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Hi friends!
How are you doing? Today we’re
going to review a newly launched exciting service in Dubai; the Careem
Bike service. You might already be familiar with Careem, who are a pioneer
in car booking and sharing service, like UBER. Actually it’s now a part of Uber. Recently they entered into Micro-Mobility space with the acquisition of UAE based
company Sayaka which is now rebounded as Kareem
bike so what is Kareem Mike service its it by sharing service it works out of an
automated docking station and mobile app the apps are available both on iOS and
Android simply saying it lets you rent a bike use it for your journey
once done drop it off at the bike station it solves your first and last
mile journey problem which is challenging for public transportation in
the UAE especially during the summers say you have to walk a kilometer to your
nearest base station from your home or work
this would make using public transport difficult
kareem bike is solving this issue so where do we start
download the Kareem bike app from the App Store or Google Play Store login
with your career account details if you don’t have it already create one add
your pay options next you need to choose a membership plan more about the
available plans are explained in the coming sections now we are all set let’s
take a look at the bike take it for a spin and come back open the app and
locate the kareem by docking station of your convenience these strip of bikes
and it docks is the cutting bike station all stations are solar powered bikes are
unlocked by scan the QR code or entering a five digit on the keypad on the dock
once done a green light appears on the dock and unlocks the bike
remove the bike from the dock by lifting the seat or pulling backwards on the
handle bars after the right returned the bike
to any station with a weekend doc dr. stations can be located through the app
match the triangle on the front of the bike with the doc and insert the bike
firmly onto the doc a yellow light followed by a green light appears on the
dock with a buzzer sound indicating the bike has been locked correctly now your
trip has ended if no light appears or if a red light appears the bike is not
locked into the dock remove the bike from the dock and reinsert Wow
that was an awesome experience super sturdy and comfortable bike
I just loved riding it they were so easy to write because there are no regular
bikes all Korean bikes are pedal assisted through electric motors start
pedaling and an internal motor kicks in which is your pedaling cool right
they also have three gears of pedaling speed which makes the right fun and easy
in all terrain and slopes you need to be at least fifteen years of age to rank
the bike the bike is designed to suit riders of all Heights and sizes height
of the seat can be adjusted using an easy to operate lever it has height
levels marked by numbers which make it easy to remember the next time you take
a bike it has several reflectors and self powered LED lights for safety the
bikes also have live GPS tracking now about membership plans you need a
membership plan to use the bike there are four membership options to choose
from one year plan for 420 terms which is one dirham 15 fills a day one month
sent firearms that is 2.5 runs a day one week at 50 the runs which comes to as
little as above $7 a day and the lowest membership plan at Durham’s
20 per day I think we need a bit more explanation about the plans the one year
plan doesn’t mean you can take a bike and keep it for yourself
for the next one year no you can keep a carrying bike at the stretch only for
maximum of 45 minutes within 45 minutes you have to return the bike to the dock
then you can unlock the bike again for another 45 minute session you can take
as many 45-minute trips as you like while your membership is still active
now what happens if you fail to return the bike within 45 minutes you will be
charged 10 dirhams for every additional 30 minutes you can refer to the app for
the current session timing the trip starts as soon as you unlock the bike
from the dock and only when the bike is docked back at the
station by now you would already have understood why this 45-minute limit
because it’s a bike share service having a 45 minute time limit ensures the bike
is not kept unused and unavailable say you write 15 minutes and reach a
destination you have a halt of one hour before moving from there if there was no
time limit we tend to keep the bike to ourselves you continue the journey after
an hour but here you make the bike available for other riders during this
one hour sharing is caring right now you have all
the basic information to get started with the bike still you might have more
questions like what happens if the bike fails or the station too routine the
bike is full etcetera etc we had the same questions as well luckily we could
get in touch with Korean team and clarify all the questions we would like
to share it with you as well so what happens if you unfortunately damage the
bike or you lose it when it’s under your possession don’t panic there is a
solution for everything but in such situations killing will charge you for
the damage to a maximum of five thousand dirhams not a cheap bike huh in case of
a stolen bike first inform the police and triple nine of the situation and
await further instruction open a case with the police and reach out to Korean
customer service with the king’s ID as soon as possible another situation you
unlock the bike maybe you moved a bit from the docking station and only then
you notice there is a problem with a bike a flat tire earth broken pedal what
you should do is return the bike to the closest dock and press the red button
with a wrench icon a red light appears on the dock so no other rider can use it
until it is fixed by a technician and what if the damage is such that you are
unable to move the bike then reach out to the customer
in case if you are not able to reach them because it’s faster service hours
then you’re obligated to keep the bike in your safe possession and shared
complete details of the situation through the contact us tab another
situation what if all the dogs and the returning station is full what current
bike team had suggested was to try to find another station with free dogs if
that’s not available contact their customer service in any case do not
leave the bike unattended and unsecure another doubt we had was if the bike can
be taken inside the Metro the answer we got was in no hurry bike is not supposed
to be taken inside a metro you will have to dock it before entering the metro and
take another bike while getting outside the destination Metro if it’s available
there god forbid in case you get unfortunate and meet with an accident
what should you do here you have to follow the local rules call the police
at triple nine and report the accident if situations required you can call the
ambulance at double nine eight further report the case to carry by customer
service always take care of your safety and others wear the helmet and reflect
your best especially if you pass by busy roads try to stick to dedicated bike
lanes as much as possible but we didn’t have a helmet or reflective vest
ideally we should have next time for sure currently the service is available
at selected locations current operational zones include Dubai Marina
Jumeirah lictors Al Barsha the Greens Internet city media city palm
jumeirah Diller Downtown Dubai Jumeirah Beach Road – by canal Kurama man cool
and al Karim currently there are 780 bikes at 78 different locations that’s
mostly near metro stations and tory sports kareem plans to extend these to
1000 750 bikes and 175 locations in the next two years and three thousand bytes
and 350 stations in the next five years thanks for watching friends if you liked
the review and would like to have more such reviews let us know your
suggestions or queries in the comments below and if you liked the video please
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