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Cities 101: Property Tax

Curious about where your property tax goes? Our property taxes support all kinds of basic public services like schools, ports, hospitals, social services public safety, and facilities that you use on a daily basis. And yet when we live in a city only a small share of property tax actually goes to the city. It pays for things like police officers, firefighters, streets, sidewalks, parks, and a vibrant main street. Each of us use many of these services every day, and others? Well, we’re happy when they’re around in times of need. Businesses and visitors may want quality services, but city property taxes only increase one percent each year. The problem is that Washington’s population is growing much more than 1%, in fact by 2025 more than 830,000 people are expected to move here and most will live in cities. And then there’s inflation – the price increase of specific items over time. For cities, the cost of inflation or the cost of providing services grows faster than 1%. Simply put, property tax does not keep up with rising inflation and population growth. We all want to live in a vibrant city, so let’s work together to make sure property tax keeps pace.

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