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College dropout named next FL House education chair

This week incoming Florida House Speaker Jose
Oliva announced that Mount Dora Tea Party darling Jennifer Sullivan will the new chair
of the House Education Committee. Sullivan, who was home-schooled, has zero
experience as an educator, has never studied or written about education policy. And about those college credits she claimed
to have earned when she was first elected in 2014? Not true, says the evangelical Christian college
in question. Oliva called Sullivan “a leader of the utmost
integrity and fairness,” who, of course, continues lying about her own education, because
she knows that’s essential to being an education leader. Apparently, she apparently can’t even answer
questions from the press on her own. The speaker’s communications director claims
Sullivan’s “goals are to create a system that is student centered by putting what’s
best for those same students first. That starts by giving parents choice in the
education of their children.” Translation: she plans on expanding the policy
that hands over public assets to greedy corporations with little to no accountability and — while
they’re at it — crushing the teachers unions. “Parents always have had the choice of homeschooling
or enrolling their children in any private school they desire — they still do. No one is taking it away. The issue is whether taxpayers should ante
up for what usually is religious education.” Sullivan says “she hopes to expand funding
for students who want to go to charter and voucher schools,” which means cutting even
more funding to the schools the most vulnerable children attend, “reward the best teachers
with better pay,” which means limiting teacher pay to bonuses and other gimmicks that clearly
are not working to recruit or retain the most qualified teachers, “and look for ways to
reduce administrative overhead in local districts.” Keep in mind, administrative costs in Florida
school districts average around six percent. None of these talking points is new. This is exactly the same agenda that has left
Florida 45th nationally in per pupil spending, dead last in percentage of students funded
at the state average, and put the state at the epicenter of the movement dismantling
public education, brick by brick. And by the sound of it, they’ve only just


Turbo Jones

Dec 12, 2018, 11:55 pm Reply

World famous John Stossel says college in America is too expensive and usually a total waste of money. So, maybe he'll do better than the usual one.


Dec 12, 2018, 1:47 am Reply

1st laugh of the day! thank you.

woke bloke

Dec 12, 2018, 6:01 pm Reply

She lied about her college credits. Her home-school diploma is also suspect. Are Republicans tryna punk us?

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