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Donna Saves the Shop ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

Okay, guys, get ready. I have a surprise
for y’all. Hey! What’s that?
You got gifts and (bleep)? What’s that? Yes, gifts! I have an idea
that I think is
gonna save the shop. (Sky laughing) Wait, did Donna just say
she’s gonna save the shop? Donna has never had
a great idea. The first part
is… bathing suits. The second part
is Bourbon Street. Third part is? And the third part
is signs. Oooh! (laughing) Donna actually has
a good idea. I stand corrected.
I accept my flaws. Gonna be us in the bikinis holding the signs… Okay. …with the neon lights
on and stuff. And then down the street,
Bourbon Street. We gonna have our titties
out, our asses out. Whatever it takes to get
people in the shop. Guys in thongs,
hella ass cheeks out. What guys? No guys in thongs. Somebody’s gotta come up
with some good ideas around here
to save the shop, especially since
Cee’s been MIA. (knocking on door,
dog barking) Who is it? Aladdin, hold on. (overlapping screaming) Since Tati asked to bring
reinforcements from New York, I asked my best bitch
Allison to come down and… Elliot.
Tsk! Elliot and I have been
trying to back on good terms since he (bleep)
betrayed me and gave away his… sperm. (Elliot)
Yeah, right there,
right there. Elliot– Oh, my God! What the (bleep) is your
(bleep) in Kevin’s mouth? What are y’all doing? No, no. No! He’s taking
my cream! But he’s been working, trying to get back
in my good graces. Cheers! Cheers! I’m so happy
you guys are here. Let’s get some shots. (knocking on door) Hello! (overlapping shouting) Yes, my reinforcement plan
is in action. (shouting continues) Oh, my God. Kitty, I invited you here
to help out. Why would you bring
this blue bitch down here? What the hell
is goings on? Well… Jadah and I do don’t
do well on trips together. When we were in Miami,
she attacked me in a jealous rage
because she thought that I was sleeping
with Teddy. (overlapping shouting) So, maybe,
I should double check to see who she’s
sleeping with these days to avoid getting
assaulted again. So, everybody
grab a shot, because this is about
to be a toast. Wait, Jadah, do you wanna
let us know if you’re (bleep)
anybody here? Do you wanna
announce it now? Tati, you still worried
about Miami? Bitch, you need
to get over it. That was months ago.
Let me let you know. Today’s your lucky day
then, sweetheart. ‘Cause I’m not (bleep)
nobody here. Okay, good to know. You should be happy that I’m not (bleep)
with nobody in this house. ’cause that way, bitch,
you know that you ain’t got no ass whuppin’ coming. Only thing you need
to worry about is keeping (bleep) in order. Stop. No, that bitch
started with me. I ain’t stopping (bleep). That’s no question! Excuse me, excuse me! (Miss Kitty)
We’re all supposed to be
down here helping for the grand opening. Not focusing
on petty bull(bleep). Y’all need to
get your acts together. Worry about your — ,
not mine, bitch! Shut the (bleep) up! (overlapping shouting) What? (Sky)
Guys! Oh, (bleep)!

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