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Deutsch für alle 4

travel by car Do you have a car have you in the morning yes i have a ford i am happy with it it is most convenient to dare he has a low strength
consumption how long have they been with him the many kilometers are already
hazards are you a car driver? I am a Beginner I drive very carefully instructions while driving if they are slower drive faster take the gas away foot of the accelerator brake them
do not overtake attention drive straight ahead turn on the headlights
on dim it groups
flash stop ask the way please excuse that you are interfering please my lord i drive here i we are looking for the street to munich how do you go after can you show me the way on the map
Yes how many kilometers is it after has to turn somewhere they have to turn back I want to go to Bonn there is one there How far is it to about five kilometers Unfortunately I do not know it I’ll show you on the map how do I get the car
but they drive wrong they have to go back go straight to the first
abzweigung go straight to the first
crossing go straight to the first
traffic light what for take the detour road this street is possible
I be careful near munich
are road works be careful near zero
is then over tom be careful near munich
is a dangerous crossing there are often radar controls here how fast can you go on car excuse me where is one here
pair place how do we get to the city center how do we get to the train station how do we get to the hotel turn the first street
from that is around the corner is it far from here no that’s only ten minutes take the second one
Left you have to drive to the bridge here you can not go ahead this is a dead end drowned somewhere on
all where is the nearest gas station where can i where can i get petrol right on the edge of the city I have to get sick please fill up the tank
Sorry give me ten liters of gasoline special or super super normal Petrol Diesel please check the at please check the brake
With please check the oil please polish that
ca I have too little oil so please follow it up could you please mature in the exit
pump up can you mature this would you get the flu would you remove the fan belt would you be the spark plug would you change the tires would you slice the
on do you have fuses? do you have spark plugs park where can I pack
is there a parking place where’s a couple here May I park here parking is prohibited here
may i leave my car here how long may i how long are you staying here the night
all day how much does it cost per hour do you have change for create coins in the park out of order in the car rental rent what is the rental price is fully comprehensive
insurance eat how many kilometers are
understood what fuel does this car need can i also get the car in munich
hand back here you have the car keys the vehicle papers are in the car The opening hours the car rental the rental price worry like that the car brand the carkey on What happened where’s the next one my car broke down they help me push the engine does not start to phone hello i talk to the rapper I have a breakdown and can
eat can you please tow me I have a breakdown you can use a tow truck
Yes well I’ll send someone there right away can you at the cost before please have a tow rope pretty crib to the next
Workshop I have a petrol breakdown could you give me a few liters I have a flat tire the engine does not start the engine runs irregularly the engine has overheated The battery is empty the clutch slips the ignition does not work the brakes work poorly the third gear is impossible
insert the cooler runs out the tire has burst I need luck
Not light i need a glow
light i need a flu
the flashing light can you please turn on the ignition
controlled on can you please apply the brakes the spark plug can you please charge the battery can you please the electrolyte stand
5 can you please set the toe can you please the car
ocean and grow can you please the engine oil and the you can operate it right away you can wait here that will
on how much does the repair cost you are already done



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