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CONDO REVIEW : 25 Town Centre Court & 190 Borough Drive Condos @ Scarborough Town Center

Tom Sachdeva: Hi, this is Tom Sachdeva selling
condos at the Scarborough Town Centre and today we are talking about the two towers:
Centro North and Centro South, 25 Town Centre Court, 190 Borough Drive, built by Henderson
Development in 2011, has 562 units combined with 31 floors. Jas Jagpal: Both buildings here, Tom are registered
under the same corporation and managed by one office at 190 Borough Drive. Tom Sachdeva: So, Jas, what are the finishings
in this building? Jas Jagpal: Tom, because it’s a newer building,
the finishes are modern. So you’ve got slick, elegant looking kitchens with stainless steel
range hoods, granite counters, black appliances or stainless steel appliances, even wine coolers,
in every unit. Beautiful laminate flooring throughout and even the bathrooms have elegant
finishing touches to them. Tom Sachdeva: Jas, tell me a little bit more
about the average unit sizes and the prices for these units. Jas Jagpal: The average size of these units
start around 573 square feet, one-bedroom plus dens are in the 650 range, and the two-bedrooms
are around the 1,000 square foot range. The average prices for these units, Tom: one-bedroom
come without a parking and most of them come without a locker as well. They’re hover around
$200- to $210, 000. One-bedroom plus den, once again, depending on the view, you could
go all the way up to around $270- and from $250,000, and the two-bedroom units, same
thing. Depending on the floor level and the view and which building you’re in, you could
go from $350- all the way to $400,000. Tom Sachdeva: The amenities in this building
are on the fifth floor and they’re the second best amenities at Scarborough Town Centre.
Many modern finishings, they have a huge gym, huge windows which throw in a lot of lights.
They have a pool. They have a whirlpool. They have a sauna and a steam room. They have two
multi-media theatres. They have a party lounge. They have a card room. They have a billiards
room and they have two guest suites. Jas Jagpal: And they also have beautiful outdoor
finishes, Tom. On the fifth floor terrace, they have barbeque area, a nice seating area,
and it’s secluded because it’s surrounded by the wood lot Remember? So you have a
nice park-like feeling while you’re on the fifth floor of your own condo. Tom Sachdeva: The buildings have a walk score
of 87. The transit score for this building is 97. Very close to the Scarborough Town
Centre, minutes to the Scarborough RT stop. You are very close to the GO station, skating
rink at Civic Center, the off-leash dog park, Freshco, the Shoppers Drug Mart. All the amenities
are minutes’ walk from these two buildings. Jas Jagpal: The maintenance fee for this building
is 55 cents a square foot, plus your hydro and that includes a pool within your own building
and large extensive amenity area. Tom Sachdeva: Jas, what is the pet policy
of this building? Jas Jagpal: Well, the pet policy of this building,
Tom, is unique because the really don’t have a pet policy per se that tells us how many
dogs you could have, how many cats, what weight like many of the other condos. So you could
have a dog, a cat, hamster, bird, whatever you like and, as long as you take care of
it and they’re not a nuisance to the other unit holders, at this point, there’s no standard
pet policy in place. Tom Sachdeva: We also check the tenant mix
with the management company and there’s mention about 30% of the units are rented at this
moment, which is a good mix for any of the condo buildings at Scarborough Town Centre. So, Jas, if you were to buy a condo of this
building, what are the three things you need to be aware of? Jas Jagpal: Well, Tom, the three things you
want to be aware of are the views in this building – depending on which side you’re
facing, north, east, south, west, your view could be blocked so that’s something is very
important and critical in the buying process. Secondly, the buildings have an extra security
feature. The elevators are only accessed by fobs. So if you want to get off at the 10th
floor, you better have a fob. And, lastly, if you’re looking for a two-bedroom/two-washroom
unit in the midrange 800 to 900 square foot, you’re not going to find that. There’s a huge
price difference between a one-bedroom plus den to the two-bedroom and two washroom units
here, which are over 1,000 square feet, so, which is, Tom, about $270,000 to $370,000
so $100,000 jump right there. So you’re not going to find a two-bedroom/two-washroom midrange
price around $320- in this building. Tom Sachdeva: So, Jas, what would you rank
it on a scale of one to ten? Jas Jagpal: I would rank this 8.5 to 9 because
of its modern finishes, excellent amenities, great location, and low-cost maintenance fee.
And don’t forget the extensive views, especially the west and the south and the east-facing
units. So if you’re looking to buy at 25 Town Centre Court or 190 Borough Drive, give me
a call at 647-272-6629. Tom Sachdeva: Or call Tom at 647-299-4529
and don’t forget, show us some love. Click on the Subscribe button right up there. Man: Call Tom and Jas to buy and sell.

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