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So Chris got a little messed up last night and started painting with some random dude on the side of the street There’s Pete’s the one his hand. He’s just passed out right now What’s up guys? How you guys doing today? so I said just told you how Chris was messed up list and I apparently got super drunk and he was on the side of The street just painting with some random dude and during all this I was passed out like I was sleeping I had no idea. I went to bed pretty early last night. I had a lot of stuff going on I was definitely jet-lagged. I was extremely tired like the whole day even when I first woke up in the morning I was still tired, but I knew I had work that I had to get done So I woke up and started getting everything done that I needed to but apparently He was so drunk that he ended up in some places He had like no idea where he was lizzie was telling me that she had to go pick him up what ended up happening Oh, yeah, Lizzie almost like encounter like a gang member – yeah I think I I Was in a life-or-death situation last night Like some guy would say I was in a race car movie because I booked it yeah Lizzie was in the car She pulled up to like some sketchy area some guy was behind following her Like you said Chris had no idea where the heck he was he sent me in his pen when he dropped me in his pen He went into the mess and maps doesn’t always drop It right where you are you have to go to your messages and click send my current location Yeah, she didn’t do that. So it sent me to some random address. I show up There’s trash cans in the middle of the street that like no etiquette drive past But I like somehow managed to squeeze by it some car follows me And then turned around when I turn around and I turn around again because precent means current location again Took me back that way, and then I drive past and the guy rolls down his window reaches down I got scared like it was pulling out a gun or something. I got really really really scared so I afford it I booked it out of there somehow. I managed finding Chris. I went like two streets down He wasn’t even near where the penguins and I found him oh my God a street like this No, yeah, I don’t know what he’s different, Mr.. Payne fingers Yeah
I got a head over to the store right now get some trash bags for Lizzie Edge you guys can see our Apartment is a mess and that is because we are moving today. It’s about time We’re finally going to be moving into our new apartment. We haven’t even seen it yet in person I told you guys yesterday in the vlog that we just saw like the layout we haven’t actually what it looks like in person So we will be seeing that today. It’s going to be a surprise for us It’s going to be as much of a surprise for us as it is for you guys because once again We have not seen it yet. So we’re just trying to pack everything up We should actually be able to move into our apartment within the next hour. Which is great I definitely want to start getting all the stuff out of here. It’s going to be like an entire day process right now I’m going to head over to the store really quick if some trash bags for lizzy There are a bunch of stuff that we need throw in this trash bag So let me get out of here and do that back in the stairs here is way quicker than using that elevator that elevator is Always jam-Packed and I think the main reason that happened is because they don’t have two elevators next to each other It’s just like it’s just one that goes up and down in other apartment complexes For example like the one we’re about to move into has an elevator next to it So if one don’t up the other one can go down at the same time so it’s not just like taking forever for you to Get an elevator I’m actually Happy to finally be moving out of this place because now I won’t get stupid noise complaints because my dogs barking at 2 p.m. Like it makes no sense I would get the stupidest complaints here trash bags acquired Over now trash bag given the subject over and out what’s going on Aidan What is on your face? You’re breaking up. Yeah, I gotta start doing that stuff. How’s the move going? We’re about to move we’re about to move right now Lizzie’s grabbing the keys. Hey, wait. Did you tell them where you’re moving it no? Don’t um don’t tell them I think it’ll mean it’ll be a good decision for you Yeah, I I actually have to low-key like keep it private you guys will eventually figure it out But I can’t tell you like straight on just because of like multiple multiple reasons, but it’ll be good It’ll be good. Kris is finally awake We are actually about to head over to the apartment right now and see it for the very first time Lizzie said don’t bring anything over I don’t know why but it didn’t sound like it was good like when she said that it didn’t sound good I was like why don’t we bring anything over like this way we can start the process of moving in and everything She’s like just don’t bring anything over. It’s like okay Well, no, we’re waiting to see yeah So I put like bed taste in my mouth um let’s go over there and check it out So how was painting last night you paint all over your head. I mean listen We’re talking about it as you were sleeping, and I showed it on the vlog that paint all over your hand Yeah, I know. I heard all all about it. They don’t know the whole story I told him a little bit of it, but I just said you were really messed up Les are we gonna go this way altru is going to return some stuff to people all right? We’ll go this way Bro, where’s Roger Roger? Give me a second. I gotta remember one goofy Roger was getting a victim We haven’t gotten an update on Roger stay tuned, so I got to say about Roger stay tuned. Oh my gosh This cars clean man Aston Martin. That’s a beauty right there All right, let’s see it. This is a small living space like living room area yeah, lizzie When just tell me she’s like it’s not big at all Yeah, usually. They’re big in these places is this the master Yeah, all right and another bathroom over there. Chris is already passed out before you like the floor. Here’s your closet You know how long the invar we have now we have like a little storage closet right when you walk in We don’t have that year. Oh dang Please do call me wait But when we should just put another fit what that yeah? Why don’t we just put another bedroom on the Balcony? I guess the balcony makes up for the lack of my space right here. What’s up? Dude, why is this Balcony so big I’m Gonna be honest I wish they would have like extended this instead of having such a huge balcony, but I mean that’s the biggest Balcony I’ve ever had in my life. All right, so what do you guys say? It’s smaller than our other apartment, but that balcony is huge its massive I mean, this is this is where we’re going to stick with for right now We could always upgrade if we wanted to and then eventually in the future like I said I do want to get a help out Here, so it was hard because we were and we were in New Jersey We had to make a decision so I could yeah, we had no idea We couldn’t come here and look nothing to the fridge yet Chris. We’re wait Where’s the young washer and dryer? I was in the bathroom, they’re Right there, all right? Well I don’t like always like there’s a lady here. I don’t like whenever you turn a light on here It’s always like a two seconds or less. Oh and the water sometimes doesn’t get hot like right away It takes couple minutes you guys want to know what’s funny when I first came out to Hollywood The apartment that I got was the biggest apartment. I’ve ever owned and the next apartment was smaller than that I felt like I needed to downgrade but now this apartment is even smaller so weird how it works It’s like I come out here get the biggest apartment and that were just like kind of like downgrading every time it’s no big deal Like I said eventually I do want to get a house anyway, so Whatever for now topping in trader. Joe’s real quick about to get some food probably going to get chicken I usually get this lemon pepper chicken And it’s very low in carbs and super high in protein used to get that a lot when I was dieting before it’s really good I ended up getting a lemon pepper chicken. I’m gonna destroy this real quick right it is time for the worst part of it all Moving we’re going to start getting everything out and start moving it over to the other place This is going to take a while. So if this vlog is a little bit shorter than normal today I don’t know if it going to be but this is the reason why I apologize in Advance Which is happens Chris was just hanging on this chair. Oh my gosh for the whole thing so you good yeah? Bad videos all right a lot of stuff is starting to be cleared out We still have a lot to do all right guys before I say anything You’re probably wondering why the audio sounds like crap right now And it’s because I left the apartment for like five minutes literally five minutes to bring some more stuff over to the other apartment I end up coming back Theo chewed on my road Mic my brand new Microphone that I just bought but a couple hundred bucks on I am so pissed off right now because I literally just bought a brand New one because my other one broke like a week ago, and this one is destroyed again I got to be careful where I leave this thing, and I can’t let seal get ahold of it anymore I have to go over to the camera store and try and buy a new one So this audio isn’t for you guys it just sucks So let me try and do that real quick before they close they closed in like less than an hour. Yeah He’s all happy right now because he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Oh my God you almost fell on him I know, I don’t know how he does that you’ll chase him. It’ll just stop I wish I could talk to him and like let him know that like just what he did is right If I tried to say something to him not he would have no idea what I’m talking about He’s a good boy besides the fact that he does it myself. It’s all good. He’s shying uh He do to run the other way oh Look at it. He’s getting quicker almost lost the elevator. All right. I just made it over here They actually end up closing in a couple of minutes I’m Gonna rush up there and get this thing all right Just got the new one gonna put this on now all right. Just got the new microphone Hopefully, this is a lot better than what you guys just heard it sucks that that mic broke again, but whatever it’s equipment It always happens I mean I End up breaking video equipment at least like once every couple months like if I didn’t use this video equipment Every single day obviously it would last a lot longer But after using it all the time something is just bound to happen to it Just like anything else the more you use something obviously the less amount of time It’s gonna last all right guys this time trying to vlog right now not working out the best way But bringing some more stuff over to the apartment I just got back had a little bit of food and now I’m going to go back over there and help lizzie and Chris out Put this apartment together. I’ve got this little man-purse thing whatever you want to call it Just my carry-on bag But it’s so much easier to carry it when it’s over my shoulder like this got all this stuff slip it Lindy’s don’t wash Right now, so I’m gonna bring over these I? Got to bring over these little Pod so she can start doing wash Oh, this is a pain imma stop vlogging for now every time I go back into my apartment and grab stuff I keep finding more and more things. I didn’t even realize we had in that apartment It’s just like an endless cycle of stuff in that place. Oh Hello. Yeah, that’s odd As you guys can see it is an absolute mess in here. Yo look at this since we got this huge Balcony I set the basketball hoop up right there person about that helped up set up the bed He did this last time he took it down he likes doing this stuff up. Oh I knew it Those are scary a little bit, but it didn’t work I just brought feel over here and look with all over his face. You have no idea What do you I know what it is, what is it? He ate my lipstick. Oh my gosh what it’s all over Scott I can’t my champ it you guys can barely sit right there. It’s all red. He’s just exploring everything. He’s like What is this? I’ve never been here before come on cia guy, go potty put his pee Pad down yeah He wants to whatever pants look how excited. He gets before he’s about to eat a baby always Wait is he peeing right now. Oh your foods the food down there We have no idea why but this was the most difficult bed ever to put together. We finally got it together It was a pain took a very long time. Yeah, dude. I’m out of breath We still want to hit the gym both us dead But I’ve never had a bed give such hard times as this bed has given us I know It’s a bit supposed to be like that easy to do now this time run with this london that right we got okay it looks Like an ice cream sandwich you I love ice cream sandwiches. I love ice cream. Yeah, they’re pretty good So these bedrooms don’t actually have legs in it, so we have to go out and get our own legs Which he just ran out gosh this guide. It is now nighttime. We have legitimately been moving all Day long and we’re still not even close to being done This is going to run into tomorrow as well possibly even the next day I mean, not all tomorrow will be like this, but we saw some stuff at the house that needs to be brought over What’s wrong? He’s barking at his reflection No, way Christmas already done putting his bed together It’s been like three minutes bro this bed has problems It really does honestly guys it just broke again on us and we tried fixing it. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again He’s barking at his reflection Did you? All right guys. It is currently 10 o’clock I am so disappointed right now because I wanted to hit the gym so bad today this entire day I’m just like Chris when are we hitting a gym and it kept getting pushed and pushed and pushed and we’re just so Exhausted to the point right now that we know that if we go to the gym We’re not going to push nearly as hard as you want to so I think what we’re going to do is Just hit it early tomorrow get a good night’s rest and go super hard. We haven’t gone. Well. I didn’t go today I barely did anything yesterday because I was feeling exhausted because I was get leg so hopefully tomorrow I get a good workout in man Moving is no joke guys like this took a lot out of us. I’m exhausted now feeling I mean, I feel good, but jim wise know yeah, Jim shall lift more. No. Yeah, Jim at work. He right now Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna sleep Probably probably we are something in the morning No matter what yeah because the first thing we’re doing this first thing you guys will say okay, I gotta wait for the camera. Hi Larry the cable guy hey, we still haven’t even have anything. We don’t we barely have in me. God I can’t even speak right now. There’s no you know like I’m exhausted when I start stuttering and slurring my words We don’t have anything set up out here yet Ya ever notice that about Lizzie like Lizzio sub berto or shal jam her finger, and she’ll say it’s not nor so go to go Start singing I don’t get it Unless it hurts really really bad. Then she’ll scream. Yeah, I know another thing I noticed earlier so on time No, no, this is a recession I was trying to put your bed together earlier, and I hear lizzie you weren’t here at the time. I hear living here She just starts singing and this is what she always does like and then you walk around the corner It’s all deep oh my God. You ever seen you ever realize that What I’ve only heard of you that a couple of times, but it’s not like a natural or Karen. Oh I’m so tired. I feel so bad because like I barely recorded anything for you guys today I really hope you understand I kind of like pre warned you earlier in the vlog that of today’s logs wasn’t super entertaining Or wasn’t that long this is the main reason why because we were moving you also ran into trouble with your mic today? Yeah And I have to go get a new one so that I have a lot of time out of your day – yeah that took Like a good hour and a half – the La transgender We just found this bone that I tried using first get like a year and a half ago And we gave this do and it’s literally the size of his body Look how cute This is the bone is big than
Held in his whole body all right So our next move is to bring all these boxes in here to get them out of the way we have to try and bring The couch over here, so we have somewhere to at least sit instead of the bed So we’re going to try and bring it over here now And I’m also going to try and bring over my computer so I can work on that We just ran to the store real quick to get some food items I got a super food bowl and Chris wanted to try out another one of these things. I actually tried one yesterday I didn’t vlog it. What do we try first analyze the passion fruit? I tried passion fruit, and it really wasn’t that good of a flavor the alpine hunt Which is what he got it first was actually a lot better than a got blue raspberry and it’s kind of hard to mess up blue raspberry flavored anything so I looked at some reviews and certainly It’s not that you’re the flavor apparently the best flavors like an Apple Melon Melon deb something like that So we’ll try this one out phenomenal really Isn’t the best one you actions? Is it? This is phenomenal, they’re? phenomenal Cotton Mountains to make instantly into the continent. I guessed right and I am chugging it right away In staccato is okay. I’ve got a chunky sting. I will say that probably the better flavor that I faced, Mr. Davis got it, bro It has a very strong like cake those are like tonic water yeah, I don’t really know how to describe it funny story I thought this would be a perfect time to explain this to both you guys and lizzie so go ahead and explain What happening press we’re at the store, and I’ve walk out the door in the coppola time He goes where you’re from and I left and I’m like dude. What did I do wrong? I need to ask me games like where you from I’m like from New Jersey why and then he goes oh? oh
I’m just curious because I heard you have a following and that’s because some fans ran into the store to go steal and so In the meantime of all that in between all that I ended up telling the cop late listen, buddy I know it was jaywalking the other night. I know you saw me turn the car around I apologize I recognized your face like I’m sorry It won’t happen again, and you sorry lackeys like – that’s not what I’m even worried But I’m just wondering what you guys do and he was just talking he was so cool. That’s funny. There was two cops cause Ya know who the twist was that like Kristin explained this the correct way But the second Chris went out there the cops are questioning him he got nervous And that’s when he spilled the beans about him like Jaywalking. I very much confess to him I said listen he confessed without even being like sure that the cob was like trying to get something right, right? That’s what that’s what was funny The College’s asked him where he was from and it was curious because he saw fans Come up to both of us and take pictures Chris thought he was in trouble when they cough literally wasn’t even like questioning his ability So were you from? Like I’m sorry man. I know Aj was the other day like he was like started confessing It was just a funny situation. It was like it you have to be there moment. Yeah I’m sorry that I can’t explain it correctly to you guys boy like It was in the moment hey guys So I have a bag of stage right here just to clarify and make sure that there is going to be no demons or anything haunting this apartment Hopefully hopefully I’m going to burn this right now the day that we got in I do not want anything weird happening So I’ll get some stage right here All right, we go around like every area Get every area of this place What up guys? Finance age especially over you yeah, you’re the dean in the palace now well Ha the Demon Bathroom as you can’t our place still nice I? Know I know dean the talking about closet All right, now Chris is room gets aged I’m blessed this place those demons All right, I think that’s good enough. Hopefully this just affect it a little bit more than whatever generally we have Look at ceo trying to get out here. You keep scratching on this thing come on boy. Do where you at? There you go and come outside. I just tried ending my video outside, and it is way too bright out there I literally just woke up And you guys know how when you first wake up and try and look in bright light your eyes are just like Blinded the whole time you’re just like squinting That was me like two seconds ago, but like I just said I just woke up I am extremely tired right now these past couple days I’ve ended my vlogs literally current day of when the videos supposed to go up I just had so much stuff going on between being jet lag’s and like super tired in the past couple days yesterday We moved in our entire apartment as you guys already saw it It’s been pretty hectic so any sleep that I could get I’ve been trying to get as much as possible That’s why I’ve been ending my vlogs pretty early But hopefully you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did please hit that thumbs up button and don’t forget to turn on my notifications I give notification shadows every single day to people that do have my notifications on here are today’s notification shoutouts for today Of course if you guys want to be in a notification shout outs leave a comment down below saying you got my Notifications turned on turn them on by hitting that little bell icon next my username And I will see you guys next time If you guys are interested in any of our 210 merchandise make sure to click the link down below the very top description check it Out over there make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on my post notification And you haven’t already make sure to check out yesterday’s video as well


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Lila Vafiefar

Oct 10, 2018, 9:20 pm Reply

I'm sorry my opinion it might be nothing to you but opinion from people it is very important all you do is just talk about you moving to your new house you want to go to gym and I don't see anything that is exciting hunting house and you know what all you have to do pray over the house it says on the Bible no entity and no idols get a Bible and pray over your house bless the house and that's all you need and stop saying about haunted house like what the hell you guys are talking about and that's how you guys make movie sitting all day chit-chatting instead of going out there and making actually real money if your site was good okay then but honestly it's nothing you're not embarrassed

Lila Vafiefar

Oct 10, 2018, 9:22 pm Reply

Anyone in the right State of Mind actually they're not going to watch this it's a waste of time there's so many better YouTuber then you guys I'm sorry it is the truth so get a real job


Nov 11, 2018, 7:47 pm Reply

I have the notification turned on

potathoe ruler

Dec 12, 2018, 3:08 pm Reply

Who was recording when u were using the sage part, chris and lizzy weren't, lizzy was sitting on the bed and chris was sleeping


Dec 12, 2018, 6:39 pm Reply

Did you move roger? or are  you in the same apart meant bilding just in a different room?

Mackenzy Zimmerman

Jan 1, 2019, 2:37 pm Reply

I know bro, I know I have moved 4 times in the last year


Jan 1, 2019, 9:29 pm Reply

At 10:21 you can see a job xtreme on the table to the left


Jan 1, 2019, 9:30 pm Reply

Jbl xtreme not job xtreme

Wolf pack

Jan 1, 2019, 11:38 pm Reply


Dakota Sangray

Feb 2, 2019, 7:13 pm Reply

Notification is on!!

Zack Simmons

May 5, 2019, 12:40 pm Reply

If lizzy and Chris r both in bed and lance is saging then whos holding the cam?

JDM Dream Team

May 5, 2019, 4:02 am Reply

Like wtf did you come up with the title for this vid? Absolutely nothing happened. You really need to stop doing this shit. For real..

charles golnick

Jun 6, 2019, 12:07 am Reply

How do u make so much money

Teagan Mikolajczak

Jun 6, 2019, 6:51 pm Reply

He was not barking at his reflection I saw something in that window and in the mirror! One u look closely! If u do the oh Ouija board in that apartment that could start issues please stay safe please!!??

Teagan Mikolajczak

Jun 6, 2019, 6:53 pm Reply

And get a some crosses and put it on every door so the can’t come in and I should put sage on it and on ur front door and back door so they are not aloud to come in! See I can be a nice person

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