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what up everybody Before we jump into
today’s vlog I wanted to kind of talk about something really quick I want to
go to much of the detail but I did once you briefly mention it because this is
something that should be taken seriously and I feel like it’s not multiple times
my house has gotten broken into as you guys know my spot back in New Jersey
once was broken into by these youtubers called
Jack and the other one was dom I don’t know they tried to like a 24 hour
challenge in my house which is just ridiculous it’s not getting without me
knowing not only that but my house like legitimately got a rock thrown through
the window before and that was pretty scary because I think somebody actually
tried breaking in and like getting inside we never found any money inside
but it was just the weirdest thing ever and then of course at one point
mcjuggernuggets literally hopped my fence and like camped out in my backyard
which is also very weird for some reason youtubers like breaking into my house I
guess I I don’t know as you guys know I’ve now in LA I just got a brand new
apartment here out in LA I’m loving this spot by the way I love being out here
being around my friends he’s one the same industry is made really good vibes
really good energy but only a few days into being in my new spot I didn’t even
have furniture in my place yet my apartment gets broken into believe it
wasn’t really a threat it was a youtuber once again it was actually the same
youtuber that was snuck in at my house before this youtubers name is Jack Jack
what are you doing bro every time he does this it makes people think that
like it’s okay to break into people’s houses and it’s not that look bro I’ve
seen your videos I like you you’re a cool dude but like bro you can’t be
breaking into someones place it’s totally uncalled for he actually
recorded himself doing this so here’s some footage of that so what that yo no way
guys I’m literally in legs to his brand-new apartment he’s not even in
here right now well it’s to Jen Oh as you guys saw I
was bringing out my trash and I’m not gonna I mean typically I don’t lock my
door when I go to bring out my trash because it takes me like two minutes it
I was it was right around the corner I wasn’t expecting somebody to walk into
my apartment yes now I’m gonna have to lock my doors that literally all times
even if I step out for like I mean it’s just pretty ridiculous that I got to do
that but I gotta take off precaution obviously what’s really funny about the
situation is that obviously Jack and Dom both broke into my house before and I
actually got payback on Dom for doing it to me so I reached out to his dad and I
snuck into his house and actually I was robbing and he was freaking out crying
roll the clip so obviously that was super funny and I
think that payback was well-deserved but I wanted to still get paid back along
Jack for doing it to me I just never got a chance to and this dude literally
breaks it in my new apartment without me even getting any sort of payback on him
you know at least with the Dom situation I didn’t actually break in I reached out
to his dad I’m like you always a cool if we do this is that give me full
permission I’m a permission and then actually breaking Anila place is like
two totally different things moving forward pretty much the whole night goes
by without me realizing anyone’s in my apartment like I thought I heard noises
but honestly this dude was so quiet it was really hard to hear anything saying
at one point he was like hiding in the guestroom closet I honestly don’t know
what to do I think I’m just gonna chill here hopefully I don’t fall asleep
because if I call asleep then he can possibly catch me there’s nothing in
this closet at all so I think I’m good cuz that
means he definitely doesn’t use this so yeah and then there was like a little
bit of louder noise so I said hello cuz I thought I heard somebody might send
one for like 6:00 in the morning just said dip out of here or not even dip out
just to see like wait until he wakes up so I don’t get caught but the thing is
these walls are very Hollow so I always hear that people above me and the people
that live below me at all times so I kind of just figured that the sound was
coming from above or below me I can’t really tell so more time passes I end up
getting ready for bed sleeping on an air mattress
once again I still have no furniture in my apartment at the time and then I had
that falling asleep and then there’s this point in time where I’ll even
understand why anyone who was trying to break into someone’s place or trying to
stay there for a certain amount of time would like reveal themselves I don’t
understand why you did this but I guess he was like trying to get a thumbnail
for his video so here’s a get out and coming right in front of my
air mattress has a light shining with this camera and he’s trying to take a
picture or his YouTube thumbnail now keep in mind I’m fully asleep at this
time but I see like this bright shining light and of course I’m gonna end up
waking up so I kind of like open my eyes a little bit like what the hell’s going
on I see this dude with a light shining at me I’m freaking out I was almost a
hundred percent sure I knew how it was so I started saying Jax name it like I
was still like my vision was a little bit blurry but I could definitely make
out who it was yo Jeff I’m just like briefly explaining
to him that I’m like bro why are you doing this again like I told you before
I was gonna call the cop if you broke into my place once again and he did I
hate that I’m such a nice person and I’m easygoing I swear to god though like
like if anyone legitimately breaks into my place ever again I am 1,000% calling
the cops like I cannot stress that enough because I feel like some people
are gonna watch this video did oh my god he got off the hook again it’s okay it’s
cool if somebody breaks into their place that that’s not that’s not how it
actually worked especially if I felt like the person breaking on my place is
at threat I’m Jen % am i calling the cops regardless anyone that decides to
break into my place from now on you’re getting the cops called on you I’m
pressing charges do not do that any youtubers what I think it’s funny too
they come and break in my place I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna press
charges with that being said please do not break into people’s places thank you
enjoy the rest of the vlog everybody how you guys doing today I got
a little bit of exciting news to start off the vlog me this is exciting for me
I don’t know exciting is for you guys but as you know I moved into my new
apartment I’ve been waiting on furniture to come in we finally got my cows today
so I actually have a place to sit all I mother than a blow-up mattress
so that’s clutch so I’m gonna show you guys that right now I also got a TV and
something else the forever villas go inside and show the couch pump put it up
put it up put it up put it up put it up put it up we got a couch now awesome I
also got some lighting whoa okay this is not supposed to be there
it’s temporary lighting this is actually studio lights where when I create videos
this whole area is dark so that’s why I got some lighting set up but the TV we
just got there we go before I describe exactly what I got I want to tell you
why I got this given them a backstory random yeah a quick little backstory so
for some reason Aiden out of nowhere just started playing video games like
crazy used to play video games a lot that got a J with a we used to play all
the time and then Aiden just stopped playing for like five years now as of
recently I don’t know how this happened to someone somebody got him into playing
xbox in Halo and now he’s literally addicted and every time I go over there
it make me play and they’re always playing and like I don’t have a console
to play on so this leads me to saying that I got an Xbox I got one right here
this is the Xbox one X and I got a headset of course I also have my
PlayStation coming out here as well it’s gonna be getting shipped in my car my
car should be here within a week’s time bringing the m4 out here so that’s gonna
be awesome I hate burring everywhere it’s really
annoying rather just drive on my own for the time being this at this is what I
gotta do look I like video games but I’ve stopped playing them as much as I
used to play them like I think I like almost 40 days played on modern warfare
2 I used to be addicted doesn’t happen with this outfit well
because I’m really focused on my work still new to LA again being back out
here after not being here for two years so I want to make sure I’m catching on
with all my friends on all my business meetings that I gotta I gotta get done
just grind but you know whatever have my chill times it’s really nice to have a
video game console to just hang out my friends that play online with so that’s
the reason I got this I don’t mean that but Aidan’s pretty much been begging me
to get one so you know but yeah let me get this all set up oh we got the white
Xbox console controller looks oh you see I know this is gonna be a total war in
the comment section but I’m very curious to see which console do you like better
do you like Xbox better or the PlayStation better let me know down
below if I had to personally choose which is my favorite grew up playing
PlayStation so I like the controllers better on use to the controllers more so
that’s gonna be my pick mainly just because of the controller like I’m not
putting anything else into this just a controller I like better so I don’t know
you let me know down below I’m curious two hours late tails this seriously has
to be a joke right now it is now night time and we’ve been setting up this xbox
like all day I’ve had problems for the past couple of hours with it and like
guys like I know what I’m doing literally the console is just giving me
an issue right now so pretty much everything had to update right since
it’s a new system in the process of downloading a game I probably have an
update for that game once I download it right but look at this my TV is now
updating the franking remote of the TV up to in-progress your remote is being
updated what the frak next is gonna be like updating yeah oh my god is he
updating I’m not again sorry Internet slow it is now the next
day I actually did end up getting my xbox to work unfortunately I was having
all those issues but we are good now currently have Peaks is place it without
widow into my house look at this giant dog which I probably shouldn’t pet right
now because God is bone or it’s a heart right yes I forgot her bone so she’ll
probably attack me she’s actually going me if you put your hand in it don’t do
it just don’t good don’t get good my dude literally has well what is this all
I all I see is supreme on it is it’s like coffee mugs as well like the
Italian man’s dream so by the way guys I know my friend oven is dirty right now
alright I got our roommate yeah that’s why what you do is you put the water in
here okay you put the ground espresso beans here put it on
light it boom and it’s good to go and you can see guys this ain’t fake this is
verified authentic respects wow these vintage cameras they also have
these yours these are all the funcles are mine these are all every single one
is a game of Thrones Funko Wow so the vaulted ones here you grit the Hound
Joffrey Hodor jaqen you said these are worth a lot
yeah now they are these are originally like fourteen bucks and I think every
single one of these is over 150 oh wow just gonna say one yeah right hang on to
them sell for a couple grand in the future yeah hopefully one day this would
be you know see what happens just got done and awesome workout and this is the
perfect time for this packets to arrive as you can see I got a big old box right
here he’s open it up tons and tons of workout supplements we
got opti greens 50 as you guys know I take this every day we got so much stuff
in here protein bars cinnamon toast crunch flavor protein oh yeah we are
stacked boy creatine there’s so much stuff in here
yessum oh that’s awesome you shave your bottle
guys no first for I’m always hooking it up I also get the hook you guys up with
free shipping anytime you order stuff using my code first form comm slash
elastic ten your free shipping on all of your orders look at this beautiful line
of products that we got I’m so hyped right now I love what I get new stuff
not only did we get that we also got some things that hang on my
wall compliments for my mother who sent this over these are really cool sent
over these canvases you have the whole family me a mom and grandmom and me and
Sabrina and then we also got my logo oh I gotta hand these up these are really
cool thank you mama we’re currently out suit shopping we
have a wedding to attend on Sunday so trying to pick some stuff
out right now because I don’t mind suit already yeah you’re lucky bro I got a
grab one right now I’m not sure I might just go simple yo Jerry did you do that
bro who did that oh dang they got him all right we’re in the fitting room
right now better get changed in three two one
I am there we go oh I like this bit a lot I’m gonna go with this how to drop
two racks real quick you’ll have to spend the same Jerry
all right Jerry got his suit as well now I’m just in the hunt for shoes
so I get the Louie shows I’m gonna be real there was one pair of shoes in
there that I liked but they were brown I need something that’s black so we’re
gonna try Gucci I can’t report anything there I wish I
could but then she was way too out of pocket I need something like simple but
like really nice he’s got Giuseppe Versace let’s check these out these are
crazy I just visited like seven stores I’m struggling right now I’m not sure
what they get we’re back to square one we’re back at the original place that I
came to trying out some shoes here I think I’m trying to get some here no so
another issue we ran into is they don’t have my size and shoes I can’t look
elsewhere same work just ain’t working is it on everybody follow me I don’t
know where let’s have a look on my music on soundcloud.com slash but I ain’t a
rapper though hey you need to get up get ready for the day
hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog guys I know these vlogs like really all over
the place recently the reason behind that is because there’s some days where
I record like very little and then there’s some days where obviously I
record more I’m still kind of getting in the funk of things out here in LA trust
me like I really want to get back home like the daily blog rinds and I don’t
want to make any promises because I’ve made promises in the past and obviously
I’ve broke and I’m truly sorry for that right now I’m still currently meeting up
with people that I haven’t seen in the longest time so like obviously I want to
hang out with the first and not just like shove a camera right in their face
right away obviously there’s some time passes and I get back in the groove of
things that’s all gonna change I’m literally making it a mission to go
out and hang out with new people collab with different creators that I’ve never
even really talked to before so if there’s anybody out here that lives in
LA and you’re an influencer slash creator tweet me shoot me a DM on
Instagram let’s link up let’s collab oh really tired don’t forget to turn on my
post notifications and subscribe so you don’t miss the new videos and going back
to sleep you know y’all


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