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Cost of extra bedroom

– Hello Seattle, this is Christy Kinnaird, with Seattle Living Spaces, coming to you with a Quick Tip Tuesday. And today we are going
to reveal the true cost of having “the guest bedroom.” (upbeat music) Did you know that the median sales price for a three bedroom
house is $107,000 higher than the median sales price
for a two bedroom house? So that means that you,
in your grand efforts to have that guest bedroom for all of your friends and family to come stay in, are going to be paying an extra $107,000 for your house. And I get it, that Seattle is an expensive
town with expensive hotels. During peak season, which is our beautiful
three summer months, a hotel can average you
almost $200 a night. But guess what? This beautiful guest bedroom that everybody wants when
they’re house hunting? Again, it’s gonna cost you, on average, an extra $107,000 on the purchase price. Do you know what that equals out to in your monthly payment? An extra $107,000 on your purchase price is the equivalent to $500 per month more on your mortgage payment. So think about it. For $500 per month, you could easily put up your
guests in a fantastic hotel. And I almost guarantee you, you don’t have guests five nights a month. You probably have guests
once or twice a year. So really think about it. Would you like to spend
an extra $500 a month to have a room, as gorgeous as it is, that sits vacant 90% of the time? Or would you rather get that smaller house that’s easier to clean, easier to pay for, lower property taxes, lower maintenance, and then when people do
want to come visit you, put them up in one of our fabulous hotels? So I just want you to really consider the true cost of having
that third bedroom. So thanks for tuning in, and I will see you next week! (upbeat music)

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Chinoy Antonio

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Constructive criticism, Christy, shoot in landscape mode especially if your endgame is broadcasting on YouTube

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