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Configuring Flat Rate Pricing

0:00:03.033,0:00:10.066 Hi there and thanks for watching. This video will walk you through setting up flat rate pricing
in Altru. 0:00:10.066,0:00:15.000 Flat rate pricing is a way to charge your
patrons based on “Rate scales.” 0:00:15.000,0:00:20.066 Flat rate pricing is appropriate when there
is not a standard per ticket charge per visitor. 0:00:20.066,0:00:26.033 The default structure for pricing in regards
to programs are calculated “Per ticket.” 0:00:26.033,0:00:31.000 For example the pricing could be $10 per adult General Admission ticket and $8 per child General Admission ticket. 0:00:34.066,0:00:42.066 Whereas, with “Flat rate” pricing we can
define the pricing structure to be calculated on
a by quantity basis. 0:00:42.066,0:00:54.000 As an example, you may have a group tour rate, where less than 15 attendees costs $100, between 16-25 attendees costs $150, 0:00:54.000,0:01:01.066 and then above 26 attendees each additional attendee is to be charged $5 per person. 0:01:01.066,0:01:14.066 To configure rate scales for group reservations, let’s go to Sales>Group Sales, and then
on the left we will click on the “Group Sales Settings.” 0:01:14.066,0:01:22.066 On this page, let’s go to the “Rate scales”
tab. Let’s click “Add” to create a new rate
scale. 0:01:22.066,0:01:30.066 For now, let’s say that we are creating
a rate scale for our Group Tour program. 0:01:30.066,0:01:40.000 The program costs a flat rate of $100 for
a group of 15 visitors or less, $150 for between 16-25, 0:01:40.000,0:01:45.000 and then above 26 attendees it is a per ticket rate of $5 per person. 0:01:45.000,0:01:51.000 First, let’s just give the rate scale a
name, such as “Adult Group Tour Rate.” 0:01:51.000,0:01:56.000 At the top right, we can enter the price per quantity of visitors and the whether to pay
a flat 0:01:56.000,0:02:01.000 rate or per ticket price if a certain quantity
is exceeded. 0:02:01.000,0:02:10.033 Upon creating the rate scale, we can mark
the box “Set as default rate scale” in order
to have this rate scale be the default scale selected 0:02:10.033,0:02:15.000 when adding a new group sale. 0:02:15.000,0:02:23.066 Furthermore, if this rate scale should default
for a certain Group type, this can be selected below. 0:02:23.066,0:02:27.066 In the bottom left window, we can choose the default 0:02:27.066,0:02:28.033 applications. 0:02:28.033,0:02:33.033 For example, if the revenue applied from this
flat rate was to be split across multiple programs, 0:02:33.033,0:02:39.000 we would define which program received the revenue and appropriately allocated percentage. 0:02:39.000,0:02:56.033 In this example, we’ll assume all the revenue
of the flat rate is allocated to one program, 0:02:56.033,0:02:58.066 so we’ll select the program, enter 100 percent, and then click “Add.” 0:02:58.066,0:03:01.000 Lastly, in the top right, let’s define the
pricing structure based on size. 0:03:01.000,0:03:25.033 Again, the program costs a flat rate of $100
for a group of 15 visitors or less, $150 for between 16-25, 0:03:25.033,0:03:36.033 and
then above 26 attendees it is a per ticket rate of $5 per person. 0:03:36.033,0:03:47.066 Let’s click Save. 0:03:47.066,0:03:50.033 This brings us to the flat rate record. 0:03:50.033,0:03:59.000 If we go to the included programs tab we can configure which programs are included under
the flat rate price. 0:03:59.000,0:04:05.000 For example, if the cost covered the group
tour in addition to an educational program, 0:04:05.000,0:04:13.000 we can click “Edit” and indicate both
programs in the grid. 0:04:13.000,0:04:20.000 On the Included Fees tab, we are able to determine if any fees are not added to the
cost and included in the rate. 0:04:20.000,0:04:25.000 Next, we can review the Included Resources tab. 0:04:25.000,0:04:32.066 This works like the Included Programs and Included Fees tabs, where we can elect whether or not resources are included in the flat
rate. 0:04:32.066,0:04:40.066 For example, if certain resources such as docents or renting A/V equipment should be added to the cost of the flat rate, 0:04:40.066,0:05:02.000 we can click Edit, and unmark
the box to include all resources. 0:05:02.000,0:05:13.066 To adjust the Default Applications of how revenue is distributed from the flat rate
price across the possible programs. 0:05:13.066,0:05:27.000 Now that we’ve created the flat rate, we
are ready to apply it when we build our next
group reservation!

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