that it is super cluttered We have a fireplace thingy And we have a couch But right now it is super messy so you
won’t be with figure out anything even if I told you! We have two toilets in this apartment One of them is used by boys and one is entirely used by girls! One of the bathroom has power shower in it Power shower is like, you get hot water instantly but it’s not so hot I do not prefer power shower The other bathroom is connected to the boiler It get water from the boiler It takes a bit of time to get good amount of hot water So you won’t get cold when you are taking a shower Now I will show you my room It is a single room I have a single bed I have a side table and then I have a mirror and a dressing table kind of setup and a laundry bag. Of course one wardrobe A very small window that gives me a bit of a view Most of the apartments, they give you the Duvet. which is like the blanket kind of stuff It is the blanket that you would need for the cold weather. If you don’t want to buy it. If you’re coming here for a short duration and you don’t feel like buying it you could just take that and buy a fresh cover for it. But otherwise I would personally suggest you to buy a new one. You can easily get from like different stores like Dunnes Penneys and Guineys These are some of the stores that actually sell duvets You can actually also buy like
secondhand duvets from some of the Facebook groups But that’s entirely your choice. If you are buying, you can buy from pennies for like around 13 or 14 euro I bought from Penneys and it was like 13 tong. So tong is basically you know to tell you the thickness how thick it is. and I think 13 tongs is a pretty good thickness that you should have if you’re in Dublin Then we have the throw It is something like a very soft kind of blanket It is more like a blanky. I feel like a new kind of need for for
fans but Irish weather isn’t very accessible and sometimes it’s just hot
and you don’t need much so you just use the do way sits where you just use them
throw a while you know sometimes it’s a bit cold in uses delay or semantic super
cold music so do it as well as electric blanket yes sometimes you might need
electrical because what happens with like proceedings in most departments is
centralised and to save electricity bills and getting those what it’s
generally done is that heating is intermittently like what my margin today
just to make sure the house not too cold but otherwise it’s not you know turned
on all the time because assuming those can actually should have really high so
what you would definitely want to do is get an electric blanket especially for
the glitt’ring them because otherwise it’s time actually get it specifically
the Wardrobe place but now I’ll have like the whole wardrobe tonight Baltic
it’s unusual for you to get like a huge water like that to your assault
especially if you’re learning in city centre usually would have to share your
water with your roommate or whoever’s living with you so in the first
apartment that I used to live in I actually
I didn’t get a waffle and I literally lived out of my suitcase yeah it’s not
uncommon like I can say like are not any person enough so many personal actually
any okay misconception but I think 70% of the students in Dublin actually live
out of there okay like all of the stuff is in the suitcase
is take it out take out whatever you need in put everything and leave it
inside the suitcase because most of the time like you know what roads are not
present or you just have like a hanging rack or you know you just have half the
work room so push is not possible to put in all of your self especially clear ago
yep you know what I mean the second apartment I shed like a pillow a girl
like a similar work with like this like opposite with my roommate a third person
that I got was I had I have a similar girl it was not so great it was I think
good tax more than this one and then the fourth apartment that I got
it has another wardrobe like had a single module but again it was not so
big it was really really small like maybe past size in both length and
weight and then in my hips apartment so I have like the whole wardrobe to itself
what else well can I tell you avoid that one apartment
that’s what about the bathrooms like I really I’m gonna give you just a sneak
so like I told you the hot water system if I can personal thing that you need to
know about Dublin apartments because the boring thing living in a coal country
like Ireland how are is like necessity most plenty of
thing of course these wash basins like you have like a hot water tap and a cold
water tap and to be honest every morning is like and you just a scientist trying
to get the right temperature so surveys like gonna wash your faces super funny
every morning right time for the sneak peek Patrick climax is catching this there
was this bathroom you guys and you know we have waited mode it will shape it and
this is one with a shower that it’s connected to boiler alright I’m going to
tell you something Gophers were expressivity always make sure the
department that you rent their rent includes oodles because oh my god it is
such a mess to share those best thing about still departments is that you
actually get to live this so people with different nationalities and you get made
a lot of friends now another thing that I wanted to tell you about the rent is
like I know 500 is pretty expensive but to be honest it’s not expensive at
all for an apartment like this like a meeting a single room those included in
the hardest week it’s like next to impossible to get an apartment like this
which is decent habitable and over in the city center most of the apartments
in 600 are like so messed up I mean you go into that bathroom the sink is not
working the tops are like you know coming out of place I’ve been to so many
apartment viewing please the best to the worst
I know what it’s like to live in Dublin oh how you feel that you know if you
take an apartment in the suburbs like maybe Blanchett sounds like pal couple
places I think we can get like a super awesome place like this is awesome I
mean my room I love the truth but you can get even a main living room for
cheaper actually it’s like the location really matter it’s like you know it’s a
time for something sweet and airy might have to adjust with plants
partners and you know not so reputable places only be very expensive places but
if you’re okay to travel a little bit then the suburbs aren’t the best option
so I don’t think I have any more to tell you about the hunt of our presence so
that’s pretty much it for there partnering tog and the apartment tour I
hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and
comment below to let me know you know your thoughts what do you think about it
and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos as well see you
later alligator


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sumudu Fernando

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