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Conan Invites Himself To Gal Gadot’s Apartment – CONAN on TBS

This is exciting, the entire reason I came to Israel is behind this door. (knocking on the door) (audience cheers) Hey, how are you? Good. How’d you find my… It wasn’t easy, people do not want to tell me where you live. I was very tenacious, I found you. Wow… That’s a nice apartment you have. Thanks! Yeah, there’s a lot of room in there. Yes. Great sitting area. Yeah, wish you would have told me earlier that you were coming. Do you wanna go get a drink or go to a movie or just walk around Tel Aviv? Yeah, I actually have some people who just came over and I have plans. You have plans? I mean, I can come in and make pancakes. I just had breakfast. Okay, okay, well that’s awkward. Congratulations, Wonder Woman so great. Thank you so much. Such a huge hit, everyone’s so excited to see you. Thank you so much. Okay, so I’ll see you in the night. Yeah, bye bye. Nice to see you. (loud locking)

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