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My god hello im roi with sky the gohost pls.follow sky christopher on facebook his profile is the boy on motorcycle What’s up YouTube um, it’s currently 3 o’clock in the morning once again I’m extremely tired, but I really wanted to do this video. So there’s this app umm It basically is a ghost detector a ghost radar you like scan and goes around and then I don’t know I don’t I don’t really believe in it because how can an app Ok apparently. There’s a ghost here. That’s not a ghost I Don’t know if you guys heard what it said, it says ghost signal acquired Ok this is a weird but anyways we are going to just I guess go around my apartment complex with this go around my This is creepy, so let’s see what happens, so I guess just keep an eye on the and can you see something yeah? Okay, yeah So here we go. Let’s just Go around. Oh, that’s weird. That’s creepy at us is it looking for the thing so uh? Here’s my room So far this must be in my room. I Know my bathtub is probably haunted There’s a light. That’s you good my closet Is it good choose the app? There’s nothing like it? Everything is follow. What is like quiet, or shoot it says there’s a bet you see the thing. It says vengeful Spirit Acquired Look around oh Swear look at that. Yeah. Oh, shoot. It’s right there It’s so do you see this. It’s supposed to be right here, but you pick it out. There’s nothing there. So is there really? It doesn’t ask a question. What do you want to ask? Are you? Why our mascot quite? Why are you in my closet in? My closet see it. Yeah. Why are you in my closet? Okay, so I sent in a question why you in my closet. It’s transmitting to the ghosts I don’t know. Why it looks like a skeleton though. It is the girth of a phone. I don’t know Well, the ghost is supposedly See this is where the ghost is standing. I don’t know how accurate this thing is but it’s not responding to my question No shooting it disappeared Okay, Loki this is kind of creepy. Especially it’s like 3:00 in the morning all those Spirits come out this hour. Oh Come on weird yeah. Yeah, okay Yeah, I don’t know I guess we’ll keep going and see where this takes Did you hear that upstairs? Is the room again? nope Just in your sleep it off. It’s making noises. Oh Okay, okay It’s Gonna be oh Whoa, that’s a really weird lady. It says it’s a specter It’s supposed to be oh my gosh Don’t you see it. There’s a like to book the toilet. It’s right here. She’s up here What’s she doing question what do I ask? Are you pooping? I’m Gonna ask are you? Pooping maybe just need some probiotics She’s not saying anything She’s still here. I’m trying to touch her but i cant. Can you see it? I don’t know where she’d go. She’s right there This is stupid. This is so dumb. I don’t understand this is from fake I’m going to reset that maybe the app is broken, so I’m going to reopen it Okay, it’s calibrating Sensors There you go all right quickly. Doc. It’s activated again are y’all how about to go around? Upstairs where we heard that actual noise? So far nothing weird has not been rather burn loved I don’t see anything sense. You know is that anything look at all those is like this. Oh my gosh Where is it? whoa What is that? What is I said, it says errant soul. I don’t even know what that stands for What is errant mean what? I’m Gonna ask you to quit what does errant mean? It’s not doing anything all right. Well, that’s cool Give up now. It’s in my hand you see it There’s nothing there walls in your hand. It’s in my hand wait Yeah, I don’t know what that is wait The doors open who did that? We was that yeah, I came from here Where you care, and you’re talking about that? Oh, no, that’s part of this no house is probably the trash can trying to close, okay? That doors open doll hold on so I’m pretty sure there’s something Good last time you tried to go here We’re so happy Nothing here if you guys don’t know what this room is. This is where I do all my recordings for like videos and like audio Songs or whatever, but there’s nothing here really? Here actually, you know what I could do the only way you could Terrify ghosts and make them scare to you is to scare it. So follow me I have a perfect tool for this. I heard ghosts. They don’t like saxophone. So I’m going to play some songs for the ghosts Here we go All right here we go. Ha ha ha yeah All right here. We go ghost this song is for you, please leave me alone Please if you are in this room leave me alone, please. Thank you That door just closed Joe Joe Jonas Amigo, We Gotta go Go sway. Don’t know huh this is for the ghost don’t don’t scare us um so I’ve been working anymore ah Hey, don’t be don’t don’t do that. Well you trying to prank me like that. You know there’s some weird stuff going on alright I’m out. I’m out We gotta go we should just really get a priest in here and have him bless the apartment But it seems like like good thing. I’m moving soon I’m moving out of this place pretty soon, so I’m gonna have to deal with a ghost all right back to the app Apparently, there’s a ghost nearby. Oh there it is It was here the whole night on my bed. Oh I Think she wants to uh lay in bed with you oh So sweet, huh? Huh? Hey ho bitch I? Think it wants to cuddle Where is it? Oh? So cute. Yeah Okay, we you’re happy. I think they’re happy now and thinks we’re good and keep it. Uh-uh Let’s go around the apartment complex itself. Maybe there’s some weird stuff going on over there alright guys So we’re just going to go around and see what happens oh My gosh look at this without that look it’s scary things I can Turn around and then you don’t until witcher them ski like something will pop off randomly so Let’s just you rapidly us How those who to the parking garage I heard someone Not too long ago jumped out of the Garage I Mean the person who dives kind of broke your leg, but silhouettes, why would she do that? Let’s find out hey by the way if you’re trying to figure out where I live I’m not going to live here probably when this video comes out so huh, okay, I? accept the ghost that I always try to haunt What did you see? I didn’t see and this radar my God. It’s Emma’s on the radar. I saw with my eyes There anymore, but it just kind of like Dashed it’s black figured – real quick from that and it All right now looks from a cycle there. Let’s go back to the original plan Let’s go to the garage and see what? all right, we didn’t find a ghost we found Marlin, so I’m going to drive his spaceship real quick okay, so we’re inside Marlins car I guess this is what the ghost was trying to get me to go to so Yeah, just drive it around and see if we could find ghosts right guys, so we’re still looking for the ghost and I Think it’s over here over here. I think so Over here. I think it’s like right there All right, so we couldn’t find any ghosts there. So anyways all right why Marlin all right hater so let’s just continue to explore the garage area and flexibility, so As you can see so far there is nothing that I feel nothing nothing that I could You see something really random oh, ho Sweetie lizard scared me where does this go from? Sitting on top of the client and nothing nothing she’s there and I think it ought she’s gone Tim is this is legit cold. This is really cold right here. Whoa. That’s like a it’s like 10 degree different what? You got Scott well she’s here now. Oh Electro Whoa, but Mike just fell down guys. That’s not going on Look the Mike legit just fell off the camera So weird that it happened after the cold All right, this wool when here right here, right here, ooh Like a little breeze still here right there Huh? Come on. Let’s go there. Let’s go there She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s legit gone What? Yes, all that. I saw someone runs to this corner. I had to go where is it nothing Oh-oh-oh, what? oh Oh there it is there is That’s so freaking weird We can’t breathe. Thank you for you lady. I can’t breathe So go again for your sins, but I can bring help closer. Let’s go lunch So weird like I literally couldn’t breathe in that corner like something was like thrusting down on my chest like really hard Okay, yeah Kind of smells like someone like scratched my back really hard There’s like I feel like my back is like burning Heat up here, okay? oh What do you see anything’s amok? Anything it was like three line like right one shut up, shut up No way, uh-huh shut up Where listen that’s it? Oh? Yeah All right, can you can’t do this? Yeah? We need to stop. We’re like at this point We’re just like invading the spirits privacy, and they just got to the point where their eventual so We need to stop here. Yeah, anyways, thank you all for watching woo. Yeah Don’t mess with spirits y’all I’m gonna when I take a shower some of these things it’s so weird man The way I could silver All right, thank you all for watching got to go now


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Jul 7, 2019, 9:19 pm Reply

They attack you

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Jul 7, 2019, 10:17 pm Reply

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This video is more real and legit than Morgz’s channel

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Jul 7, 2019, 5:45 am Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 10:50 am Reply

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Jul 7, 2019, 1:22 pm Reply

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Blaize Carter

Jul 7, 2019, 1:23 pm Reply

Did you know that there's someone named Holden butts

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Jul 7, 2019, 9:09 pm Reply

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Chat siteforums

Jul 7, 2019, 6:32 pm Reply

did anything happen to you after using this app? cause i am using it and it told me some strange stuff like ''get out'' do you want proof'' ''help me'' ''i am lonley'' etc stuff like that

Marieflor Sabigan

Jul 7, 2019, 7:45 am Reply

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mothi lal jatavath

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Say Jehovah Then it Will go Away

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Welcome to the comment section, here we have:

Holy water
Blanket sheets
Priests everywhere around you

Each cost a like or a comment.

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you can ask 'em a question like what is your name

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Cyrian banguis

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