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Diving, “work” and flat earth – Ep46 – The Sailing Frenchman

Allright so I’m leaving the boat I’m going to work and I’m with Edouard, a good friend from France, with whom I skippered the first ever charter I did, I was like no knowledge and anything My god, oh my god, Remember ? So now I’m leaving this guy behind for a week and I’m going to take a bigger catamaran to take crazy doctors out for ten days sailing in the Grenadines I’m leaving Martinique with the boat. We put lots of extra sails, I’m going with only one crew member to Saint Vincent and then the rest of the crew is going to join us in Saint Vincent with the ferry It’s a cruise of young doctors, it’s kind of a rally every year they organize this And it’s mostly party but also racing during the day and we are like 43 catamarans We go from one point to another each day. So yeah, it’s gonna be pretty fun We got quite a few boats already. Yeah, and now we’re going to go with the skippers for some diving on the cliffs over there In this kind of event, I’m not getting paid, It’s just like the same crew I am skippering for several years it’s super nice and a bunch of fun and you get to hang out with your super friends, but now we have 20 more coming and Nice diving session The week with the French doctors finished it was like pretty exhausting but really nice was really fun bunch of New friends and meeting people and the Grenadines are beautiful so really good We won a few of those for different reasons Not for sailing though, but for really good decoration of the boat and stuff like that. So that was fun and now a bit less fun, lots of work. I have now ten days to go and leave my boat in the mangrove for the hurricane season. I came to this conclusion because leaving it on the dry is extremely expensive and the smallest quote I got was around 2.000$US for six months no for five months and on top of this it was in Saint Kitts and I had to fly from Saint Kitts to Guadeloupe or Martinique and this was adding a few extra hundred dollars So there is no point of me going back to work in Europe to make money to be able to travel if I leave most of this money back at the shipyard So I decided to store the boat really properly, that’s the plan for the next few days but first tonight I’m going to a big night of sleep because I really need it and organize a bit the boat and also every time I do a charter like this You know, at the end of the week people have always some food left and stuff Lots of goodies that I can store now, that’s good Let’s go for the second Q&A session, roll intro So, what do you do with trash on long passages? really good question, I like this one On long passages, everything that is organic goes overboard Everything that is metal Like cans, go overboard. It will rust and it will become sand again same thing for glass lots of people are like Oh glass is never going to destruct true if you leave a bottle like this, it will not move for a really really really long time however, if you throw it into five thousand meters of water, it will end up being crushed and eventually, it will become sand again because glass is send, melted send So, yeah pretty much every single same thing for paper when it’s not printed when when there is not like plastic on it, all the paper goes overboard. Basically everything I keep on long passages is aluminium, plastic and also, you know carton box like for milk or thing like this because they have layer of aluminium and plastic inside. Everything else, overboard. How do you find money and time to take such trip? Most of people would never be able to do something like this, not because it seems dangerous but because it is very expensive Let’s agree to disagree on that point Yes, it is expensive Yes, I am lucky to do this. However This for me is not a trip. It’s my life After the roughly 15,000 euros I invested in my boat I have around five to seven hundred euros a month budget for living And this includes everything, my food, my housing which is my boat and everything. Just think about how much you spent in your car, in your rental, in your iPhone, in your flat-screen TV in all those things You pretty quickly reach 15000 euros. This money I invested was the start of a two years long project and now the only thing I own is this boat and a GoPro and a laptop to edit, I don’t own anything else so yes it is expensive, but it’s about where you place your priorities and where and how you want to live So, yes, it is expensive somehow but if it’s a decision you make and you spend your life like this. It’s not that expensive. All right another question How do you do the shower? That’s an easy one. Let me show you Just go and look that’s my bathtub So yeah shower outside that’s my large bathroom and the shower rinse in the ocean then see I have this thing here it’s just a garden spray pump I have clear water in that then I rinse, with that you can live about ten days, two weeks just on that. It’s really efficient on water and it’s nice And that’s it for shower So now another question was How do you find work so easily when you arrive in a harbour ? well now I’m, I have a network kind of companies charter companies and rental companies that know me and that call me directly when they need Extra labor force because I only work freelance They normally have people in the contract and I go freelance for them when they have a problem With a skipper or someone that gets injured someone that gets ill Or cannot attend for one reason or another I work like this Sailing is mostly about networking if people know you and they know you work well normally it’s quite easy to find more work. You guy who sales around the world what do you think about the Flat Earth theory ? I think that if you do some research and you’re honest about what you read and what you think You should be able to find your own answer to this What is important isn’t what I believe but what you believe the thing with the flat earthers people that believe that the earth is flat is that They use mostly Internet Information as a ready to use good when The things you think come from the process so if you look enough on the internet, and there is plenty of experience that you can do in your garden anywhere Will help you to validate some facts that will show you that Actually, no, I don’t want to give my opinion there What is important is that you create your own opinion about this? So go on internet there are experiences, do them and come up with an answer. You’ll see it’s pretty straightforward For someone who’s never even bought it, before the amount of things you would need to know Where do you even start? That’s a good one? Um Well, if you want to sail, the first thing you would need to do is actually sailing. The advice I normally give there is to try to go and find the nearest Yacht Club where you are. There’s lots of Coastal areas, there’s lots of lakes, where people do Sunday regatta, sometimes it’s Saturday But on the weekend try to find the nearest Yacht Club and find out if they’re doing regattas and really often what happens is that, you know cruisers they have A boat and they looking for crew and normally they don’t even ask for you to pay, you just bring a case of beer or you know some sandwiches and to participate for the crew But then you spend the whole day on the water and you get to sail for free It’s normally a really good way to start because you meet people that like sailing and that like to share their passion and it’s also the occasion to sail on different kind of boats And then who knows you maybe get along with the people go cruising with them or go on deliveries? If you want to start sailing and you have never stepped on the boat before try to find the nearest yacht club, if you can afford it, take sailing classes, but otherwise Sunday regatta or weekend regatta or whatever regatta it is Just go, ask nicely that you want to learn sailing and that you’re looking to crew You don’t necessarily need to have lots of experience some boats just need more people to race and you’ll be told by people who love sailing. That’s what I would do How was sailing a catamaran compared to a monohull ? That’s a long debate let’s say like this It really depends on the monohull, it really depends on the catamaran on averages on normal cruising boat I would say that I prefer monohull because they sail better the problem with a catamaran is that you won’t be able to go upwind and for me that’s a major point, but then catamaran has so much more comfort at anchorage which is where you spend most of the time. So it really depends what you’re looking for. For me I prefer monohull for living on them and traveling. Now if you take really I and Catamarans that go that have really good performance. Yes Catamarans are nice But yeah It depends what you’re looking for and actually for when I work I prefer to work on a catamaran There is more space. It’s much easier. It makes the life of the chef much easier because the boat moves less and it’s more like a floating mobile home and for people that are not used to sailing It’s much easier to work on the catamaran Just install an electric motor you dumb ass Oh yeah, that was a comment I got quite a lot on the crossing of the Atlantic when I was stuck on the Atlantic for a few days No, installing an electric motor would not solve the problem. I ran some calculation for this boat to equip it with an electric motor and Well first if I wanted to do just an engine to go in and out the harbour, so use it maybe 30 minutes 45 minutes maximum The investment is actually quite big because I would have needed to pass all my system in 24 even better 48 volts So more batteries more solar panel, more regulators, the engine etc. It would have been a pretty expensive It would have been a pretty expensive project and then about trolling in the middle of the Atlantic with an electric motor No, it doesn’t work. No, it doesn’t work if I have batteries no it doesn’t work if it’s connected directly to the engine through the solar panels because in this case I would need to cover myself my body in solar panels and it’s not possible to do this So yeah, electric engines are really interesting. There is lots of thought to be given to these depending on your program of navigation But for me at rolling and in an electric engine would not be the solution That’s about it for this Q&A session. If you have more questions drop them in the comments section below Check that the questions haven’t been answered in a previous episode I’ve put the list of the of the questions below and if you ask me question in the last Q&A video Maybe I haven’t had time to process them. I’ll put them on soon. Take care

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