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Cleaning Garlic – This Week In the Garden

– Once garlic has
actually been cured for three to four weeks,
somewhere in a dry spot out of the sun, it will
look kind of like this. And the easiest way to go
through and clean it is actually to cut off the top, and
then cut off the roots, because you need to leave it
hanging up with all the soil on top of it, you do not wash it,
because if you wash it before you hang it up,
you could have a lot of mold issues along the way. So the easiest
way, cut the top off, go through and
cut the roots off, leave all the soil on,
and these outer shells will actually peel
off to a really clean bulb. And this is what
you store inside your house once it’s been cured. So you can go through
and peel it off until you get all the dirty shell off
of the garlic bulb, and that’s a
finished garlic bulb.

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