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Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok – PET & AQUARIUM SHOPS

This is Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok Thailand. The biggest and the most famous market in Thailand Chatuchak Weekend Market is definitely the biggest outdoor market in of all Asia and arguable the world With over 27 acres or 10 plus hectares.
This place is just enormous You can easily spend a day or two and not see everything here With over 27 sections, containing over 15,000 booths or stalls Selling all sorts of products from every part of Thailand If you love shopping and bargaining, then this is a place you must visit Everyone from all over the world as well as locals come here to shop for all sorts of products Clothing, accessories, furniture, handmade crafts, home decorations, plants, flowers, antiques, collectibles You name it, you can probably find it here Did you know Chatuchak also has a huge selections of exotic pets, domestic dogs and cats? Aquariums, fresh water fish, marine or salt water fish, corals, soft corals, hard corals If you’re uncomfortable seeing animals and pets in less than ideal conditions You might want to skip the pets section all together Remember that Thailand is still a third world country So, if you’re sensitive to seeing animals in less ideal conditions Then you might want to skip the pets section Now I visited many pet shops throughout my life But I never been to anywhere as big as Chatuchak Weekend Market The amount of pet shops, the selections, the variety that you can find here and just the size of the pet section Is the biggest I ever seen Go! Go! you’re free. Run!

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