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Char Tries to Find an Apartment in the Middle of the Woods

hello and welcome to char tries to find
an apartment in the middle of the woods so I asked Google Maps how to get to this
apartment it said, “walk over the mountain.” And I was like, cool! And then I
realized..THIS is what it meant!! There’s not a FRICKIN’ street here.
So here I am, in the middle of the forest, trying to get to this apartment that I might want to maybe stay! Cool.. thanks Google Maps. 20 minutes later and a whole
mountain later, here I am… This apartment better be *BLEEP* worth it! …20 minutes later [in Sponguebob voice with happy whistling song in the background]… …………..I literally don’t have *BLEEP* words. That was the ugliest apartment I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Like I’m not even kidding you. Like it’s all unfinished and the one room that is
finished and would be my bedroom which is like the size of like two cars put
together maybe and smells like mold but it’s new and I literally just climbed a
FFFFFFREAKING mountain to get there. The dude who would be sharing the space
smokes he cooks like really spicy food stuff and so the entire floor just
smells like really crazy spices and it’s like literally a garage. And here I am at
the top of the mountain…and I found a way down through streets this time… it
takes MUCH longer. There are bus stops but the…. I can’t even finish the sentence it’s so bad… the buses are on
STRIKE today. So they’re not coming. Literally… this is like the epitome of
bad apartment shopping. Oh. My. God. I am like FLOORED. Granted. She’s only asking
150 Euros a month so she knows it’s a *BLEEP* hole. Oh my god! And not only is it 40 minutes on top of a mountain, it’s about 40 minutes outside of the
city, plus another 20 minutes of me like taking a bus to like the place I’m
working. Absolutely not worth it… 150 Euro a month, like what did I expect? But like really I pretty much told her straight off the boat I walked in there
and was like “I am not staying here like longer than
two weeks.” And I put it in the nicest way possible, but she just looked really
disappointed! To give some perspective…here’s the road, that I’m
walking down, in the middle of nowhere… and here’s the FOREST that I JUST WALKED THROUGH. I just walked up a hecking mountain. Do you see that fricking mountain behind me? No, that one. I JUST HECKING CLIMBED THAT. I JUST CLIMBED THAT MOUNTAIN. AAAAAAA. I think I have to wait an hour
at the train station.. And my phone’s about to die, my ticket is on my phone.. Okay I’m glad I’m laughing though
cause like *laughs* if I was like actually like super super like pissed about this this
would be really bad. I’m not here.. this isn’t real.. nope I definitely just climbed a mountain for
40 minutes to go to a really shitty apartment in the middle of the woods. Did
I mention it’s raining? And I don’t have an umbrella? Oh my god these stairs are
so slippery okay hold on I need to stop vlogging so I can hold this railing hold
on. I swear I’m gonna get sick… like I’m gonna… My phone’s gonna die… I’m not gonna have a ticket. I’m gonna get kontrolled and I’m gonna have to pay like 60 bucks…and then I have to leave the train it’s raining… I like can’t… I can’t even comprehend like
what a bad idea this was… But there was no way of telling! I’m so disappointed in… everything right
now……..subscriiiiiiibe… [happy whistling song fade out]


Yasmine Steinbauer

Oct 10, 2019, 10:33 pm Reply

At least you had some exercise out in the fresh air.?


Oct 10, 2019, 5:34 pm Reply

Well, how much was the rent? can you fix it up?

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