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CHEAPEST Mansions And Castles For Sale!

From historic mansions to European castles
for $1!!! Here are 10 amazingly cheap homes!! 10. Homes in Gary, Indiana ($1) With people moving to larger cities and away
from rural communities, homes and neighborhoods get run down and in urgent need of repair. Local authorities have to come up with creative
solutions on how to deal with this, but Gary, Indiana, came up with a radical idea- they
would make homes available to buy for only one dollar! Of course, there were some stipulations to
this cheap and attractive price, though. In total there were 11 houses on offer as
a part of the City of Gary’s Dollar Home Program, and they were only available to certain
people. To apply, you had to pay a 25 dollar application
fee, and you had to have a minimum income of $35,250 a year. Furthermore, successful applicants had to
commit to living in the home for at least 5 years before receiving full ownership, and
to renovate the homes to set standards. That’s commitment right there, but for some
people this would be totally worth it!! This included fixing code violations on the
exterior of the structure within 180 days, and improving the interior to habitable standards
within 365 days. The rules give an idea of how run down these
homes were, and how much work and investment was needed but, after 5 years, applicants
had the opportunity to get a home for themselves at a fraction of the cost of a normal house. If you can make repairs and are willing to
move, keep an eye out for these deals because they are pretty awesome!! 9. Italian Village Home ($54/month) If you’ve always wanted to move to Europe
amongst the glorious mountains of Italy, then you missed out on a great offer that was made
by the village of Bormida in 2017. After population numbers started falling,
the mayor wanted to encourage new people to come the area. You don’t want your town to die!! So he started a scheme that made houses very
affordable. They would give anyone who moved there, under
the program, a lump sum payment of 2,170 dollars, and discounted accommodation for 50 euros,
which is about 54 dollars, per month. Larger properties were also available for
120 euros, or 130 dollars, per month, and these rates were for as long as the residents
stayed. Because who doesn’t want to live in Italia
for awhile?? Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of interest
in the offer, and it was eventually withdrawn by the village because of the influx of applicants. It’s not clear how many people have moved
there because of this program, but I bet they’ve never looked back! Even if you missed out on this deal, there
is more to come!! Don’t worry, you can still get your Italian
Adventure!! 8. Homes in Stoke, UK (£1) Homes in the UK sell for an average of 180,000
pounds, which is the equivalent to about 230,000 dollars, and are notoriously difficult to
purchase for large amounts of people in the country. That’s why, when special offers are made
available, there’s huge interest and they go in no time at all. In 2015, the town of Stoke, which is about
160 miles away from London, did just that- and offered 33 homes for sale at just 1 pound,
or 1 dollar and 30 cents. This, like other schemes, was designed to
encourage new people to the area and to renovate the homes, so things didn’t get more and
more run down. There were a few conditions attached- the
main being that it required taking out a 30,000 pounds low-interest loan, and the commitment
to live there for at least 5 years before selling. Purchasers also had to be in full-time employment,
and be first time buyers- something that both helps people onto the property ladder, and
prevents property developers from buying and then ‘flipping’ them. It may not be the dream location for most,
but with such low prices it was a program that made homeownership a possibility for
people who couldn’t dream of it before, and the program was such a success that it’s been
replicated around the country a number of times since. So keep an eye out!!! 7. Czech Castle ($13,000) If a house is too low-key for you, and you’d
rather snap up a castle for a bargain, then there was an offer in 2016 that would have
been perfect- in the Czech Republic. It’s a country known for its opulent architecture,
and this opportunity was amazing. The Libejovice chateau, a stunning mustard-colored
Renaissance palace, was put on the market for just 13,000 dollars. It’s only a 2-hour drive from the country’s
capital, Prague, and has the potential to be something fantastic. I say potential- because there was a catch
with this property- it was in serious need of repair. Some estimates suggested the renovation costs
alone could be as much as 10 times the purchase price, but even for 150,000 dollars, this
has got to be one of the most affordable castles in the world! 6. Japanese Home ($0) According to a report in 2013, there were
more than 8 million unoccupied homes across Japan. This is a surprise for a country that’s so
densely populated, but people tend to live in the cities- leaving some rural areas feeling
desolate and abandoned. Still, in Tokyo itself it was estimated that
1 in 10 homes were empty, which is far more than the rates seen in New York or London. The main reason is thought to be changes in
demographics- the younger generations aren’t having families as early as they used to and
don’t seem to be in a rush to purchase larger homes from the elderly. To combat this, authorities have been taking
control of homes, and offering some of them to buyers for free, and others for very, very
cheap. Of course, there’s some work needed on each
of the properties, but if you want a home in the Land of the Rising Sun, you really
can’t go wrong at these prices! 5. An Italian Castle (0$) See, you can still have your Italian Villa!! Throughout history, large numbers of castles,
farmhouses, and monasteries were built across Italy- but now there’s not such an interest
in keeping them maintained. It’s a shame because they are integral to
the character of the landscape, so the authorities came up with a plan to rescue them. They made 103 ancient buildings available
to new owners for close to nothing- on the condition that they turned them into local
tourist destinations. The intent was to transform the facilities
and create routes for pilgrims, hikers, tourists, and cyclists, and breathe some life into the
run-down areas. So they may be free, or only cost a dollar,
but you do have to put money into them. Depending on how successful this program is,
there are another 200 properties earmarked for inclusion- so if the idea of running a
tourist site in Italy sounds appealing to you, what are you waiting for? 4. New Jersey Mansion ($10) As you know, it’s not easy, or necessarily
affordable, to buy a mansion in the US, but in 2017 a New Jersey mansion went on sale
for…. 10 dollars! Yes you heard that right! Why just $10?? Of course, there are a few catches that went
along with it. The six-bedroom mansion, built in 1906, covers
4,000 square feet and was designed by Dudley S Van Antwerp, who was responsible for more
than 500 buildings in Montclair. It was the former home of Aubrey Lewis, the
football player who went on to become one of the FBI’s first black agents, so it is
steeped in history. The catch, though, is that buyers weren’t
able to keep the house where it was. The land has been approved for the construction
of 8 new properties so, as part of the sale, the new owner has to move the entire structure
to a nearby plot within a quarter of a mile. The seller offered 10,000 dollars towards
the cost of moving the building, but with estimated costs of up to 60,000 dollars to
move it, along with the need to purchase a plot of land to put it on, the costs could
soon rack up. But still!! It would be a much cheaper way of getting
your own mansion, and you can put it where you want it! 3. Sardinia ($1) Sardinia is a beautiful island off the coast
of Italy. The town of Ollolai is in the mountain region
of the island, with views out across the fields, and has plenty of uninhabited houses available! In the past 50 years, the number of people
in the town has more than halved and, with an aging population, there are very few births
each year. The locals, therefore, want to encourage new
families to move to the area to ensure the town keeps growing (or at least maintained),
and to do so they’re offering homes for as little as one euro, which is the equivalent
to just over a dollar. For this, you’ll get your very own Mediterranean
stone-built villa which is ripe for renovation. As a part of the purchase, owners are required
to commit about 25,000 dollars for upgrades within the next three years, but that’s nothing
for the chance to live in such a quaint place. Local delicacies that you could be enjoying
include premium sheep cheese, autumnal cakes, and roasted piglets- and the fresh air, combined
with the slow-paced nature of an isolated village like this, make it the perfect place
to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. With people applying to the program from as
far away as Russia and Australia, this could soon become one of the most cosmopolitan regions
of the Mediterranean! And who doesn’t want to live on an island
in the Meditteranean? I mean, you know that property is just going
to go up! 2. Mansion in Columbia ($170,000) If you’ve got a bit more cash, but want
a great deal, then this mansion might interest you…. It was on sale for 170,000 dollars! See, amazing mansions aren’t only for the
extremely wealthy!! Here you can see this beautiful home that
was for sale on Zillow. Covering 4,780 square feet, with 7 bedrooms,
and 3 bathrooms, there is room for everyone!! The brick home is in the center of the Columbia
Borough Historic District in Pennsylvania, and has distant views of the Susquehanna River. It’s been in the same family for 70 years,
and still has as much as 75 percent of the original furnishings such as flooring, fireplaces,
mantles, and a continuous three-story staircase. It’s in walking distance to the local stores
and stands out with its blue exterior like no other in the street. It was a bargain when it was sold in early
2018, and proves that large homes are very affordable if you look in the right place. 1. Mansion in Indiana ($190,000) Now on to Muncie, Indiana! This mansion was on sale for 190,000 dollars! While that might sound like a lot at this
point, it’s an absolute bargain when you see what it has to offer. With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms across 6,080
square feet, which includes more than an acre of land, the property has enough room to park
20 cars outside- you know, for all those dinner parties you are going to throw! And plenty of space to entertain guests. There’s also what’s described as a basement
recreation area, an unfinished third floor, and the focal point- four front columns that
support the roof over a two-story porch. The entire property is surrounded by a black
aluminum fence, along with its original gate- making it the ideal place for people who want
to live in a historic house! So keep your eyes open for your dream home! It’s out there, and maybe for a great price!! Thanks for watching! Remember to subscribe and see you next time!! Have a great day, byeeeeeee

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