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Cheap Homes For Sale Trinidad – Find Your Dream House

Do you want to find a cheap home for sale in Trinidad At Platinum Realtors we help you find your dream home for an affordable price. we are the best real estate agents for repossessed houses for sale trinidad, house for sale in south trinidad, trinidad house for sale by owner These are cheap properties in the East For a listing of cheap homes for sale trinidad


Rickey Villaroel

Oct 10, 2015, 1:45 pm Reply

We offer Cheap Homes In Trinidad and Tobago. Lets us help you find homes for sale, land for sale and more.

Trinidad Weight Loss

Oct 10, 2015, 1:47 pm Reply

Looking for cheap houses for sale in Trinidad and Tobago? Then cheack out http://www.realestatetrinidad.com you will find the house or land you are looking for.


Oct 10, 2015, 1:49 pm Reply

Great video. You can make simple videos and make money online from home in Trinidad and Tobago.

Truther 416

Nov 11, 2015, 8:25 pm Reply

I can build nicely designed homes, that are safe and looks
good, i am a contractor with design and building skills; i have a small team
dedicated to building, no drunks and bums.

I have good connections with material and finish products

Because of our dedicated team our price is very good

Soon my website will be up where you can pick a shape of a home and the
finishes of it and get a accurate quote, once you’re ready we can do a full
custom design or modify your pick from the website and go from there.

Contact me on the mean while.

[email protected]


Oct 10, 2016, 5:36 pm Reply

Looking for a townhouse for sale in Trinidad and Tobago? Check out this website: http://www.townhouseforsaletrinidad.blogspot.com

seva darshan

Nov 11, 2016, 4:47 pm Reply

sick country to live every thing expensive

TnT Homes For Sale

Dec 12, 2016, 9:18 am Reply

Check http://www.facebook.com/ththomesforsale for new listings of homes for sale in Trinidad and Tobago.

TnT Homes For Sale

Dec 12, 2016, 2:59 pm Reply

Great video on Trinidad and Tobago homes for sale. Check out our latest video on "properties for sale in Trinidad and Tobago" – https://youtu.be/EiQg3v3oAd8

karan whiteman

Feb 2, 2017, 2:01 am Reply

this music is so ugly

Vasya Yatsenko

Mar 3, 2017, 3:42 am Reply

You can learn more about it on Stodoys website I think.


Apr 4, 2017, 11:11 pm Reply

lemme guess 1m is cheap?

Borys Fomichev

Apr 4, 2017, 8:52 pm Reply

I am sure the best sale guide you can download from Stodoys website. Just google it 😀


Nov 11, 2018, 4:57 pm Reply

Check out gorilla grip bathroom mats for sale: https://youtu.be/rK3pgMfO9OE

alasha ellis

May 5, 2019, 1:37 am Reply

Do you have house renting to am looking for a three bedroom house

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