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Coffee Shop vs Chai Bandi || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Restaurant Vs Dhaba’s is amongst
my most viewed and liked videos. While we were thinking
about making a video on similar lines we decided to make a video
on Coffee shops Vs Chai stalls. So, let’s begin the video. What do we order? Are all these coffees?
– Yes. They all are coffees. I can’t even spell
half of them. Let’s look
for something affordable. This one is reasonable.
‘Espresso Ristretto’. Only Rs. 70. Green tea, lemon tea, almond tea, mint tea,
Horlicks, Bournvita, you name it. What do you want?
– Make me one cup of plain tea. I don’t want tea.
I’d go for horlicks. I’m so hungry.
What do we order? I feel like to order a lot
but everything seems too expensive. A fresh fruit bowl
costs Rs. 150! At a stall near Film Nagar,
we get it for Rs. 20. I bet that stall is unhygenic.
For all the ambience, Rs. 150 is reasonable. A mere bun costs Rs. 100?
– Jahnavi, you’re being cheap. I suggest we eat
at the road side stall. Biscuits to go with the tea, please.
– Stop it. We’ve only got Rs. 50 on us. How much does a cup of tea costs?
– Rs. 6, ma’am. That’s affordable. Buy yourself buscuits
and even gums if you want to. Hi! My name is Jahnavi.
And I’m a fashion influencer. I’m creating a few looks for Spoyl
and I love your coffee shop. Can I, please, shoot here!
Thank you! Come on, Sashi.. Is this alright?
– You’re looking too short. Is this fine?
– Better. Let me apply some lipstick.
– Hurry up then. I want you to capture
the orange, the blue and the purple. Sashi, I’m not feeling comfortable. Shall we shoot somewhere else?
– I told you this place was no good. ‘Time to download some movies.’ Bro, did you change the wifi access?
– No, we didn’t, sir. Shall I tell you the password?
– No, thank you. I’ve gained access. I know the password by heart. Bro, the net is too slow.
– Is it? That’s maybe because
there are many customers accessing the net. I guess you’ll be here for long.
Do I get you anything? True. This might take some time.
Get me water. Water? You mean bottled water?
– No. A glass of regular water would do. This is my regular order.
Perks of being your regular customer. Is this today’s news paper? How much is my bill?
– Rs. 15. How much for a cup of tea?
– Rs. 10. I’m not buying this paper.
I was just reading the headlines. See you later. Excuse me, sir.
Sir, excuse me. Yeah? I can hear you.
I’m just lost in my thoughts. Are you lost in your thoughts?
I’d have run my vehicle over you. Step aside. Gau..
– Hi! It’s been so long! Your dress looks really good.
– Thanks. Pass me what you’re eating. Tell me. Where did you get this from?
– From a website named Spoyl. It must’ve costed something like 4 or 5 grand.
– Not at all. It’s very budget friendly. I can’t afford costly stuff like you can.
– Are you serious? I’m a fashion student.
Take my word. To make things easy,
Spoyl offers ‘look books’. The website’s algorithm
gives you a possible look. So, shopping becomes very easy.
– I’ll check it out then. You know this? Shravs is seeing someone.
– Are you serious? What else?
– You can have this cherry. This is so nice.
What else? What else?
– Well, the petrol prices have gone up. What else?
– The elections are round the corner. What else?
– What else shall I talk about? You’re neither my girlfriend,
neither is this place romantic. Let’s go. I didn’t know you had glasses.
– I don’t put on my glasses often. Shall I take them off?
– Please, don’t. They look cute. Stay here. I’ll go get us tea.
– Get me black tea. You aren’t at a coffee shop.
– Alright. Get me lemon tea. Alright, sure.
– Get me Gold Fingers too? You mean those yellow chips.
– Don’t call them that. That’s cheap. Hurry up. People are staring at me.
– Yes, I am. Excuse me.
Can I get a refill? Excuse me.
Can I get a refill? Can I get a refill? Can I get a refill? I can hear you,
can you hear me? I’ll send you the mail
once I reach the office. Screw all of them.
Where’s my tea? You owe me a coffee.
– What? Why? I never even met you.
Why’d I owe you a coffee? That’s because I dropped my coffee
staring at you. So, technically, you owe me a coffee. I’m married. Where’s my lady at? It’s time already.
– She’ll be here. Don’t worry. Excuse me, you got change for Rs. 2000?
– Her ear rings look too good. Why don’t you untie your hair?
– You said untie? No. I said tea.
It tastes really good. Such cheap perverts!
– My lady is pretty hot headed. I can see that. Jahnu, what’s the matter?
You sounded too tense on the phone. It’s over, Nikhil. Let’s break up.
My parents are dead against our relation. I don’t think I can convince them. And I don’t think I’d ever do anything
which would pain them. I hope you can understand.
It’s over. Jahnu.. You want to create a ruckus before my house?
– Of course, not. I’m here to have tea. Stop lying.
I told you it’s over. Don’t you get it?
Never call or text me ever again. It’s over.
– Jahnu, hear me out.. Jahnu, hold on.
I’ll be back in a jiffy and pay my bill. Excuse me. Do you know this guy?
– Not anymore. You pervert! You think
you can harass women and get away? So, that was our take
on Coffee shops Vs Chai stalls. I hope you had fun watching it. I guess most of you all know
I’m a fashion student. For the first time, I’ve put up
a few looks. They are available on Spoyl. Do check it out.
The link is in the description box. And before you leave,
do subscribe.



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