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Ok, I just finished this and let me tell you this is the creepiest shit you will ever read in your life! I thought this was bullshit at first. I can’t believe what I saw this will give you nightmares and the worst part is it’s real Hey guys, I know it’s December But I wanted to do a spooky video today because so many of you guys recommended this. I got so much comments asking me to read dear David from what I can see so far It’s a series of tweets videos pics documenting your ghost I haven’t went through these or read anything So we’re gonna go through them together and everybody said it’s really scary so it starts Monday August 7th So my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child And he’s trying to kill me he started appearing in dreams But I think he’s crossed over into the real world now the first time I saw him I was experiencing sleep paralysis, and I saw a child sitting in the green rocking chair at the foot of my bed He had a huge misshapen head that was dented on one side I did my best to draw it you wake up in the middle of the night And you see this sitting in your rocking chair what you do I’ll go pack my get out you and your big-ass head can have this house for a while He just stared at me But then he got out of the chair and started shambling towards the bed I couldn’t move because I was paralyzed I have sleep paralysis Fairly often it sucks right before he reached my bed. I woke up screaming I Had another dream a few nights later where I was in a library and a girl came up to me and said you’ve seen dear David haven’t you I? Was like who and she said dear David you saw him she continued. He’s dead He only appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you say dear David first Then she added, but never tried to ask him a third question, or he’ll kill you So this is all going on in his dreams. This is crazy. I would be terrified to go back to sleep I was very shaking having two dreams about the same thing is pretty weird anyways a couple weeks passed without incident Then David came back in another dream same situation I was in bed, and he was sitting in the rocking chair near the window stare at me in the dream I say dear David. How did you die he mumbles an accident in a store I say dear David What happened in the store he groans a shelf was pushed on my head? That’s where the big old dank came from Pretty sure doesn’t work that way. You must be hella squishy a bookshelf falls I knew you’re gonna have the dent on your head. I’m frozen with fear I asked who pushed the Shelf David doesn’t answer I realized that I asked the third question which I’m not supposed to do at this Point I wake up absolutely terrified Why are you gonna? Die you’re gonna die you’re gonna die the next couple days I Google deaths in the city But I can’t find anything about a kid named David dying in a store I even tried different names like Daniel Dylan Devon nothing a few weeks. Go by without incident Sort of randomly the apartment above mine is vacated, and I have the opportunity to move into it It’s a larger apartment, so I’m thrilled another month or two goes by and I sort of forget about dear David I think you lost track of me because I moved upstairs yeah that apartment was haunted but lately something strange is happening For the past four nights my cats gather at the front door at exactly Midnight and just stare at it almost like there’s something on the other side There’s got to be catnip on that other side no bells here last night I got a weird feeling and I looked out the peephole, and I’m dead sir And I saw movement on the other side chill us ups okay When I opened the door and turned on the hall light nothing was there, but my cat seemed unnerved bushy tails etc And that’s where I am right now dear David found me. I think I don’t know what to do I’ll keep you updated For the sixth night in a row my cat has walked over to my door promptly at midnight and stared at it, okay That’s a little creepy. I mean up into this point Although this could be bullshit. I’m like why doesn’t he just show his phone But he’s taking a pic with it so and people don’t really have flocks these days. Oh, here’s a video I can smell him This will put a normal kidney behavior if you ask me I mean if this is happening everyday at midnight It’s a little weird, so I took a photo through the peephole cuz I’m too scared to open the door I feel like I saw something I Couldn’t tell so I mustered the courage to open the door nothing was out there, but I took another photo look at this Oh Looks like there’s something there. I don’t really see anything in this pic Maybe a face right here Maybe I’m kind of making out something over here But I mean that could be anything that could be the wall could be like your eyes playing tricks on you Is it just mirrors? There’s something in the first photo right where the banister meets the shelves hiding in the stairs. It looks like something I wasn’t sure if it was a smudge or something so I took a second photo from the inside There was something out there. Here are the second photos I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like a head to me right here. These are the eyes these are probably hands I Can’t really make out something here. It just looks like duster I mean DeVries on the people again the heebie-jeebies now I Dead-bolted the lock and I got in bed because I don’t know what else to do I can hear I can still hear my cat meowing at the door The poor cat so happens we take a pic with Slash. It’s been pretty quiet tonight I’m gonna try to keep a sleep. Talk app to see if anything happens during the night I’m heading to bed, but the cats are back at the door. They only do this in the middle of the night It’s routine now and here we go just minutes before midnight Mio mio mio mio mio mio mio mio mio mio mio mio mio is midnight midnight now mio midnight yo yo I want some midnight now mix some snacks oh They’re both there now. I don’t even know if this is the right kind of salt Maxwell is extra talkative tonight He’s obviously trying to tell me something I used the sound app to record my apartment last night It makes individual recordings each time. I hear something there was 33 recordings most of them are pretty vague a couple of them are passing cars and the like and the like but there are three that I’m Interested in the first is a snapping sound of what seems like a single step It’s odd, because I didn’t get out of bed all night. I Don’t know to me. It sounds like the cat like you jumped off the bed or something That was an explanation for everything This one is weird because out of 33 recordings. It is the only one that has a strange electric sound throughout Somebody said it’s a poltergeist. Oh my god. That scared the shit out of me stop The scariest thing this whole time was another song plane after that channel He lives in our part, man. You can hear the cars outside in the cat video so that makes more sense Then there’s another snap ring groan That was him Nothing out of the ordinary These happen between 2:00 3:00 a.m.. I have no explanation for them. I’ll keep recording and share if I find anything curious Getting the F out of my haunted apartment for the weekend eyes nose and mouth misshapen head small stature please tell me it’s just the painting I see two eyes mouths a Weird head son the selfie. He took It’s in the selfie. He took whoa I see it now wait. These are the eyes. This is the nose. This is the mouth? Or. It. Could be these are the eyes either way it does kind of look like a face still not convinced so a weird thing just happened take it with a grain of salt I Bought a Polaroid camera this weekend because they’re fun and dorky I decided to take a few photos around my apartment Polaroids are stupid and fun and inherently sort of creepy. I didn’t expect to find anything and for the most part I didn’t I took a couple of my living room and bedroom. That’s the rocking chair I first saw David in there pretty unremarkable, so he actually has the green rocking chair Bro if I saw a ghost in my dream, and he kept haunting me, I would get rid of that shake Don’t don’t give him anywhere to sit if you’re gonna come in my apartment you gonna have to stand I Know it’s a little rude, but here ghosts, and he’s not supposed to be there in the first place So you don’t have to take that away from him then I went into the hallway, and I snapped a photo The polaroid developed completely black. I even ripped open and destroyed a fresh pack to see if it was just an undeveloped, Polaroid But they start out white I also thought maybe I accidentally covered my lens with my so I took a photo while Intentionally covering it the photo on the left is me covering the lens with my finger and the one on the right is a fully Lit hallway taking just after midnight, so this could be nothing. I’m not sure what to make of it one last thing I wanted to double check. There’s a couple videos of me taking photos good Give me the receipts because I’m not buying it. Okay. Here’s my living room I’ll leave that there Okay now I’m gonna Take a photo of the hallway just to show you Let’s see what this one does Come on If it doesn’t develop that is actually very creepy take a minute I knew know there was a damn poltergeist in there But I mean all of this until now I feel it could be faked I might need some real proof It came out totally black again for a second time honestly I don’t know why I’m still fucking around with this camera there might be a logical explanation Someone told me to take photos from farther away, and I tried that once with my iPhone and once with a Polaroid Huh, I don’t like this okay this I don’t like you took a picture of the hallway with his iPhone and It came out fine left as with my iPhone right is with my Polaroid the hall light was on both times Why is it pitch-black each time with a Polaroid? Okay, okay Somebody call an exorcist okay first of all you need to get you some Holy water second of all you need to get out of there is the hallway keep your door closed folks have been Arguing with me to get some sage So I did so he burned in some sage Sage in the hall and definitely sage in the hell out of this rocking chair cuz I like it I don’t throw it out a key over here selling cursed furniture Honestly sage doesn’t seem like it’ll help much, but I’m open to anything. I barely slept last night I kept waking up feeling like something was wrong, but who knows maybe this will do something sage did not work I haven’t dreamed about David in a few months But he appeared last night in the dream my bedroom was filled with a hazy smoke But I could see David sitting in the chair across the room boy You say she didn’t do anything, but make a smell, would you want the rocking chair? I’m gonna put it in the hallway Okay, if you like to chill there’s so much just My apartment he was smaller this time almost shrunken. He didn’t do or say anything except look at me Anyways, it feels like a bad omen It’s been two weeks And he still does this every night at midnight other weird stuff has been happening to I’ve been recording myself Sleeping and it picks up this weird static electricity sound every night it lasts about five minutes this morning I woke up to the whole house shaking it felt like a small earthquake I Debated even mentioning that on Twitter because it sounds made-up, but I distinctly felt the house swaying It’s just a whole bunch of small things that happened at once I feel so uneasy like right before a thunderstorm Comes everybody is telling me to move but I don’t have any guarantee that this won’t follow me. They issued a thunderstorm warning for tonight Everyone in the city is talking about how weird the sky looks I can hear Rolling Thunder in the distance It doesn’t look weird It looks like a damn thunderstorm all this ghost stuff has been spooky But the past weekend the first time I actually felt unsafe in my home on Friday night There was supposed to be a huge storm in the end it passed, but the night was just bizarre anyway I fell asleep pretty early. I was incredibly tired for some reason I had a dream that night Where David was dragging me by the arm through an old abandoned warehouse? I’m not sure why I didn’t fight back in the dream or javi was strong enough to pull me But that’s the dream logic for you It was a creepy dream, but I didn’t think much of it when I woke up I took a shower and then notice something I’d waken up with a huge bruise on my arm. Oh No, I’ve seen this so many times Ghosts leaving bruises on people now look. Maybe I injured myself the day before my arm was hurting during the night Which manifested as a dream there could be a totally logical? Explanation for this so I brushed it off went to get a coffee which I do every weekend When I walk to the coffee place I always pass a food cart repair depot. It was incredibly busy especially on weekends I’ve lived in the neighborhood for over four years and the place has always been jam-packed with carts getting serviced But today was completely abandoned the whole warehouse was totally gutted and empty well almost empty I went inside to look around because I was astonished this place was suddenly empty after all these years Basically the only thing in the entire warehouse was a single green Cher Bra if you recall David first appeared in my green rocking chair It could be nothing but it’s weird that is the only thing left behind on my way back from coffee the warehouse had been shuttered It’s remained shuttered since the chair my bruised dreaming about an empty warehouse and then passing by one it gave me the creeps Needless to say I gonna dream much that night too many strange things are happening and more frequently So I don’t know anyways it was a strange weekend there had been a few small developments in my apartment But not really sure what to make of them I just know I’m scared if you recall my cats usually gather at the door at midnight But lately it’s been getting earlier and earlier every night I was almost used to routines so when they started to cry at the door closer to 10:00 p.m. I was confused they began a new routine hover around the door at 10 p.m.. Cry for about 15 minutes then wander off Nothing’s wrong, but this week something else has been happening Shortly after the usual cat stuff around 10:30 or so I start getting phone calls from an unmarked number No caller ID my entire call history for the past week looks like this you’ll notice that I answered once yesterday Since this has been happening for days on end I thought it might be an automated telemarketer or something Usually if it’s an automated thing if you answer one say quit calling so I picked up instead what I heard on the other end Was a peculiar electrical static sound very similar to the static in my sleep a picks up at night. I didn’t say anything I just listened waiting for some automated message to chime in After about a minute the static stopped and there was silence I kept listening I heard what I thought was breathing, but it was so faint I can’t be sure my heart was racing So it was hard to hear then just as I was about to hang up. I heard a very small voice whisper Something about the way. They said hello freaked me out It wasn’t a question or greeting just hello a flat statement so quiet I could barely hear it I panicked and hung up I didn’t know what else to do I closed all my curtains in my apartment and turned on every single light I watched TV until dawn because I was too scared to go to sleep I sort of feel like I’m losing my mind. I look at each individual incident on its own. There are perfectly logical explanations for everything But after three weeks of weird shit happening I don’t know how to make sense of it all the only thing I feel like I can do right now is write everything down So that’s what I’m doing and that’s what I’ll keep doing so I move the green chair out of the bedroom weeks ago It’s been various parts of the living room ever since I should probably get rid of it But I’m not sure that would have any effect Also, I’m going on vacation to Japan in three weeks, and I keep thinking if I can make it to my trip also I’m going on vacation to Japan in three weeks And I keep thinking if I can make it to my trip this will all end as dumb as that sounds David lost track of me once I moved so maybe if he believes I’ve left the apartment again He’ll leave me alone anyways last week I bought a pet monitoring camera so I can keep an eye on the cats while I’m overseas It’s basically a nanny cam that connects to Wi-Fi so you can check in whenever you want it runs 24/7 it also alerts you to sound and movement via an app I blocked out the company since I doubt they want to be associated With ghosts in any event I decided to test it out this weekend I was away from home one night So I set up the camera before I left my phone pinged periodically through the evening alerting me that the cats running around and playing Normal stuff then around 11:00 it alerted me again that it detected motion, but when I check the feed of my apartment I didn’t see anything so I watched the feet again still nothing I watched it a third time and finally noticed something watch the chair I’m not sure I want to That damn chair is gonna start rocking. Oh my lord. Oh my lord. Oh my lord Throw away the damn chair. This is not OK. This is not Chair This dude with the big-ass dented head I’m gonna just chill in your apartment when you’re gone. That’s not okay, man. That’s not okay. I’m gonna take that chair I’m gonna put it in the hallway. You can rock out there as much as you’d like, but this is not okay I knew it couldn’t be the wind because I haven’t had the windows open all this summer I have a/c and like to keep it chilly it was it was unnerving But there wasn’t anything I could do about it right then so I flipped my phone off and tried not to panic About half an hour later. I got another motion alert Oh do I want to watch this here’s the feet of that alert I do not want Oh God oh god. Oh my god. Oh my god. This guy is not lying this guy is not lying. This guy is not lying Holy shit. Let’s watch this fullscreen. Oh my lord. What the fuck is that? Look at the chair something It’s straight up moving in that damn chair, and you see that thing at the top it. Just Falls it just Falls he rocked that shit so hard it fell I Don’t like this. I don’t like this anymore. I don’t like this anymore. I want this to stop please I Should give me one of those motion can’t see if anything creepy like that happens in my house if you missed it the first time Look above the shelf. It’s a little turtle shell that I hung up on the wall yes I know it’s weird to own a turtle shell but my family lives in Montana And I picked it up last year at a native trading post since I’ve been back home I’ve been too nervous to turn the camera back on and today has been pretty quiet That said I feel really uneasy I put the chair back in the hall. I hope nothing else happens tonight. It’s happening again thread I’ve been leaving the nanny-cam on 24/7 air of course every time There’s movement or sound as you know I was going over stuff from the feed this weekend and noticed some weird stuff during the night On Saturday while I slept I recorded the cat’s in the living room It seemed pretty unremarkable at first, but then after a few moments Maxwell freaks out and jumps over something invisible That’s weird that oh I thought I saw something I thought and it looks like the cat saw something – oh that’s the other cat I Don’t think it was a bug or anything Maxwell doesn’t react like that with bugs He just eats them something spooked him well smart. I never get bugs so maybe like three and all the years I’ve lived there anyways the next night the camera recorded a couple more strange videos oh My god, let’s see this here video Specifically it recorded Maxwell doing this on and off for hours was standing on the couch real weird oh Maybe likes to chill up there Doesn’t nothing he’d sit up on his hind legs and peer around the room as if looking for something or looking at something this is Odd behavior for him, and I can’t come up with an explanation for it especially because in the next video Okay that was something there whoa Whoa what is this? He’s possessing your damn cat? What is this? The cat sees the ghost cat sees the freaking ghost How can this be I do not get it? That’s some. Fishy business going on here, and I don’t like it. I suppose There’s a chance it was a fly, but I honestly never get flies so that seems unlikely I just can’t shake the feeling that something is made its way into the apartment It’s odd behavior from Max well in any event things feel off this week. I can’t explain it I’ve been having so much nightmares lately They’re way more intense than my usual dreams – I don’t know if it’s because I’m stressed or if it’s something else This afternoon I took a nap and I had a dream. I haven’t been able to shake in the dream I was laying in my bed and Rolled over to face the other direction on the pillow next to me was a severed head with a bloody spine attached snaking down the bed The head was staring right at me somehow still alive it had this huge smile plastered on its face horrified I screamed what happened to you the head smiled even bigger. It feels great the groans after that I woke up It was dark outside by then everything was quiet other dreams have been just as strange things like dark figures staring in my window even though I live on the second floor stuff that makes no sense in relation to what I have been Experiencing in real life after that dream about the head. I’ve been feeling uneasy all night. I couldn’t stop thinking about it I decided to go for a walk if for no other reason than to get out of my apartment I went to bodega a few blocks away to get a snack on the way I had to pass the warehouse that was boarded up a few weeks ago. It’s actually on the way to everything I passed it twice a day just to get to the subway I hurried past it since it freaks me out at the bodega I got Doritos and a seltzer then made my way back home make him away back home walk and fast trot fuck up these ghosts when I passed the warehouse a Second time I heard a dull funk from the other side of the shutters. I frozen place But there was no other sound after that. I probably should just continued on but my curiosity got the better of me there was a granted There was a graded window next to the doors about a foot above my head too high to see into so I thought to myself Okay, I’m gonna hold my phone up to the window take one photo and then run for my life I mean sure my flash was on position my camera lens through one of the grates and snapped a photo I almost thought I saw movement when the flash went off But I couldn’t be certain the light bounced off the grates and was pretty blinding. I couldn’t even look at the photo I just ran all the way home to jumpy to look at it for a while and just ate my Doritos nervously When I finally did look at the photo Here’s what I saw it seemed to be a different part of the warehouse maybe like an office What is that? What is this? I don’t know what this is there was a bunch of old insulation I won’t look like a filing cabinet and a ripped up leather desk chair then I noticed something else in the upper right corner something that seemed like a face oh no, oh oh The more I stared at it the more it started to look like a nondescript blur now I can’t even be sure what I’m seeing maybe I’m too deep into this and my brain wants to see David when he’s not there that Definitely a damn face It’s something is something there’s something there, there’s something there. I see ID Leslie knows. I see like a skylight I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all, but here I messed up with the filters on my phone a bit. Tell me this doesn’t look like him This doesn’t look like him I don’t know you can’t be sure I bought a votive tablet the shrine I’m at in Japan. Please protect my castle I’m away from home. Oh So in Japan he saw a statue and one of the kids on the statue had a dented head I don’t know if I’m overreacting maybe it’s nothing it doesn’t feel like nothing Anyways, I have to pack for my flight home in the morning. It’ll be good to see the cats again At least okay, now. It’s just she Overreacting I made it home safely the cats are fine. If a little more talkative than usual. Oh this cat is adorable Where things have been happening with the? Electricity in my apartment this week first two bulbs have burned out in the hallway in less than a week at this point I’ve just left it alone rather than get a ladder again, but the strangest thing has to do with the blacklight on my TV It’s an LED strip that plugs into the TV itself via USB the TV has to be on in order for the backlight to be on But last night the backlight was flickering on and off by itself I noticed it sometime before dawn when I woke up and went into the kitchen to get some water I’d barely got back into the bed again when I saw a faint light come on in the living room after a few seconds it Went dark again I Went back to the living room And I stood there watching the backlight go on and off on and off for at least a few minutes. It was bizarre Eventually it stopped and now the backlight doesn’t work at all. It’s only a couple months old, so it shouldn’t be dead already Anyways, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went to dinner near my apartment. It was the only thing open at 4:00 a.m. When I got back home the Sun was starting to come up So I figured I might as well shower and going to work early I showered then brushed my teeth and then headed to the bedroom to get dressed as I passed my front door I thought I heard a faint scratching sound from the other it was so soft. I wasn’t sure it had really happened I went to the door but I was too scared to look through the people since there’s a skylight just outside my daughter the hall was a wash and a Faint yellow green light I snapped a couple photos at first the photos didn’t seem like anything? Just blurry nothingness But as I analyzed it and started noticing things part of a face an ear and eye staring right back at me This is an ear. I’m taking it. Oh god. Oh god I see a freaking eye here and an ear here, and this the bald ass head I See it now. I think maybe it’s time to get someone else involved this obviously this isn’t gonna stop until I do something I’m just not sure what that is yet. I’ll let you know when I figure something out first I had a friend come over to do some cleansing stuff. She did the whole apartment in the hallway a lot of self-proclaimed Professional mediums have reached out plus a dozen ghost hunter TV shows. I’ve declined them all because I don’t really want strangers in my house Sensationalizing what’s going on so instead? I had a friend come over and cleanse the place For about a week or so it seemed like it worked things appeared to go back to normal the cats weren’t gathering at the door Anymore, I stopped having dreams. It was like starting to seem like it was over then when warning last week I was walking to work and past the shuttered warehouse as usual this time all the metal doors are wide open Sunlight pouring in the warehouse was still mostly empty except for one thing there was a hearse park near the back wall All right the warehouse had been closed for over two months. I have no idea why it was open that day No one was around it was weird, but I tried not to think about it It’s not all that strange to see a hearse I guess like they have to park somewhere I tried to put it out of my mind the next several days were uneventful But something else happened last night. It was around 11:00 or so and I was watching TV on the couch I went into the dining room to get a drink from the fridge and notice both cats sitting by the far window staring up at It the window looks out onto the roof of the businesses next door the window looks out onto the roof of the business next door I glanced out the window, but didn’t see anything I figured that maybe there was a mouse in the wall or something I shrugged and grabbed a beer from the fridge as I went to the kitchen to get a bottle opener I noticed something there’s a window in the kitchen which looks out onto the same roof and some With standing on the roof staring at me I immediately ducked down and reached up and flicked the light switch and peered the windowsill But I couldn’t see much my phone was in my pocket So I grabbed it and took a photo it was blurry and dark But I swear someone was out there where I don’t see somebody. Maybe they like just chill on the roof I tried to take a better photo, but the figure had disappeared I closed all the blinds and made sure the door was locked and drank five more beers until I was too drunk to be scared But now I feel like I’m back at square one. I’m sure it was him, and he’s not going away I don’t know what to do It’s been about four months since I first dreamed of David this might be long but stick with me last night I dreamed about it last night. I dreamed about him again It was almost exactly the same as the first time I saw him in the dream. I saw him in a chair again I don’t have the green chair in my room anymore. This time. It was a recliner. I’ve had for years He was staring right at me. Just like the first time again I felt paralyzed I could barely move, but this time something was different I still felt mostly immobile, but I could squirm. Just a little bit. I felt more alert. I could move my hands somewhat David glared at me And I dreaded What I knew was coming he was going to get out of the chair and come towards me like before I had to do something I had to do something I kept my phone next to me on the bed, and I somehow managed to get a hold of it I thought if David is going to kill me maybe I can at least get evidence on my phone I started snapping pictures in the dark sure enough he crawled down off the chair and began Shuffling towards me he moved slowly like it was a struggle for him I felt terrified, but I kept taking photos David limped closer towards me never taking his eyes off me soon I was face to face with him. He started muttering something too quiet for me to understand I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head until they were all white I tried to ride away from him But I could barely move I stared in horror as he began crawling up into my bed still murmuring something and that’s when I woke up same as before broad daylight no trace of David anywhere It’s almost routine now But it was a dream after all so I got up and went to work after a while the stress of the dream melted away I wasn’t even gonna write about this since it wasn’t new information, but tonight. I noticed something that petrified me I went into my to find a picture from a couple days ago And I saw dozens of pitch-black photos on my camera roll all from last night Oh, no. No, it’s better to just show you turn up your brightness because they’re pretty dark. Oh my god I don’t want to oh my fucking god. Oh my no no way no way this is real No way, this is real. I oh my god. No no uh-uh I’m gonna turn my brightness back down. Thank you. That’s I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it I literally cannot believe this this is this this This is not real. This is not real. It can’t be real. There’s no way. This is real. Oh No no no no no no no This is not real, this is not real. This is not real. This is not real, ahh This is the one that made my heart drop usually I can come up with some sort of excuse for what’s happening But I have no logical explanation for this, so I’m sitting here on my couch freaking out I certainly won’t be able to sleep. I just felt like I needed to get this out for anyone asking yes I am Alive I’ve been on the quiet side because there’s something I’m trying to investigate and I’m not sure how to yet I rather not tweet unless I have something substantial to share It’s also sort of hard to explain the logistics of what I’m trying to find out what I’ll do my best Basically, there’s a part of my apartment. I’m just learning about at least that’s what I think to refresh your memory I live in a duplex. I used to live on the first floor now. I live on the second floor It’s a long boxy building that looks like this the other week I was tweeting the most recent update from the living room couch about 30 seconds after I sent the last tweet I heard a thump directly above my head as if something above me had dropped something on the floor Which is impossible since I’m at the top apartment also? There’s no way to access the roof There aren’t any ladders on the outside of the building the only way you’d get on the roof is through a skylight in the hallway And there are no trees in the immediate vicinity either It’s definitely wasn’t pipes either It was distinctly the sound of something falling to the floor my building is old and makes lots of noises But this is a new sound and it startled me, so I’m thinking is there some secret crawlspace in my home I look all over my apartment, but I can’t figure it out So I go into the hallway, and that’s when something dawns on me. There’s no real way to ease into this I’ll just say it. There’s a mysterious hatch in my hallway I’ve always known about it, but I just assumed it opened directly and to the roof It’s really high above the stairs, so I always figured it was impossible to access this without some sort of fancy professional ladder I took the video, so you can see how high it is oh? Damn that’s pretty damn high I see that hatch every morning when I leave for work and think nothing of it But this time something dawned on me. It can’t lead to the roof because it’s actually below the roof I’m about to spring some simple Matthew so I apologize in advance I checked Google Earth to make sure the hatch is about three feet below the skylight meaning there’s about three feet of empty space between The two openings I think maybe the hatch leads to a short ladder going through the roof But even if that’s the case the hatch is level with all the ceilings in my apartment that Means there’s three feet of empty space all over my apartment I was ready to explain this for a few reasons One it might just be some sort of insulated space that all residential buildings have I’m not an architect so what do I know it? Doesn’t seem relevant enough at the time so I decided I wasn’t gonna mention it here But over the past week and a half I’ve been hearing more things above me a few days after the first sound I heard a similar thump while I was in the kitchen Then last night. I heard something small clink to the floor and roll about 6 feet before stopping something is going up there Maybe it’s hour a coon. Maybe it’s not I also can’t get over the fact that the hatch is in such a weird Inaccessible place over the stairs I need to investigate I’m just not sure how right now this video is getting really really long so basically He just bought a pole off Amazon, and there’s no tweets after that I will keep you updated leave a like if you want a part too when we get more information about this But oh my god, this actually blows my mind like it’s not bullsh. It’s actually real I’m scared, but anyways that’s all for today You’re the real MVP for sticking this whole time if you watch the whole thing you’re amazing. I love you I hope you enjoyed this video. Oh make sure you subscribe John the Wolfpack I Love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys SUBTITLES BY MISS AQUA XOX

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