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COLLEGE BOUND Moving To College Apartment / That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to: – [All] ThatYouTub3Family! – And Logan. Hi, Logan. Alright, today’s the day. – I am moving out to college. Everyone’s at school.
– It’s sad. Yeah, everybody left for school, so they didn’t get to
say good-bye to Audrey, and we were so busy last night, there was not really any good-byes. It’s kinda sad. – So, she’s gonna say
good-bye to Logan right now, and then when we come back, we’ll have to FaceTime her, and she can say good-bye to her siblings. – Yeah, you’d better FaceTime later. – Aw, that way you get to
say good-bye to everybody. So we’ve got her all packed up. – The van and my car is full. – Who knew she had so many shoes. Holy cow, go check it out on her channel. – 15 pairs. – And I don’t think that’s all. I think that’s all she’s taking. – That’s what you’re taking to college? – I’m only taking 15, only 15. – Only 15.
– Only. – I think I have three?
– What? – Well, there’s old shoes. – Check out Aud Vlogs, so you can see my whole packing experience. It took me two days to pack. (Dad laughs) – Oh, my goodness. – Alright, so, I’m gonna
be driving separate. – And I’m riding with Audrey. – Mom gets to ride with
Audrey in her new wheels. (Mom laughs) I get to ride in the old vehicle. – Aww. – And Logan’s being left behind. So, here, you guys can see
Audrey say good-bye to Logan. – Come here, Logan, say good-bye to me. – He’s like, “No.”
– Do you even care? Do you even care about me? – [Dad] He knows something’s going on, ’cause he saw– – [Audrey] What? – [Dad] Logan, how’s it going, buddy? – [Audrey] Rude. – [Dad] Go see Audrey, come on. – [Audrey] Come say good-bye. – [Dad] Go get her, go get her. – Awww, it’s a baby. He doesn’t even know. – [Dad] Have her give kisses. Yeah, he doesn’t like saying good-bye. – [Audrey] He doesn’t
like saying good-bye. – [Dad] He says good-bye. Oh, hi, Logan, oh, you say hello. – [Audrey] He loves Dad the most. – [Dad] Ohh. He wants to go for a ride in the car. (Audrey gasps) Will you take him to school with you? – Logan goes to college? (laughs) – [Dad] Should we have
Logan go to college? – That would be an adventure. – Be happy, Logan, Jordan’ll
be here in 45 minutes, and she’ll take care of ya. Alright, guys, let’s go. Come on, Mom. – Who wants up in the fun car? – Oh, by the way, we all wore gray. – It’s a gloomy day. – ‘Cause it’s a gloomy day. – Sad day. – ‘Kay, we gotta stop and
get fuel in the vehicles. ‘Cause it is kind of a long drive. We’re gonna see if Audrey can figure out how to put gas in her car by herself. And if you remember a few months ago, I think it’s on Audrey’s channel, I showed her how to do this. So I’m not gonna say a word. I’m just gonna follow her lead. Let’s do that. Let’s see if Audrey remembers how to put gas in her car. Alright, Audrey, let’s see if you remember how to get gas in your car. – I may need my credit card. – [Dad] You might need a
way to pay for it, yes. – [Audrey] I need my bag. – Paying for fuel is a good thing, that way you don’t get in trouble. We’d hate to have Audrey get arrested on her first day of trying
to leave home. (laughs) Let’s see what she remembers. – Yes. – What’s it gonna say? Oh. Audrey chose not to go
with the car wash today, because her car’s spotless anyway. What are you doing? – Don’t wanna be nasty. – Oh. There’s a pro tip. Get a paper towel to put on your hand. Oh, no. How do I open up my car door? (laughs) Oh, this is funny. She’s never had to fill
it up with gas yet, because she’s only driven
this, like, 100 miles. She’s never had to get gas. Oh, it just worked. Okay. (machine beeps) It canceled because you
put it back on the thing. (laughs) Time to do it round two. Alright, round two,
let’s see what happens. No car wash selected again. It’s telling her to…
(Audrey sighs) What’s it saying to do, Audrey? – Put it in. – [Dad] Okay, okay. There we go. Look at this. She’s spending her first
college money right there. – Do you know if it’s going in? How do I know if it’s locked in or not? – [Dad] How do I know if it’s not going? ‘Cause it’s not spraying all
over the side of your car. – Okay.
– It’s in. Okay, how was it? (Audrey sighs) Not done yet, you gotta
wait for it to finish. – Yeah. – Two hours later. Okay, all full? Ohhhh, drippy-drippy. One last step, can she do it? What’s the last step? Bam, like a boss. Okay, so, we got gas, and I’m pulled over on
the side of the road, trying to wait for Audrey, because she got stuck in traffic. As you can see out here out the window. Maybe you can see out
the window, maybe not. I don’t see her. She’s missing. Okay, so, a couple things to say. So, Audrey, so I’m gonna
dismiss a couple of myths. Myth number one: will Audrey quite YouTube now that she’s leaving home? No, Audrey’s gonna keep doing YouTube. In fact, she’s got two channels, AllAroundAudrey and Aud Vlogs, and she’s gonna make a lot
of appearances on ours. Oh, I think I see Audrey. Look. There she comes. Here she comes, annnnnd there she goes. ‘Kay, I better go catch up to ’em. So myth number one, will
Audrey quit YouTube? Nope, she’s gonna keep doing it. You’re gonna see some really cool things, some things that are gonna be awesome that she’s gonna be doing
up on the university. You’re probably gonna
see a lotta new friends as well as old faces, but she’s also gonna be
on ThatYouTub3Family, ’cause we’re gonna go down and see her. She’s still gonna be part of
a lot of our videos as well, so look forward for those. ‘Kay, see up there on the mountain? There’s a big Y? That means we are here. We made it. It’s been a couple hours of driving. Audrey’s done great. This is, I think, her first
time driving her new car on the highway, so she
did a fantastic job. I gotta stop talking here until
I get to the next stoplight. Alright, now that we’re here, I wanna dispel myth number two. Myth number two is
Audrey will no longer be on ThatYouTub3Family’s videos. That’s not true, because, as you’ll see here in the next few days, she’ll be on a few of the videos there, and we’ve planned on a whole
bunch of collabs with her. We have to call it collabs now because she doesn’t actually
live in the same house, but we’ve got a whole
bunch of weekends planned where we’re gonna film lots
and lots of videos with her. So, be sure to stay tuned, because you’ll see lots and lots of Audrey still on ThatYouTub3Family. So if you like Audrey, you
will still be able to see her, so that’s myth number two. Alright, Mom, we’re unpacking her. We made it here. – Yeah, yes. – [Dad] What do ya think? – Finally. – [Dad] Finally? – But I’m sad she’s leaving. Finally. – [Dad] Yes. This is the first of
probably two or three trips. ‘Cause the van is still full, but hey, we got most of it out of her car. Look at that. – I think we’re gonna
get it all outta hers. – [Dad] So one trip on
hers and one trip in ours? – Yeah. – Okay, we’re in Audrey’s room now, and we’re getting things set up. What do you think, Audj? – I mean, it’s coming along. – [Dad] It’s coming along. – Honestly, there’s, like,
it’s a little bit gross, but it’s actually, like, not
bad for apartment living. It’s actually quite clean. – Well, so, the reason
why you say it’s gross is because when we were cleaning it out, there’s, like, so many,
like, human stuff in here, like toenail clippings,
– Toenails. – and hairs, and earwax. – But I think that’s normal. It really is normal. – It really is normal,
but, like, I don’t know. – [Mom] It’s gross. – Throw your toenails away, kids. Throw your toenails away. – We deep cleaned. – So, we’re making her bed. – And I think her roommates
are gonna be really cool, so she’s lucky there. – We hope so, because
Audrey’s really cool. – I think she’s got good roommates, and a nice apartment. And she has her own room, so. – [Dad] Yeah. – It’s good. She’s good. – This is cool, and so we’re getting all her electronic stuff set up. We’ve got her printer, and we’re gonna get her
laptop, and her cameras, and her lighting, and all that stuff so that she can keep making
awesome videos for you guys. So, we’ll check back in when we make a little bit more progress. We got a long way to go. Look at all those boxes behind us. There’s tons of boxes. Ahh. Okay, so one of the things
that Audrey reminded us of that we’re gonna have
troubles with while she’s gone is always turning on the microphone and making sure it’s plugged in, ’cause we have a hard time with that. So, we always just gotta
remember to do that. So here we are, we’re getting further. I’ve got all of her electronics set up. Her printer’s working,
her laptop’s working, her Surface is working. (both sigh) We’re getting closer. – I know, that’s all
we can say is (sighs). – (laughs) We got her studio light set up, we’ve got Mom down there, figuring out the camera. Right? – It’s starting to feel
more homey, better. – It’s starting to feel
a little bit better, starting to feel a little moved in. We got a lot of the boxes out of the way. We just gotta get that last one. And we got a list of things that we gotta go to the store and grab. And maybe sometime in the next week, Audrey’ll be all moved in. What type of video do you think Audrey should do first in her room? – Oh, yeah, tell me in
the comments down below what you wanna see, ’cause I’ll film it. – Yeah, ’cause she’s got
a whole bunch of stuff she could do here. We’ve been talking about a
couple of different ideas, but comment down below what
you’d like to see her do in her new room, in her new location. Alright, you guys ready to keep workin’? – [Audrey] Yeah, buddy. – [Dad] Oh, Mom’s working hard. (Mom pretends to cry) – [Audrey] No stopping. – Audrey’s gonna make a great manager, ’cause she delegates
things really, really well. – I’m working, too. – [Mom] She’s working. – She’s working, too. – Okay, so it is really late at night, and we’re out shopping at Target, Audrey’s favorite place. – You almost said partying. – (laughs) Not partying. But we got a whole bunch
more supplies for her. I’m tired, she’s tired, we all just wanna get to her, well, we all wanna go home, but Audrey’s gotta stay. (laughs) But it’s good. It’s sad. The closer we get to
leaving, the sadder I get. – ‘Cause Mom knows, I have
to deal with all this. – [Dad] I’m getting too tired to be sad. – [Mom] I just feel bad ’cause I won’t be there to help you. There will be nothin’ I can do about it. You’ll just have to solve
the problems by yourself. – [Audrey] You’re not making it better. – She can FaceTime her. – [Mom] I could FaceTime you, though. But she got three shopping
carts full of stuff, so she should be set for college? – Comment down below how
much you think it cost to fill up three shopping
carts full of Audrey’s stuff. – [Mom] Yeah, give us a price. – I’ll tell ya, it’s a lot. – [Mom] If you guys guess pretty close, we’ll let ya know. – Okay, guys, we have been down here a long time.
– For a long time. – All day. – But I think we got everything after shopping, after hauling, after plugging in, after setting up. – It’s not all put together. – No, my room’s still a mess. – I think we’re, Mom
and Dad’s part, is done. – I think Audrey’s gotta do it. – I think it’s time to let the bird fly. – Pourquoi? – She can do it, we have faith in her, ’cause we know all of you guys are gonna be rootin’ her on as well. – Yeah, she’s got it. – She’s got this. She has millions of friends out there. So you guys comment down
below, good job, Audrey, and good luck on school, ’cause she’s gonna rock it. – I’m gonna need it. – And I can’t wait to
see all the new videos that she puts out down here. This is gonna be so cool. So, quick room tour. I’m just gonna do a quick one, because she’s gonna show you
all of it on her channel. – [Mom] And it’s not finished. – [Audrey] It’s not finished, so. – This isn’t finished. This is just as finished
as we’re gonna get it. – Check out my channel at AllAroundAudrey to see the full room tour. – Self-promo, still. Hi, Audrey! – Hi! – We are talking to Audrey on FaceTime. This is the next day after Audrey moved in and spent a night in her apartment. – Yeah. – And she got to go up on campus and do a orientation tour. So we’re going to find out how Audrey is. The kids haven’t even seen her room. – Hmm-mm. – So let’s talk to Audrey on FaceTime. – Alright, Audrey, everybody
wants to see your room tour. – Yeah. – Are you– – (mumbles) – Are you eating dinner? – Yes, I’m starving. – Looks like a salad. – Yeah. – Hey. – ‘Kay, let’s see your room tour. – Room tour! – Room tour. – It’s not even clean. It’s still messy. – Well, let’s see your messy room tour. – Oh, well, we’re gonna still see it. (Dad laughs) – [Audrey] Here’s the desk. – Ehhh. – That’s good. Looks good. – [Audrey] It’s a mess. – See, she’s got a little fridge, Jake. – Yeah. – Whoa. Cool. – [Audrey] Here’s my one curtain. (all laugh) – What happened to the second? – [Audrey] It never arrived. – Never arrived. – [Audrey] Here’s my messy bed. – Ahhhh, I love your bed! You have a furry blanket? That is my room aesthetic
that I wanted, you guys. And Audrey now has my dream room, so, I’m just saying.
– Ohhh. – [Audrey] Here’s my closet. – Hmm. – Nice. – And that’s her room, that’s what she gets to live in for the next four years. Yeah. So, these two guys here didn’t get to say
something to you yesterday. What did you guys didn’t get to say? – Bye! – By-eee! – They didn’t get to say good-bye. – No, they never said good-bye. – They were sleeping when you, uh, no, you were sleeping when they left. For school.
– For school, early-early in the morning. – Yep, so. Was it a good night? – No? – Were ya scared? – Tell the tea. What’s the story, story time with Audrey, everybody take a seat, ‘kay, let’s go. – Is it haunted? – I kept waking up. I couldn’t fall asleep. – Is it ’cause the bed? You’re not used to it yet? – [Audrey] I think so. – It’s a new place? Ooh, new adventures,
make today an adventure. (Dad laughs) – Oh, cool. Well, we’re glad that you had
a good first day up on campus. And that you can change
your own light bulbs now. Good job. – I’m a pro. – Life skills. Can’t wait to talk to you
about your next life skill. – (laughs) (mumbles) – Laundry’s next. – Ooh. – No, I’ve got that life skill. – Cooking. – Ooh, that is next. (all laugh) – Pre-made salads don’t count. That’s funny. Alright, you guys, thank you
guys so much for watching. Make sure that you like,
subscribe, and share, and? – Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure. – Alright, guys, bye.
– Bye! – Bye. (thoughtful music)

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