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DAY IN THE LIFE: Tyrell Sturdivant (West Apartments)

Hey everybody, whats going on. My name is Tyrell Sturdivant and this is a day in my life OK. usually my days start around 9a.m. I usually wake up, shower, eat breakfast Class is usually at 10 if I don’t class I have study hall at 10:30 Pretty much every day is early start after that is practice Practice go from like one to four, one to five it depends just how we’re doing After practice If I don’t have class you know i’m studying, or you know just hanging out, get some shots up And depending on what day it is I might have a meeting so it varies. My days are pretty long So every time when we come into study hall we glanced at the board made by our academic advisor Lauren And we see what assignments we have to do And we just pick up the one that’s most time sensitive. We’re usually in here an hour a day So we gotta really focus and get to the work So being a student athlete it’s a lot of privilege, you know a lot of responsibility we have to set the standard on campus, you know, I feel like we’re always watched and we’re an example to the community and You know a lot of little kids look up to us So it’s definitely like beneficial to see like how happy to make someone like just saying hi to a kid it makes their day. So you know, it’s a big responsibility and I’ve been enjoying it my four years here. My favorite part about being a student athlete is just playing the game Something I’ve been playing since I was five or six years old So just being able to play basketball at a high level is like really I’m really grateful to be able to do this at this university In my opinion the toughest part is probably like the tournament Being away from family is kind of hard at times. I really don’t get to see them. So just the time demand we have We don’t get like the major breaks like it’s hard. Sometimes not going home for Thanksgiving or Again, like two or three days for Christmas break. So I guess the time demand would be the hardest challenge. Well really All right. My teammates are like good with this. We just bond a lot and it’s like another family away from your real family So just how close we are really helps cope with uh with not seeing your family So being an out-of-state student, it can be challenging at first, but once you learn the university You know learn the people you get really comfortable I’m actually a mentor for out of area students it’s a program we have with campus residences, so basically this program is twelve or thirteen out of area students are mentors for Various various freshmen they come from all over I was actually surprised to see how far people are coming from to go to this university So I’m able to connect with those students through messages and meeting up and tell them about events that’s going on the campus It just really helps When you have that person there You know to get you Acclimated to campus life and being away from family Some benefits of being out of state is just, you know, learning a new area and meaning like a new culture of people Come to Stony Brook like I’ve met like so many great people like This place has a special place in my heart. So I know for sure when I graduate it’ll be a sad time

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Keep striving to be the best!

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