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California Real Estate Market – Lakewood CA

Hello and welcome back Suzy Valentin here with century 21 Now Realty your Southern California Realtor bringing you local real estate market updates but before I begin I just want to say thank you for coming back for liking my videos and sharing it with your friends and also subscribing to my channel now let’s begin in August 2018 Lakewood California which is part of Los Angeles County currently has 113 homes for sale 77 are in escrow last month in July 2018 there were 68 homes sold ranging in price from four hundred and eighty five thousand dollars to eight hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars in this slide you will see the number of homes sold in liquid between January 2014 to December 2017 we see the housing market staying consistent this graph represents the average days it takes to sell a home in Lakewood between January 2014 to December 2017 as you notice homes are selling quicker especially in 2017 in my opinion it’s because there are less houses with notice of defaults therefore they are selling faster now let’s dive into this diagram which shows the average sales price on homes sold in liquid between January 2014 to December 2017 the real estate market keeps climbing and looks healthy this chart is my favorite because it showcases the average single-family home sale prices in Lakewood California from January 2018 till July 2018 we are seeing the real estate housing market remaining steady if you’re interested in selling your home and when like an in-depth market analysis please give me a call Suzy Valentin nine five one nine zero seven four zero two zero and please like and comment and subscribe to my channel to be up-to-date with your local real estate market thank you and have a great day

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