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CANON PIXMA IP7250- wymiana pojemników z tuszami

Hi, I’m Ema from DrTusz Today I’m going to show you, how to change inks in Canon Pixma IP7250 I’d like to print the picture but unfortunately alert about low ink has shown. The printer printed something else, but it wasn’t looking good. That’s why I’ll to show you, how to change the ink. Before we start, we need to open the cover. Now we have to wait until inks show itself to let us change the empty cartridge. The flashing LEDs next to yellow and black inks mean that there’s color is over. Here we have the replacements form DrTusz store. First I have to open the foil bag and remove the orange cover. I do the same with the next ink. After open and unlock the new ink, the new ink, we remove the old one and install new, yellow ink Until I hear the click. The LEDs stop flashing, whats means that the printer recognized the ink. Now I repeat that with the black ink. I take out the empty tank and put the new one. We can see that the LEDs stops flashing. Now we can close the printer cover We check the ink level on computer. There’re full, so we can start printing. Let’s have look how our picture printed by new inks will look like. It looks very good. If you want to know how to change inks In another device, let me know in comments. If you enjoy this movie, subscribe us!

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