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CUTEST Kids Christmas Shopping!

– It is so sad to see them go. – [Cashier] $5.46. – [Kendra] Caleb’s pretty
much a wrapping professional. (heavy-beat pop music) – [Jeremy] Every year, our kids buy Christmas gifts for each other, but first they do chores to
earn money for the gifts. – [Elise] This is fun. ♫ Come on it’s lovely weather – [Elise] Okay, one second. ♫ For a sleigh ride together with you (Elise laughing) ♫ Giddy-Up, giddy-up, giddy-up let’s go ♫ Let’s look at the show (Jeremy laughs) (vacuum buzzes) (Jeremy laughs) (country guitar music) – Well, now that the snow and
ice is cleared off the roads, my mom and I are headed to one of my favorite stores here in Kansas City. It’s Nickel & Suede, they’re the earrings that I absolutely love, so I think we might do
some Christmas shopping. ♫ Deck the Halls with boughs of holly ♫ Fa la la la, la la la la ♫ ‘Tis the season to be jolly ♫ Fa la la la, la la la la ♫ Don we now our gay apparel ♫ Fa la la, la la la, la la la – [Jeremy] So Buddy, why’d
you dress like that today? – Because I wanted to dress like Papa. – [Jeremy] Looks like
you nailed it. (laughs) – [Kendra] Just like Papa. – I tried as hard as I could. – [Kendra] What makes it like Papa? – He always wears belts. He always wears jeans,
he always wears socks, and always wears shirts. – [Kendra] Always, you
always wear shirts, Dad? – Yeah, I’ve really gone
toward shirts lately. (everyone laughs) – And you tuck ’em in. – [Jeremy] Tucked it in. All right, who wants lunch? – [Kids] Me! (fun, energetic music) – [Papa & Jeremy] Oh, you’re ahead, oh! Three, Isaac. (Jeremy laughs) (“Waltz of the Flowers”
from “The Nutcracker Suite”) (drill whirs) – So Papa finished the dresser, and now he’s just
attaching it to the wall, so it’s anchored, so it won’t fall on any of our children. (drill whirs) – [Papa] What we’re gonna
do is anchor it right there. – Well, we’re off to the airport to drop off Grandma and Papa. I’m so grateful that
they were able to come. This was just a short visit
just before Christmas, but I was so glad that they got to be here and enjoy some of the festivities
of the season with us, and see the kids and make more memories. – I’m giving you guys a long hug. – I hate living so far
away from my parents. It is so sad to see them go. – My little girl.
– Bye Dad. We’ll miss you, thanks for coming. – Thank you. – Uh oh, the awkward hug.
– Pretend to look awkward. (everyone laughs) Pretend to like me, for the vlog. – Yeah! (laughs) – Grandma
– Hi. We took apart this whole thing. – So, it was kind of broken already, so we started taking it apart, and we realized we could take out these by just unscrewing it. It was pretty hard, and then we started to get used to it, and then we started learning how to take out the dressers, so
we got all the dressers out. And we learned how to get the bases out. We’re gonna try to rebuild
it and make it nicer. – [Jeremy] Guys are gonna fix it up? – [Isaac] Mm-hmm. (gentle music) (Caleb laughs) – Yeah!
– Yeah! Yes, it’s fully apart. – Well, we’re headed as
a family to take the kids Christmas shopping for
their Christmas presents using the money that they earned. But first we have to pay them
the money that they earned, which means we need dollar bills. And so we’re stopping at the bank, and Jeremy is excited, because we get to go to the drive-up window, and use those little like tube things that go (makes sucking
sound) into the ceiling. And that’s for some reason, really still thrilling for this man. (light-hearted music) – I love these things. Like, I’m still just as
excited about it today as I was when I was five years old. It’s really fun. – Yeah, it’s so much fun.
– And one time, they just randomly gave us suckers. – [Kendra] Did they? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Bank people sometimes do that. Okay, are you guys ready to go shopping? – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] Do you know what
you’re gonna buy for everybody? – Not really yet.
– Mostly. – Mostly. – [Kendra] Hey Laura, where are you going? – I’m going at a shop. – [Kendra] Are you going
Christmas shopping? – Yeah. – [Kendra] What are you gonna buy? – A little present for Nanlee. – [Kendra] Are you gonna buy any presents for anybody in your family? – Yeah, I’m gonna buy some big
present for my Mom and Dad. – [Kendra] Oh, you’re
buying me a big present? – [Jeremy] Yes! Okay Laura, what do you
think Caleb would like? – This. – [Jeremy] Grab it for him. Let’s find something for Elise. – [Laura] Elise will like this. – [Jeremy] Whoa, that
has princesses on it. ‘Kay, Isaac is next. – I think he, Isaac will like a baby. – [Jeremy] (laughs) Why do you
think he would like a baby? – Because he likes this, likes babies.
– Okay, you could get it. All right, now for Mom. – She’s liked these a lot. – [Jeremy] You think Mom would
like that toy ice cream cone? – [Laura] Mm-Hmm. – [Jeremy] Okay. – I think you could like these. – [Jeremy] Oh, is that for me? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] I would love that. – [Laura] I think it’s– – [Jeremy] I love Mickey. Okay, that’s everyone. (sale register beeps) – [Cashier] Hi, how are you? – [Jeremy] Good. – [Cashier] Good, did you
find everything all right? – [Jeremy] We did. – [Cashier] Good. (gentle music) – [Jeremy] Give her your money. (laughing) Give it all to her. – [Cashier] Thank you. – [Laura] Welcome. – You did such a good job. – Thank you. (sale register beeps) – So one at a time, we’re having the kids come in to buy presents for each other. So now, we’re gonna go out and get a different kid and bring him in. – [Kendra] All right Caleb,
do you have your money? – Yep. – [Kendra] Where is it? – In this pocket. – [Kendra] In your pocket, all right. – I always put stuff in my left pocket, my left hand, my left foot. – [Kendra] (laughs) Okay. – Can you get me that down? – [Kendra] Yes, who’s that for? – Isaac. – [Kendra] Oh. – Let me look and see what it is. It’s a MBA sticker collection. I wish I had one of these. – [Kendra] Who are you gonna shop for now? – You.
– Uh oh. – So you have to close
your eyes one second. – [Kendra] Okay, sounds good. Hey Caleb, what do you think
Mommy would like for Christmas? – Wedding dress maybe? – [Kendra] You think Mom
needs a wedding dress? – I’m trying to get this out. – [Kendra] Who are you shopping for? – Elise. I got this. – [Kendra] What is it? – It’s a mirror, and that’s a brush. I got this one. – For who?
– Laura. – [Kendra] She’s gonna love it. ‘Kay, are you done?
– Mm-Hmm. – ‘Kay, here’s your bag. Let’s go. – [Caleb] Okay. (sale register beeps) – [Cashier] Did you find
everything all right? – [Caleb] Mm-Hmm. – [Cashier] $5.46. (Caleb laughs) – [Cashier] 54 cents. – [Kendra] Good job, put that
back in your pocket, Cubby. – I feel like I don’t have
as much money anymore. – [Kendra] Yeah, you
don’t ’cause you spent it on all your Christmas shopping. – Why didn’t she give me dollars? – [Kendra] Because you
used all the dollars, so there’s only cents to give back. Can you put ’em in your
pocket to keep ’em safe? I think everybody’s
gonna be really excited to see what you got them. – And I got Isaac just what he wanted. – [Kendra] Yeah you did. – [Elise] Hmm. – [Jeremy] What are you getting? – A notebook for Issac. – [Jeremy] Ooh, I think he’ll love that. – [Announcer] Payton line one. – [Jeremy] You know what? I think Caleb got that already for Laura. You guys are thinking alike. – I think she’ll like this. Mom really likes chocolate,
so she might want these. (sale register beeps) – [Cashier] Did you get
everything all right? – Yeah.
– Good. $5.39.
– Here. (Jeremy giggles) – 61 cents is your change.
– Thank you. – And there’s your receipt.
– Thank you. – [Cashier] You’re welcome,
and here’s your bag for ya. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Have a great night.
– You too. – [Jeremy] Elise, you did such a good job. – Thanks. – [Jeremy] Ooh, and you
still got some money left. – [Elise] Mm-hmm. – You ready to shop?
– Mm-Hmm. – You got your money?
– Mm-Hmm. – [Kendra] Do you know
what you’re getting? Or are you just gonna look
for ideas when you get there? – I mostly know, like 50%. – [Kendra] Awesome. Thank you, what a gentleman. – It’s so tempting, you just
wanna buy stuff for yourself. – [Kendra] It’s true. – This is for Elise. – [Kendra] Nice. – [Isaac] For Caleb. – Thanks. Hey guess what? – [Kendra] Who’s this one for? – Laura. – [Kendra] Nice. – [Isaac] For Dad. – So Isaac outsmarted the system. He is hiding behind me with his present, so I can’t see it. Oh. (laughs) I can’t see it. Isaac won’t let me look
while he’s checking out. Keeping it a secret? Smart boy. – [Cashier] $5.46. – [Kendra] Isaac, she’s
got your total right here. – [Woman] I know. – [Kendra] You have to pay her money. – [Isaac] Oh yeah. (Kendra giggles) – [Cashier] Thank you. – [Kendra] Did you forget you had to pay? – (laughs) Yeah. – [Kendra] It happens. (wrapping paper crinkles) – [Laura] Oops. (gentle music box music) Dad can you break it? – [Jeremy] Boop! Perfect.
– There. This for Mommy. She’s gonna love this. – So Laura got Issac the baby doll. But we made it look like a
ball to try to trick him. The only problem is that
Laura really wants this one. Is it like a ball? – [Laura] Yeah. – Wrapping is an art form. Some people have it,
and some people don’t. – [Laura] This is yours. – Oh, is this one gonna be for me? – [Laura] Uh huh. – I’m so excited for Christmas. – Don’t open yet.
– Oh, not yet? When do we get to open it? – Uh, when you get your ‘jamas on. – [Kendra] Oh! – This is one of my
favorite parts of Christmas. – [Jeremy] Isaac asked me to go upstairs so I won’t see what he got me. (bell music) – [Kendra] You are a
great present wrapper. – [Elise] I kind of
don’t remember how to do the bending part and then putting it over. I tried with Issac’s–
– Yeah. – But it didn’t look as good. – [Kendra] It takes practice. – I wonder how I can do this one. – [Kendra] Yeah, that’s
a little harder to wrap. – [Elise] Well I can do it. – [Kendra] Yeah you can. Next year you’ll have another
baby sister to shop for. – Yay. – Poll question: Do you
enjoy wrapping presents? Jeremy and I both really
enjoy wrapping presents. We just have a completely
different approach to it. I love wrapping them, because I like to make them look as nice as possible. I’m like all about the creases, and you know, the folds. And Jeremy likes to get
as creative as possible. So you can always tell
on Christmas morning who wrapped your present, because his– – [Elise] I can tell on Dad. – Are just, yeah. – Last year, I could tell who did it. – [Kendra] You could? – Uh huh. – Jeremy’s presents are just wrapped as creatively as possible. Like you might get Laura’s wrapping and Jeremy’s wrapping confused. But he’s having fun with
it, so it doesn’t matter. – Now you gotta go, Mom. – [Kendra] Why do I have to go? – Because, you have to go because
I’m wrapping your present. And whenever, when I say “come now,” I will be almost done. – Okay. It’s crazy how grown up and independent the kids are getting. We’ve been doing this
tradition for a long time, and I remember when we were
taking just Isaac and Elise, and they couldn’t really pick out the presents very well themselves, and they couldn’t wrap the
presents by themselves at all. And now, Isaac and Elise are great at it, and Caleb is learning fast. I just can’t believe
how old they’re getting. Caleb’s pretty much a
wrapping professional. He knows just what to do. – How do you tape these? – I showed Caleb how to measure. (gentle ukulele music) Good work Buddy. All right, well Christmas
is right around the corner. We only have a couple more days. So, we’d love to hear
in the comments below, what you have coming up still to get ready for Christmas. Do you have parties, festivities? What’s going on with you guys? We have a really fun kids
Christmas party coming up, and we have some more service things, and of course Christmas Eve festivities. So there’s lots more fun ahead. We’re gonna have to
sleep really well tonight to make sure we have enough rest for the rest of the week. That’s it for tonight. J House out. (snow crunches) (cheering and laughing) (upbeat pop music)

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