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Clarendon 1021 | 1021 N Garfield St Arlington VA | Clarendon Condos

Hello this is Matt Leighton and today we are
looking at Clarendon 1021. And talking about Clarendon and the neighborhood, I am going
to try to go the whole way without saying millennial, hip, trendy, or vibrant. So stay
tuned and let’s see if I can do it, in this week’s video. Clarendon 1021. If you are looking in Clarendon,
you will inevitably come across this community. So let’s start with the basics. Clarendon
1021 is located at 1021 N Garfield Street, right in the middle of Clarendon. 1021 was
built in 2005 and has 419 units on 10 stories. First and foremost what residents love about
1021 are the amenities. There is 24-hour security, two private courtyards, a conference room,
a media room, a fitness center, and a rooftop pool with a jacuzzi. The interiors here will be very similar. Condos
have hardwoods in the living areas, granite and stainless steel in the kitchen, some have
floor to ceiling windows, and other units have fireplaces. Balconies are also somewhat
common. Ok let’s take a look at the top 3 things
you need to know about living at Clarendon 1021: Built as apartments. Back when the community
was being built, 1021 was actually being built as apartments, before being sold to a Walnut
Street Development. This means that the inside of units will be alike. Whereas in some condo
communities the finishes get nicer the higher you go. Some also make the argument that sound
between units or between floors is an issue. And that’s probably true. It could be. Just
going to depend on how sensitive you are to sound.
Renters. Okay this is a big one. And you’ll also here it from people you talk to. There
are a lot of renters at 1021. I did a video a while ago with a small little rant on renters.
I wouldn’t say I was defending them, but I wasn’t criticizing them either. But if
you live at 1021 there will be a lot of renters. Just in 2014, there were 35 units rented,
or almost 9% of all units. And that’s not including off-market rentals, 2 year leases
from before, or longer leases. The bottom line is that its a popular community for investors
to rent out units, and even more popular for renters, whether they are young or old to
live. Only 24-Hour Concierge in Clarendon. Clarendon
1021 is the only condominium that has 24 hour security in the neighborhood. Station Square,
The Phoenix, and The Hartford all do not have that. The security is nice, for me the concierge
is better so I never miss a package. I just got that Amazon Prime. I know I’m behind
the times. It’s 2015 and I’m just getting Amazon Prime. Next I’m going to be telling
you that I still haven’t downloaded Uber on my phone. Ok there you
have it the top 3 things you need to know.
Just to recap number one is built as apartments, number two is renters, and number three is
only 24 hour concierge in Clarendon. If you liked this video, you took something
away from it, I put out weekly condo videos on Arlington condos so please hit the subscribe
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I appreciate you watching. Any questions, drop them in the comments below. Thanks again
for watching until next time, create a productive day. Take care.



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You should do apartments/condos in crystal city and around pentagon city, they have a great city atmosphere, and metro access and proximity to DC. Great videos bdw keep it up

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nice video, informative

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