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Danny and Troy Have a Problem in the Bedroom | Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor | OWN

Where’d you go? To a nasty movie. [LAUGHTER] Where? [LAUGHTER] Just for a drive. Where? [LAUGHTER] To see Philip. Oh. OK. Come on. Come to bed. No. I’m good, girl. [LAUGHTER] If I need sleep, [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] Danny, come on. Stop playing. I’m not planning. Didn’t you see me say I
ain’t going to bed, girl? [LAUGHTER] What is wrong with you? You were so horny earlier. [LAUGHTER] I don’t want to go to bed now. And why do you want
to all of a sudden? [LAUGHTER] I don’t. I was just going to go to sleep. Ah, why won’t you have– [LAUGHTER] Why won’t you have sex with me?
Damn it. What’s wrong with you? [LAUGHTER] Nothing is wrong with me. Tell me now, damn it. [LAUGHTER] I can’t wait no longer. [LAUGHTER] OK. OK. OK. You promise you
won’t get upset? Mhm. [LAUGHTER] I promise. Are you sure? [LAUGHTER] Oh, I’m sure. Baby, you need
to wear plastic. Don’t you mean latex? [LAUGHTER] We use protection. [LAUGHTER]
– No, baby. You need it all over your body. [LAUGHTER] Girl, you such a freak. [LAUGHTER] What do you mean? You sweat like hell. [LAUGHTER] Just everywhere. I thought you were
into that sort of thing. [LAUGHTER] Danny, I lied. [LAUGHTER] That is nasty as hell. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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