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Charity Shop Sue | Part 1 | Sec*hand Chances

Eh excuse me ladeh, you’re meant to be on
the bloody till. Eh excuse me ladeh, you’re meant to be on
the bloody till. Excuse me ladeh, you’re supposed to be on the till. [VIDEO CLIPS ‘excuse me ladeh, you’re suppsed to be on the till’] You might be asking yourself, who is
Charity Shop Sue? You’re about to find out. Years before her social media
influence, the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Charity’, invited me to film her life as the
manager of Sec*hand Chances in Nottingham. With the business underperforming, I
followed her attempts to raise the shop’s profile and provide a platform for her
own online stardom. Since filming, Sue has not returned any calls and has asked
that the footage not be seen by anyone. But here it is. Excuse me, can you count me in? Three, two, one… Eh up Chazzers! How are ya? You’re watching a new series called Charity Shop Sue. Guess who Sue is? It’s me. Darlin’? Yeah? Darlin’, come up stairs I’m in the Bathroom. Quick, quick, quick. No recording, okay? I’m just getting camera set up so… I’ve got an idea, amazing scene, let’s take em outside and do a big reveal. What do you think? The way it usually works, is if I just get
free reign to just sort of… get all the footage. Wanted to keep it as natural as possible. You’re gonna pick up a bloody blinder, aren’t ya! Well they are fully aware that we’re
filming and they have accepted it haven’t they? Sorry darlin’ does my lippy look ok? Errr yeah. Looks fine. Bit heavy? Mmmm I don’t… er… Haha! I think it’s… What the f… Have you been in here before me? No I’ve not been in at all today no. Well I’m sorry but that does not look like a lady’s… That is huge. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with that. Do you know what? I’m sick of it. I don’t think it’s my job to
get me hands dirty… coz someone’s round the pan and that looks like cement,
it’s not coming off easy. I’m f*****g fumin’. I’ll sort it Sue. I want to sort it. If you want to do it girl, go ahead,
knock yourself out. Literally. Oi! Wait there. Come here. What’s going on with your face? You look guilty. That weren’t you was it? Get that kettle on. Doors locked! Go around back, I want you to go around
back now, I’ve got a surprise for you. Come on! Why? Stop it. Stop playing up. Get round
back. Now! Right darlin’, can you wait there. I’ve got some notes to do, come round
back in a couple of minutes. Hello ladies! What we doing out here? Thought I’d mix it up, I’ve got a little surprise for ya. Big plans, haven’t we. Viki? Viki! Come on, hurry up. Come on! What’s goin’ on? Oh my God look, we’re on camera. F**K! Eugh! Watch where your spitting man! Tell him! Dirty b*****d! I know! Er… Follow me down here darlin’, come on, don’t worry they won’t bite. What’s he holding? Camera. Is he taking
pictures? It’s film! It’s about filming. Everyone say hello,
new addition to the family, Vera, Kersch, Viki… Sue. You got that okay? That tea, it stinks.
I can smell Bulwell Bogs in that. Where you been getting that bloody water
from? Don’t make me another one again. So the thing is, what’s all happening now, what’s very current? In-ternet. Yeah? Have you heard of it? That’s right. [inaudible shouting] Can I have a job Sue? What the f****ng hell is that? [inaudible shouts] Think you better shut your mouth mate. Oh my God ladies! Get in now! Get in now! Yeah? Get in now! You starting? Kersch! Come on. Kersch! Get in here now darlin’. Coz you’ll get ripped to shreds. Get in! Get in now! [inaudible shouting] Piss off! [inaudible shouting] Ouch! What you doing? You b***h! [inaudible shouting] Let’s just forget about that shall we?
Could you just cut that out? What we’re gonna do is put stuff like this online. Ooops! Don’t go in the shop does it? But it will online! We got to start thinking like salespeople
alright? Cuz the thing is, you guys will be gone if
you don’t make an effort. Okay? Only joking. You’re comfortable darling aren’t
ya? Yeah. Yeah. You’re all comfortable yeah? The thing is, I know he’s filmin’
yeah, don’t be shy because most the time he’s gonna be on me anyway. Come on
positivity. Social networking? We need to make some money. Do you wanna tell us a little bit more about what Sec*hand Chances does? Who it helps? Well it helps people get back on their feet, You know, coz if the’ve hit rock bottom, it gives them that second chance. It sounds cheesy but it’s true, it’s exactly what it says. Cuz I came here
about two years ago as part of a probation scheme and it just gave me
something to aim for and look forward to and it does that for other people as
well. We get people coming in and out the shop, right, they’ve problems with their confidence and it gives them skills to be like sociable
again and then some of them people even go on and get jobs, which is invaluable I think. And then, then you get them people who just hang around the shop all day drinking
and our organisation is trying to help these people but you can’t help them
because they can’t help themselves it just frustrates me. I feel like
saying to them, you know there’s more to life than just hanging outside a shop and drinking bloody White Lightning. You know what I mean? But what can you do eh? Have you got anything else to look forward to in the near future? Yeah I met a girl when I was inside
called Ally and she gets out in about 3 months and that’s what I’m looking
forward to but I know it sounds dodgy, but she’s lovely, she’s a lovely
person and she’s really spiritual and she just helped me calm down because I
was just off the rails. I’m not proud of it. I was just like stressed as a kid and growing up, when I was in my teenage years, I was just like terrible and
basically she’s like a Buddhist. I’m not into that sort of thing but she just
taught me some chants when I was like on the inside and it’s helped me to calm down a lot. You know what I mean? Yeah haha! All right? Yeah what’s up? What you doing? Just doing some filming. Why? What you talking about? All sorts init. You know that fridge? Yeah. Shop front there. Yeah. I don’t like it. You want me to shift it? Yeah I’ll do it in a bit. I just having me
dinner. I’ll come in and do it in a sec. I’ve nearly finished me sandwich, I’ll come in and do it in a second I promise. Alright then see ya. Yeah see ya. Won’t be long. She’s all smiles she is, but she’s a dark
horse, I tell you. Bless her


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come on teletubby teleport us to mars

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Lewis Fernandez

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Matt Grew

Oct 10, 2019, 10:43 am Reply

We love an investigative look at how Sue runs her shop. No running off for a swift half today please Viki, not while the camera is here x

Ka-Ho Leung

Oct 10, 2019, 10:50 am Reply

Congratulations Charity Shop Sue for your very first episode! I am looking forward to see more of you!

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Oct 10, 2019, 10:51 am Reply

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Oct 10, 2019, 11:04 am Reply

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Comedy GOLD


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Omg I used to work in a charity shop and this definitely reminds me of certain people I knew 😀

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