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Dorm-style apartments arrive in downtown Miami

here’s a new apartment complex coming to downtown Miami the premises to offer affordable units and a sense of community yeah that’s right you might be living small but as local 10 Todd Tonkin reports you won’t even notice the size of your apartment because you’ll be too busy hanging out with your neighbors and making new friends life’s better with company and that is our mission it’s called X Miami and it’s a new way to rent in big city urban core areas that price out many young professionals we developed a rent 5 bedroom program to say we’re gonna take our 2 3 & 4 bedroom units we’re gonna fully furnished them down to the forks knives and mattress and we’re gonna split the bills for you we’re gonna find the roommates for you they also have a social lounge co-working space a home theater and a full gym with a view the pool area has a DJ booth and dance floor it just opened but the luxury rental is already 40 percent pre-leased or building is keyless through our app you have a key to all the amenity areas as well as your unit so you do this hold it up press the button and you’re in pricing ranges from the 1300s to get your private bedroom and bathroom to 21 to 22 for some of our best or traditional 1-bed 1-bath they even have a dog run for residents that have small pets complete with astroturf they call it the Sky View dogs park it’s on the 18th floor you don’t even up go down to the lobby to walk your dog and phyto on you have a terrific view Rebecca for a days and Carlo Chiappetta our flight attendants we are roommates right now but we don’t have a third person X Miami offers more than just a place to live for them anytime we come home we’re wanting like a list of this is what’s happening and we just show up versus us doing the homework we don’t have time for that we’re on the plane we do credit and criminal checks on everyone everyone signed the code of conduct if you can’t get along with the roommate you can move up to three times but X Miami officials say that would be rare because everyone here wants to be a part of this social experiment in Miami top dogging local snazzy extra cago is already open ex denver and export lauderdale are coming in 2020



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Keeping indebted millenials HIP, cool and poor!!!…

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