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Coolest Lightweight Travel Trailer: Happier Camper HC1

This is the HC1. And this is Lulu. We are at Happier Camper checking out this really cool modular fiberglass camper. And this is their number one salesperson and I can see why. She is dedicated. We first learned about these when one of our subscribers contacted us because she is looking into picking one of these up. Kait’s been researching them. And we’ve been really impressed with what we’ve seen and what you can actually do with
one of these small trailers. The main feature of the HC1 is the
double fiberglass haul. The nice thing about having a double haul is they can put insulation in between the two layers. Plus the inside layer is nice and smooth and finished. The other nice feature is the fiberglass floor. A cool thing they’ve done with that is they’ve built channels into it where you can move
the little modular boxes. You can also hose it down. There is a drain at the end of the trailer So all that water washes right out. Now I’m sitting in the rear hatch of the HC1 and that is another feature of this trailer. This is a huge hatch. They’ve designed it this way so it’s easy to bring things in and out. It’s also big enough to roll a motorcycle up in here. And there are six tie down points within the trailer for any equipment you want to bring in and tie down. If you’re going out for a track day, a long motorcycle ride. You can throw your motorcycle in here stack these up in the back. And then when you get to where ever you’re going Pull the motorcycle out, setup camp and now you have a bed. If you’re out camping and there are a lot of bugs. You’re going to want a screen. They offer the option for a snap on screen for the back. Plus an additional option for an outdoor shower that goes on the back of the trailer. Unless you’re at a nudist RV park, you’re going to want privacy when you take that shower. They have a curtain that goes around the whole back hatch, so you can shower in privacy. Now this is what the HC1 looks like completely or almost completely empty. Each one of these spots is where one of the table legs can go. You have a regular size table you can use while sitting on one of these. Those tie downs I mentioned are along the edge. There are six of them. The drain is there in the back. Now Lulu’s favorite feature is how modular the inside of this camper is. This box I’m sitting on can be moved
anywhere in the trailer. You can have multiple boxes. You can arrange them for multiple configurations. The cool thing is, the cushion for the box comes off. The cushion itself has a removable cover that’s made of the same material sunshades are. It’s washable. Inside the box is extra room for storage. You can put whatever you want in there. And given its modular capabilities, you can have some boxes stored for if you’re taking your motorcycle out and you want to put your gear in there. You can have other boxes that have your outdoor gear for tent camping or hiking. You can grab whatever boxes you need for the
weekend that you’re going out. Standing room inside is 6’11” in the middle. There’s just enough room for me to stand in the middle of the camper without hitting my head. But on either side it’s tapered down
so I do have to scrunch. There are cabinets on either side of the trailer that open and lock. There is a decent amount of room in there. It’s also where they store the legs for
the tables down below. Right in front of me is a MaxxAir vent. These things are great for bringing air into the camper
and out the top. Keep you nice and cool. They do have an option for a Dometic AC unit,
if you want one. There is a lot of room inside the trailer and it feels very usable. If you want to make it feel a little bit more
homey inside the trailer They do offer these floor tiles that snap right in place. And now you have a nice floor rather than the fiberglass if your camping in here. We would definitely get those floor tiles for our Husky. He does not like slippery floors. And it gives it a nice feel in here. And you don’t have the ridges that you’re walking over. This is the smaller sink, portable stove. There is a water tank under here with a DC water pump. Going back to the modular design. This whole sink can be lifted up, taken outside. The side door and the back hatch are large enough for one or two people to carry this outside. When you carry it outside, it has a cigarette lighter cord and 12 volt outlets around all the entrances. All you have to do is plug it into that 12 volt outlet inside the camper and you can put this anywhere on your campsite as long as that cord is. These sides do come up and down. There is this option for the portable stove. They also have a larger kitchen unit that has a
built-in two burner stove. The fresh water tank on this is five gallons. There isn’t a gray water tank. This goes out of a spigot out the side. On the left here is an iPad mount. You can use that for TV, watching shows, etc… All the windows in here have these privacy shades. They also have screen over all the
openings for the windows. I put the table up. You can put the table down like this here. These pop up, they act as backrests. And this table can slide right out. If you want to, the way they have this setup is I could put a table here, here and have six people sitting around eating a meal Lulu’s back. When you’re done with it, the table goes back down and this becomes a bed that’s long enough for someone my size to lay from side to side. What Happier Camper has done is they’ve made this kind of a wide body trailer. So it’s narrow at the top, comes out wide at the bottom. So that you can fit more of these modular units in and also give you more room for sleeping and comfort. All of this stuff can go outside. They have an adapter plate for the table. So you can just pull the table up, take it outside Bring all the boxes outside, setup camp and when you’re ready at night, bring it all back in. Or you just leave it outside and you put a giant
blow up mattress in here. You can configure this however you want and for whatever options you’re looking to do. If I want the kitchen in the back here all I have to do is lift it up and move it. It is great for a person who might want to go camping on the weekend. Go up, do a track day with their motorcycle and put their motorcycle in here. Or take the family out for a nice picnic. Whatever it is, you can configure this to
your liking and your needs. Now, some of you might be asking “Where is the bathroom?” Ta-da! This is a dry flush toilet. They come with different options. You do have an option for a bathroom
in here if you want it. Of course, you’re going to have to get everyone else out when you want to use it. But it’s here. It is a regular sized toilet. The great thing about the dry flush is
you do not need water. You’re waste goes into this bag, the system wraps up the waste and you simply take the bag, it’s biodegradable. So if you need to you can bury it or you can throw it in a trash can. Either way, it works. It’s an option for those who are out weekend camping and may not have a porta potty or some type of bathroom around. At the front is a Zamp CPAP solar system. This is a 600 watt pure sine inverter for charging things like your electronics. Any medical devices. Specifically a CPAP machines. A lot of people have asked about those. It runs off of a 12 volt AGM battery. There are 12 volt plugs throughout the trailer. One of which is here, typically in the corners. There is also a USB outlet and a standard 110 outlet. Now this 110 outlet only works when you have the trailer plugged into shore power. The trailer itself run off of a standard household plug. 15/20 amp. The GVWR of this trailer is 3,500 lbs. To get into the trailer, they have a very simple
swing away step. Snap it into place. And when you’re ready to get going swing it back out of the way. The front of the trailer has a swing away hitch. Simply remove this pin, this will swing back. The great thing is, now this is is 10 feet long. So you can fit into a 10 foot spot. Or for those of you that want to keep it in your garage, it will make it a lot easier fitting in there. There is an integrated brake controller for this. It has electric brakes. Which is not common on a trailer this light. It also has an electronic brake away. If you’re trailer gets detached from your car or SUV, it’s going down the road, This will pull the brakes, lock them up so this doesn’t go flying down the road. This is also where your shore power comes in. Behind that is a 12 volt AGM deep cycle battery. On the roof you have the option of 100 watts of solar. Right above the side entrance, there is a small awning. And of course, a cupholder. Base price for the Happier Camper HC1 starts just under $19,000. With that, you get a one year warranty. Now for me, growing up as a kid, I always loved Legos. First thing I would always do is take the
instructions and throw them out. Because I Iike to build what I was in the mood for. The Happier Camper lets you do just that. All the pieces inside are completely modular. You can change them up for whatever your needs are. It is perfect for that weekend camper that
wants to go up into the mountains. Or the adventurer that wants to go down
the bumpy dirt road. The off-road option for the Happier Camper adds
an extra 3 inches of lift. So you can get it back to more places. I really like this little fiberglass trailer. What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Like the video if you enjoyed it. And please consider subscribing. Thank you so much for watching.
We will see you next time. And if you are into these little campers check out some of the other videos we’ve done.


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Lone Star Travelers

Mar 3, 2018, 9:39 pm Reply

I love it very cute and has a lot to offer.


Apr 4, 2018, 1:49 pm Reply

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Apr 4, 2018, 2:35 pm Reply

Captioning mistake at 2:56. He says six foot one and the captions say 6'11".

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Apr 4, 2018, 4:30 pm Reply

we need this for a first time house how much though you put these videos out but never say how much it costs $$ come on Bro.

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I like this because I can't commit to a setup. How am I going to know what I'll like until I use it?

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Dear happy camper – I'm an airstream owner and I am totally impressed with this little guy.  Absolutely ingenious!  Very well thought out.  Where can one be seen in the flesh?

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Sounds interesting but I want a brochure or a booklet with examples, options, costs, options for lift, stabilizer struts, etc…then I'll consider $19k. Internet info is incomplete and grossly dishonest (omiting much by not mentioning or not showing).


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Great video. Finally a trailer company in Los Angeles! ? I will be visiting the Los Angeles location soon. ?? I only have one concern, will this fit in my garage with a 7 foot door? Land in Los Angeles is expensive. Rent on storing this will be a deal breaker for me. I would love you guys to come up with a way so we can store this at home. Which can make it even easier to get up and go someplace. Great job and see you guys soon. LorenA


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Nice job on this video!  I would love to own a camper like this.  Perfection.


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Ok so for $10k of material and say 6 months of construction and I'd break even with the experience and keeping all tools needed. Hmmm maybe it is worth $18 k with everything!!! but 19k with nothing?? guess its the rebel in me.. na, I'll design and build my own.

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The only trouble I have with fiberglass is if you do any fall or winter camping, there is no insulation otherwise I like your product. Love the dry toilet

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This is under $19K, Basecamp is over $30K. That is a $10K saving. Also aluminum corrodes and dulls over time. Fiberglass does not. This is a lighter, cheaper, and more modular. I would buy this over the Basecamp. Very nice review!

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Anna-Lisa Girling

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Lots of people are claiming the price is too high and that they can by a utility trailer and build a custom set up according to their own needs. yep! you sure can do that but this little beauty is great for someone like me with limited skills, limited facilities and limited desire to do so. Why even waatch a video on an already built, tricked out trailer, then? i'm looking for exactly this class of unit and it makes me happy. $20K is pretty dear but it IS 2018, after all. ; ) And, I agree that this guy does way better demos and "sales" schiticks than most commercial situations. I find nearly all the websotes, FB pages and YT vids from manufacturers sorely lacking.

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lisa starves

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What is the max payload, if I wanted to use it to haul all my stuff (like moving to a new house) etc?

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I challenge you both to check out the Catrike Dumont. See it in its folded form and how compact it is to store, transport, and unfold. AND how super comfortable and safe it is to ride around once you arrive and get settled in.

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Cheryl Ann

May 5, 2019, 11:37 am Reply

Great walk-thru, thanks! I really like the sleek look of the "euro style" fiberglass campers. It seems that the designers thought of everything when making this tiny camper. I have not seen anything quite like it. Based upon the many small TTs that I have been looking at, with MSRPs $30-60k, this camper's price seems right in line with the market. Unfortunately tiny TTs come with a big price tags. If looking for something more substantial then check out the 2019 Sol, [email protected] 400, Oliver TT, and 2019 Lance 1475 — very cool, very expensive, very desirable by the market. YOLO — if you can swing the price then go for it. There's nothing like being on the road. I think a one-year warranty is inadequate.

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