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Central Erin Mills in Mississauga Neighbourhood Tour | Mississauga Real Estate | The Village Guru

Hey there savvy home buyers and sellers
this is Jeff O’Leary – The Village Guru Mississauga Real Estate Broker and in today’s episode we’re going to do a visual tour of one of Mississauga’s most
in-demand neighbourhoods – Central Erin Mills this video is great for both home
buyers and sellers but especially buyers who are relocating into Mississauga it’s
gonna give you the inside scoop as to what expect in the neighbourhood. So without any further ado let’s get right into it! Today we’re gonna look at one of
Mississauga’s most well known neighbourhoods Central Erin Mills. Located in West Mississauga Central Erin Mills is phase 3 of the master plan
community Erin Mills that was started way back in the 1970s. Now being the latest development, Central Erin Mills was built mostly in the 1990s up until the
early 2000s and encompasses the area north of highway 403 from Winston
Churchill on the west, Britannia Road at the north, and the Credit River on the
east, only cutting out a slice which is part of the old Villages of Streetsville. Central Erin Mills is located approximately 35 km away from downtown Toronto and 20 km away from Pearson Airport. The community is centred around the Erin Mills Town Centre and Credit valley Hospital and it’s known for attracting professional families due to its top schools and
family vibe of the area. Now, one thing I do want to point out for people who are new to Mississauga is that Central Erin Mills is not the same MLS district or
school districts as Erin mills which is located south of highway 403. So keep that in mind if you’re looking at homes just because you see that name Erin
Mills ensure that if it’s central Erin Mills you’re looking for because you
want the newer homes or you’re interested in schools such as John
Fraiser Secondary School that you are concentrating on central Erin Mills and
not Erin Mills south of highway 403. There’s a wide variety of housing in
Central Erin Mills from condominium apartments all the way to large “mega
houses” Central Erin Mills has something for everyone. The first style of house that’s quite popular with first-time home buyers and newer families are condo townhouses. I’m going to show you a couple of examples of what you can expect with townhouses in Central Erin Mills. So first off here are some stacked
townhouses close to the Erin Mills Town Centre they’re really good because they
have low condo fees they don’t have backyards so maintenance is not as much of an issue condo fees tend to be relatively low but they are stacked so the top part will have two and three bed units and then there’s actually
ground-floor that go down and those are one-bedroom units moving on we have some
more larger stacked townhouses closer to Glen Erin and Thomas these are a great
option you get the full-size house you’re in
the right neighborhood the only real issue cuz I’ve lived in one of these is
that the stairs you there’s a lot of stairs in this unit so they are stacked
so they they appeal more to younger buyers because what I find is as people
get older they don’t like the amount of stairs that these stock townhouses will
have next we’re gonna look at another nice townhouse complex near the Erin
Mills town center all brick homes well-maintained
excellent area perfect for a full family and here we go another complex closer to
Britannia again a lot of kids in these complexes as you can see good starting
spot when you want to be in central air mills now central air mills also has
some more lifestyle townhouse complexes and here’s one on the chase this is
actually an older complex has been around for quite some time what I find
is it’s a very well-maintained complex and people really like it and on top of
it you can find a lot of renovated units in there and if you’re somebody who
might want to do some renovation to your unit make it a real entertaining space
the chase is a good Complex also some more nicer larger townhouses located
along Glen Erin so you get kind of get the idea that there’s a lot of options
when it comes to town houses in Central Erin Mills moving on there are some
freehold and semi-detached options however the majority of homes in this
neighborhood are full detached houses however to give you an example here is a
swan street on Westbury Court where there are semi-detached houses in the
neighborhood you can also find some freehold townhouses and this is located
south of Eglinton these are a little older they were built in the 1990s
whereas most of the area central Mills once you get north of Eglinton is a
little newer next we’re gonna go over detached houses in central air Mills and
again this is the vast majority of homes in this neighborhood when we look at
housing in central Mills I’m going to divide it into three distinct areas just
because of the time frame the homes were built and also the predominant style so
the first area I want to look at is the area south of Eglinton Avenue between
Winston Churchill and Mississauga Road this area is the oldest and central era
Mills built in the 1990s similar to West Erin Mills about the
same timeframe were you getting those early 90s big square brick homes further
north of Eglinton you’re into the newer area that was built in the 1990s through
to the 2000s and you can see this style it starts to get newer the houses are a
little closer together but a very nice very nice and wall maintained
neighborhood here’s the most newest houses built in central Erin Mills you
can see these aren’t too old very big houses backing onto a park you’re really
good and finally some more detached houses and this is your typical streets
in central air mills one other cool thing about central air and mills are a
lot of the streets don’t have sidewalks on one side which is cool because if you
can get a house without a sidewalk it means it’s less to shovel in the winter
and more area to park your cars and finally the last large neighborhood in
central Erin Mills is Credit Mills which is located east of Erin Mills Parkway
north of Eglinton characterized by extremely large homes in fact this is
probably as big of a house as you’re gonna get in Mississauga without going
full-custom and getting into like mansions and things like that further
south in Mississauga many of the houses in credit Mills come with triple car
garages which is a bonus and you can see they’re very widely spread apart and
there’s just excellent curb appeal of the community it is a really nice place
finally the last major housing style in central era Mills is condo apartments
all the development that’s been happening recently and will continue
into the future will have to do with high-rise condominiums here’s an older
condo that was built about 20 years ago called Parkway Place very nice units in
fact this is one of a few gated communities in Mississauga so you have a
gate guard at the front not just in the building very well maintained area and
backs on to a nice park nice pool just a really good location also directly
across from Erin Mills town centre really easy to get to here’s another
example most of the condos are situated along Eglinton Avenue West
here’s Papillion place all those buildings and then as we look further
east going towards most Parkway you can see two brand-new
condos and then if we go down all of this area along Eglinton will be
developed you can see the cranes now and by the time you’re watching this video
maybe all these buildings will be built so this is where the high concentration
of condos are and it’s really good because you have access to transit and
again you’re right across from animals Town Center which you can’t see but you
have a lot of stores and amenities very close within walking distance so now
we’re gonna go over some of my favorite things about central air and mills first
are the amenities as I said earlier in the video central air mills was
developed around the Erin Mills town center so if we zoom into the satellite
view you can see that it’s a community of houses but all of this area right
here is the mall and then along Eglinton Avenue is all commercial stores
supermarkets specialty shops and restaurants so the community definitely
centers around also just east of Hermes Parkway south of Eglinton you have the
Credit Valley Hospital with its Cancer Center so everything is concentrated in
this area in central air and mills next let’s talk about transportation and air
mills central air mills has great access to highways including highway 403 407
and you’re not far from either the QEW or the 401 in the north central era
Mills is also very close to Mississauga city center you can take a bus on the
the my way transit way the rapid transit way or you can drive there on the 403
and literally be at masago city center in like five to 10 minutes
one other thing I’d like to point out is central air Mills itself is surrounded
by a number of other neighborhoods within minutes away best example is
streets ville village just a five-minute drive where again if you live in central
air mills so you can go to the villages streets ville to see the older buildings
eat at a small restaurant go to a boutique shop or enjoy some of the
neighborhood festivals such as the bread and honey festival also further south
you have Erin Mills where you can joy all the parks Arundale park or even
drive all the way down to Port Credit to enjoy the lakefront vibe of missus
in terms of transportation central air mills is centrally located between a
number of highways but it’s also serviced primarily by the streets
they’ll go train station now if you want to drive a little further south you
could even go right down in most parkway to the goat lake shoreline to the goat
trade station in clarkson which will get you into downtown toronto 20 minutes
earlier and also have a train that runs all day seven days a week finally one of
my favorite things about central era Mills is that it’s a family friendly
community so you have a number of parks you can see highlighted in green now
it’s not as extensive as an older neighborhoods such as Meadowvale or Erin
Mills south of the 403 but you still have quiet streets where kids can play
it’s not too busy once you get off the main roads and a good community for
raising a family now one of the claims to fame a central Erin Mills are the
schools especially the two high schools John Frazier for the public school in
st. elias gonzaga for the catholic school both are top-ranked schools in
ontario and many buyers from outside in Mississauga in fact outside of Canada
already know of these schools and when they come to Mississauga this is a
destination they want their children to go to now when you’re shopping for a
house and you’re looking at getting your children in a one of these top schools
and central area Mills the only piece of advice I can give you is to double check
the boundary before you buy the house especially if you’re moving into a newer
condo because some of the primary schools have gone over cap and they’re
actually not sending the children to the school that the condo is actually
located in this could be a bad thing especially if you wanted to get into as
particular school so what I always say is double-check make sure you know where
your children will be going to school because a lot of homebuyers this is a
big thing and one of the primary reasons that they move to central air and mills
well I hope you enjoyed our tour of central air mills in Mississauga be sure
to check out all our videos on the villages of Mississauga it’s a great
resource for info if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to my
channel and share with your friends I’m Geoff O’Leary the village guru and have
yourself a great day


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