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CRAZIEST Abandoned Vehicles Discovered!

From million-dollar cars left behind, to the
car graveyards that someone put a lot of effort into, join me as I reveal to you 9 crazy abandoned
vehicles. 9. Carhenge
There are many major monuments in the world, and then, there’s the one and only Stonehenge. This monument is a wonder in and of itself,
but if you are in the United States and can’t make it to the real Stonehenge, I have an
alternative for you! Carhenge! Yes, this is a real thing, and it’s made up
of abandoned cars. It was built in the 1980’s by Jim Reinders
as a memorial to his father who had owned land in Alliance, Nebraska. Every car you see in the monument is pretty
much from the 1950’s and 1960’s, so in a way, it’s also a tribute to classic cars. Reinders wanted carhenge to replicate Stonehenge
so it has a circle of cars, 3 standing trilithons, and includes a “Car Art Preserve” with
sculptures made from car parts. They are also all painted gray to honor the
original monument. It was dedicated at the June 1987 solstice
so if you get a mystical feeling by looking at it, you should! So what do you think? Is it art? Is it junk? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!! 8. The Case Of Gregory Keith Mann Jr. Sometimes, it’s not the abandoned vehicle
itself that’s crazy, but rather, what happened to the person who used to own it. Gregory Keith Mann Jr. lived in Wichita Falls,
Texas and worked as a salesman of cars there. One day, he was having a good set of sales,
and even did delivery of one of the cars he sold. Later that day, he went and signed out a car
at the dealership to let them know he was taking it. It was one of their demonstration vehicles,
and he needed it for weekend plans. The car itself was a 1996 Ford Mustang, nothing
particularly special about it. The night he signed it out he hung out with
friends, and then left them to go to a “meeting” that happened to be at 12:15 am. The next morning, Keith’s parents were driving
through town and noticed that the red mustang he signed out was in a parking lot of a church
nearby. The trunk of the car was wide open, and a
panel was intentionally lowered down. Just as odd, though the car was locked, when
they got inside, it was evident that the car’s interior had been heavily cleaned. Gregory was gone. What happened to Gregory was never discovered,
but all signs point to the “midnight meeting” being the cause of his disappearance. 7. A Perfectly Placed Graveyard
Where do cars go to die? That depends. Many times it’ll go to a junkyard, and other
times, they’ll be put into an open area called a “car graveyard”. Where the vehicles will be allowed to rot
and decay on their own, and should someone want to take one of them, they technically
can. And sometimes, like one in Crawfordville,
Florida, they can get creative with the placement of their cars in said graveyard. Because, you know, why not?? Or in this case, the placement of their trucks. Because just about every single vehicle in
this place is a truck, and they’re aligned in a way that makes the graveyard look more
like art than anything else. Many who go there note that it’s very “peaceful’
because of the layout and how it accentuates nature around it. There it is quite odd how many of the trucks
appear to be the same type and from the same era. That’s very rare, but clearly not unheard
of. 6. Abandoned Lamborghini Miura S
If you’re a fan of car shows, then you know that the thing they love the most is a car
that has been undisturbed for years for one reason or another. They call them “barn finds” because usually
they’re shacked up in a barn and left untouched. In the case of a Lamborghini Miura S, it wasn’t
a barn it was found in, but an underground parking lot. The car once belonged to Aristotle Onassis
in 1969. If you know the name, you’ll recall he was
a mogul in the ship industry. As well as a husband to Jacqueline Kennedy. Anyway, he bought this rare car not for himself,
but for a rally car driver that he sponsored named Stamatis Kokotas, who at the time was
known as “Greek Elvis”. Before fully giving the car to him though,
Onassis went and broke it in with a few thousand miles of driving, then sent it to Lamborghini
itself so that the engine could be outfitted and made better. After giving it to them, they put it in the
Hilton Hotel in Athens, France via their underground parking lot. It remained there for 30 years before being
found again. It was put up to auction and it sold for $483,000
dollars. 5. The Case Of Jeramy Burt
Another missing persons case involving a car happened in 2007. Jeramy Burt was living a regular life in Boise,
Idaho. His lived with his father, daughter, and his
ex-wife Kim. While that may sound odd, their divorce was
amicable, and they even felt that they could get back together eventually. So they were fine living under the same roof. One night, Jeramy borrowed Kim’s Mercury Cougar
to go and see a friend. But that same night, a series of texts were
sent “from Jeramy”, stating that he was going to “run away” and start a new life. Sure enough, he vanished and didn’t come back. The family weren’t buying what the texts said,
and after some investigating, it was found out that Kim’s car, the one that Jeramy took,
was in the desert. Yet for some reason, it had been burned heavily. Just as odd, no sign of Jeramy was in it. Sources close to the investigation feel that
it was Jeramy’s lawyer, or former lawyer I should say, Jeannie Braun who took him. Or made him “disappear”. Mainly because they were romantically involved
after the divorce (which she handled for Jeramy) and then he broke it off when he found out
she was doing illegal activities. He even testified against her later on. Yet despite being convicted of many crimes,
she never confessed to taking or harming Jeramy, and he was never found. 4. Abandoned Car Lot
While it’s true that there are many places where a car graveyard may be put, one place
you honestly wouldn’t expect is at a private car dealership. Collier Motors is located in Pikeville, North
Carolina and has primarily AMC cars back stock. The former dealership is now a graveyard,
and the cars are getting slowly reclaimed by overgrown vegetation. Everything is actually for sale but make sure
you make an appointment first! This place was featured on American Pickers
and Lost in Transmission, both on the History Channel. Have you guys ever seen these? Let me know in the comments! 3. Abandoned Aston Martin DB4
When it comes to luxury brands, there’s no doubt that Aston Martin is near the top of
that list, mainly because of its prominence in culture via things like James Bond. But even the non-Bond cars are worth a pretty
penny. Such as the Aston Martin DB4, which was once
bought by a rich man in Massachusetts in 1970. What’s crazy here is that after the man bought
the car, which at the time was $400,000 in price, he only drove it for about 2-3 years. After which he left the car at one of his
homes until it was eventually rediscovered. Even though it wasn’t fully driven over the
years, it started up immediately upon being found again. There were even parts of the car like a Super
Engine that hadn’t even been tested yet since it was bought in 1970. However, because it was left in one place
and not properly maintained, there was much dust and rust on the car. Meaning that while it was still valuable,
it wasn’t even close to its former value. Which means that this owner literally wasted
a $400,000 car. 2. Abandoned In-Debt-Ed Ferrari
One of the most important rules of life is to follow the rules of the land you are in. And when it comes to the United Arab Emirates,
one of the most important rules is to not get into debt. Because if you get high enough into debt,
you won’t have to worry about the banks or authorities coming after your stuff to get
their money back. You’ll just find yourself going to jail. Which brings us to a Ferrari Enzo, a car so
fast and sleek that it cost $1.1 million dollars to get. Which is part of the problem. Because in the UAE, you can get a credit line
that goes into the millions, and one British man found himself severely overdrawn and unable
to pay back his debts even if he sold everything. So, he took his Ferrari Enzo to the airport,
got out of the country…and left the car behind. Abandoned! 1. The Case Of Don Kemp
There are times where you just wonder if you’re doing the right thing in your life. For Don Kemp, an advertising executive from
New York, this happened after he was in a horrific car accident. He had a “moment of clarity”, sold everything
he had and moved to Wyoming to try and live a new life there. On November 16th of 1982, a Chevy Blazer that
belonged to Kemp was found on the side of a prairie road in Wyoming. Don was not there, but a large variety of
his clothes were, and they were thrown all over the road for some unknown reason. A set of footprints led police to the prairie
itself, and it was there they found a duffel bag that had even more of Don’s stuff. A blizzard came in soon after though and the
search was called off. Don’s body was found months later, a couple
miles from his vehicle. It’s believed he died because of the blizzard. Yet the mystery does not end there. There’s no clear indication why Don got out
of his car at that spot. Why his clothes were everywhere, why his duffle
bag was in a barn, and more. Plus, there were sightings of Don from both
before and after he was presumed to have died. So what did they all see? And what was the trigger for these strange
events? Thanks for watching! What did you think of these stories of crazy
abandoned vehicles? Did one of these stories stand out to you? Can you believe that some people abandoned
highly valuable cars? Let me know in the comments below, be sure
to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time!


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