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CRP Provides Income And Cover For Wildlife On This Property For Sale (233 Acres)

Hey folks, Chase Burns here with LandGuys. Today we’re looking at the Henderson County 233 acre farm that I
have co-listed with George Chandler. Join us as we go for a tour of this property. We’re standing here in one of the CRP
fields on this farm that make up just shy of 160 total acres
of CRP. The great thing about how these fields are established is it’s a mix of
quality hardwood species of trees, you got pin oak and swamp white oak in here.
It’s really coming up thick. These CRP fields are not in any permanent easement
so when the contracts expire you can re-enroll them or you could convert back to tillable, but you’re not sacrificing acres out of your land, out
of huntable type acres to get that income. This farm is producing north of
$30,000 a year just with the CRP income, and all of that is 100% quality habitat. There are a couple of small openings on
this farm that have been cleared in all this thick cover and this one measures
about an acre and a half and setup as a pretty prime location for a fall food
plot. There are three points of access into
the east side of this farm and another one on the south side. This farm lays almost diagonally as it
runs parallel to the Mississippi River, downstream on the southwest side and
then upstream to the northeast side. The cool thing about it is, it’s a long swath
of these CRP fields that’s this early successional cover and it’s just so
thick. It just invites the deer movement across this property all day long, all
season long. So with the amount of connected timber to the north and the
south of this property, you end up with just a steady flow of unique bucks
throughout the entire season. If you’re looking for an outstanding
hunting property that also has very strong return on investment, this could
be the one. Thanks for watching the tour of the
Henderson County 233. For more information about this property you can
contact myself or George Chandler.

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