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COMMOD HOUSE PRODUCTION – Produktion eines COMMOD-Modulhauses aus Holz / Film by HENX films

My name is Matej Makoter,
and I am the owner of the Mitos Group. I love my job We have a very good relationship
with COMMOD-House Every day we build a new house,
we learn something new And that’s why we’ve become so good Lately we have done a lot in
our new work We have a new hall,
which is warmed by a heat pump That’s very good for our employees In this new hall we can at the moment
produce about 4-5 houses at the same time What is important to me is that all materials
for our homes come from nature This is very important. I have been working with
some people for a long time And many people joined our team Very good, educated people. I think that our cooperation is at a very high level …

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