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Catlett Residence Hall Tour

Welcome to Catlett Residence Hall! Catlett Residence Hall is located on the old site of the Iowa City water plant on Madison Street. This hall is twelve stories high and houses about 1,000 students. Catlett Residence Hall has many amenities for students. Including an ATM, a marketplace, a late-night grill, study lounges on each floor, the Rocklin Learning Commons laundry facilities, a fitness center, a kitchen, a multipurpose room, green outlets, and wireless internet. Now lets head up and check out a room. So here we are on one of the floors of Catlett Residence Hall. All floors are co-ed. This residence hall includes single, double, triple, and quad rooms. This is the typical double room in Catlett. Each room comes with two lofted beds, two desks, a shirt closet, and a sink. The beds can be delofted if the students choose to do that. Each floor is designed to enhance living learning communities and encourage students to form connections with others who share similar interests. Catlett Hall also includes Catlett Marketplace. a new marketplace to campus in 2017. This marketplace features a variety of made-to-order menu options and an inviting dining room overlooking the Iowa River. Catlett has a separate walk way to the T. Anne Cleary Walk Way. Additionally, the Cambus system makes it easy to get around campus. Cambus routes include stops near all residence halls with buses coming roughly every ten minutes Thanks for joining us! For more information about Catlett Residence Hall or any other residence hall on campus visit housing.uiowa.edu

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