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Catherine Dunn Apartments

So, right now we’re at the entrance of
Mary Ben Hall. This is the girls’ residency hall. Across the street from
here is the main parking lot. So, on campus, freshmen are allowed to have cars. It’s $45 for the parking pass that lasts a whole year. Over here, we have the
apartments. So, sophomores, juniors, and seniors live here. So, in the apartments,
it’s a communal living area. So, you walk into the apartment, and there’s a big
living room area, and then you also have a kitchen in the apartment. So, you have a
stove and you have a microwave and a refrigerator, so that’s nice.
You can cook your own meals over there. And, then from there, you share two
bathrooms, and each person gets their own room with a key that only you can get

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