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Diamond Resorts Polo Towers Las Vegas Nevada One bedroom Villa Review

Hello and welcome this is just a quick video run You know walkthrough of one of the one bedroom villa suites at the Polo Towers in Las Vegas This is a Diamond Resorts property The main doors right over here and Then as you come through the main door, there’s like a little I guess a little coat closet Yep, little closet for your coats and That would be a lock off for another suite Kind of set off from here the bathroom which I will get more into in a minute. Then here’s the main room Good nice little seating area. Take a seat. Watch little TV. Which is not bad Actually pretty good sized kitchen for being a one-bedroom suite. You got your dining room table here As you can see here I have a little bit of a view of some of the Las Vegas Strip So MGM Grand is over there in New York, New York Delano Monte Carlo right across the street And actually you can see actually You can’t I don’t know if you make it out there But there’s a storm kind of rolling through parts of Vegas right now in the outskirts So there’s a bunch of rain being dumped out there in the West It’s again the kitchen Again it’s a good-sized kitchen can opener toaster microwave oven refrigerator coffeemaker. There’s the important one right? We all need our coffee maker Another view out from the window Here’s looking back towards the main room the seating area And then off from the kitchen is the bedroom Yes, a king-sized bed that’ll be comfortable tonight and I have to say most of the diamond resort properties I’ve been to the beds actually the rooms in general are usually very clean and the beds of always been nice and clean Can’t say I’ve found too many hairs, here’s a little sitting area here Off to the side of the bed with a little light and a very small patio. I do mean small Nice if you want to come out have a smoke as these are non-smoking rooms Then it’s nice out see a little bit of a view I’m just gonna close that up One of the neat things about Polo Towers the I guess it’s the third tower or the one I’m staying in They have a of all things they have like a rooftop pool, so I hope to get some video that later You see there’s an entrance to the bathroom another closet With Very important has your safe in it nice mirror coat hangers extra pillows and iron ironing board Which is nice and you make yourself, you know look nice if you got something professional going on or Nice night out in the town. You can iron your shirt And then this bathroom, I love this giant tub My wife Was joking with me that you know, we could probably fit both of ourselves in there Which you who knows that could be a little fun But definitely a big a big tub that is probably enough to share nice big tub. Not jetted or anything like that, but that’s okay so Toilet and what’s really interesting about this is there’s one sink And then there is… Another sink what is neat about this room is there’s not just one sink, but two So two sinks in the room, which is rather handy And again front door with the other sink And yeah, I thought this was interesting there is a phone right next to The toilet Hahaha So you get that urge to call room service which they do have here you can pick up the phone and dial You can also dial the front desk if you needed something concierge, whatever But not something you see every day especially the age of cell phones So anyway just a quick run through of the room Overall nice place I like it Well, hopefully again, I’ll try to get that rooftop pool for you now I was able to get up on the roof of the Polo Towers in Las Vegas and There’s a little observation deck which is what you’re looking at now You can see over there is the MGM Grand in the distance, New York, New York And there’s been a storm that kind of rolled through the southern part of the state and then as we move back this way There in front of us is rooftop pool it’s a nice pool and Actually right off to the left there. There’s also jacuzzi. I didn’t want to show it though because people are in it here we go night shots of the observation deck here on the 22nd floor of the roof of the Polo Towers, in Las Vegas, Nevada check out this view. Yeah Then again rooftop pool and spa, BBQ’s and everything else I know it’s a little dark but Here is some of the view at night that you can get out the windows here I kind of like the purple neon actually of Polo Towers But you get to see kind of a nice View of Las Vegas Again through the kitchen There’s somebody up in their room And finally from the balcony There we go, turn the light on first So here we go from the balcony Like I said, it’s a small little balcony it’s not very big at all, but It’s my view of Las Vegas Now one of my absolute favorite places to go get a bite to eat when I’m in Las Vegas is Gordon Ramsay burger Which is located actually across the street from Polo Towers inside of the Planet Hollywood, excuse me, and there’s a shot of a the meal we had there my wife had some like Bangers or hotdogs something. I can’t remember now. It’s been a while I had a nice burger there, but definitely one of our favorite places to go get a bite to eat when we’re in Vegas highly suggested whether or not you whatever opinions you have of Gordon Ramsay the food is absolutely fantastic and highly highly suggested



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Thanks for the good info?


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Thank you. I didn't know they were called, "villas". I always thought a villa was like a cottage…


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Great video!

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