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Crestron Stories: Riverwalk Luxury Apartments in London

I think Riverwalk
is a unique development. It’s 116 apartments on the
north bank of the Thames, as opposed to where you’ve got all of the development on the south bank. It’s in one of London’s
better golden postcodes SW1. The architecture I think is
superb from Stanton Williams who won the Sterling prize
for best British architect. I think it’s a very unique
riverside development, and they range from one bed
to one and a quarter million to this penthouse here at 25 million. I think the feedback is,
if you put in the backbone of a system that can deal
with their sort of music, their lighting, their temperature control, it then gives them the
opportunity, if they want then to, sort of, take
that onto the next level with all of the other add-on
features that they can do. I’m using the Crestron app. All the systems are integrated together, so they can control the audio
visual, their music, TVs, lighting, all the scene setting and the lighting within each of the rooms. They can control their heating, so it’s integrated into the
heating, cooling system. The concierge side of the
system allows the concierge to communicate with the apartments, rather than going through
a separate phone system. Again what we’re doing is integrating all the technology into one space. People are used to using
their iPhones and iPads’ apps, that sort of thing these days, so it becomes sort of second nature. They walk in, oh it’s a touch
panel, they press the button, it says TV or it says
lights or it says music, and, you know within a few minutes of showing them how it works, they’re just happy with it
and quite happy to use it. What the client’s interested in is that they press the button and it does exactly what
it’s supposed to do, and that’s what’s important for us. We’ve worked with Crestron
for about 15 years now. Quite early on Crestron
started developed products specifically for the residential market. They now have thousands of
products in their range, which gives us, as a business,
when we design the solutions, lots of flexibility in what we can do. Well we’ve worked with them. Yeah we’re very open-minded to whoever’s in the market
place, and I think we’d like to work with an established team of people who understand what we
want out of a development, and people that we know that
we can rely on to deliver that. There is no real limit on it, it’s just really how far the
owner wants to take control.

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