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Commercial Property For Sale Hertfordshire

Commercial Property for Sale Hertfordshire You’re about to see a run through of this property To give you an idea of the layout this is an example of the top floor and the ground floor now I’m going to enter into right side of the property this is the entrance lobby highlighted in yellow in the lobby you can see the intruder alarm and a newly installed fire alarm now moving through to the loading bay of the downstairs property which is serviced by double doors on the right and insulated doors on the left now moving into the downstairs warehouse this is entering the downstairs warehouse it’s an area which is fully air-conditioned, two air-conditioners on the right fully power pointed and has computer access now we are going to have a look at one of the toilets in the downstairs area of the property next to the toilets, is where the kitchen is located the kitchen is fully equipped with a dishwasher, fridge and storage units located next to the kitchen is an area that can be used for the staff dining area located next to the dining area is another office that can be used for storage back to the entrance lobby, we are now going to go up the stairs at the top of the stairs is the landing and general office area now looking at the front office, this is generally the manager’s office off the landing, is another private office with air conditioning at the end of the landing is another office and this is also fully air conditioned off the landing there are another two more rooms this is the room at the front this is the room at the back which generally was used for training, with a little kitchenette at the back now we are entering into the left side of the unit this is the entrance lobby of the left unit, with double loading doors moving into the downstairs area located next to the additional toilet, is a kitchenette there is storage units, an under-counter fridge and space for a dishwasher moving into the main downstairs area this is ideal for extra storage now moving back to the entrance lobby and up the stairs you enter into the main office area there is natural light, heating, air-conditioning and generally used for the admin area of the building located at the front is another manager’s area this has been a run through of the Commercial Property for Sale Hertfordshire please click the link in the description to enquire

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