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Bulgaria, Sliven. Industrial land for sale.

Republic of Bulgaria
Town of Sliven- industrial zone Sliven is located in South-Eastern Bulgaria and is situated near the town of Yambol and Nova Zagora. The city is rated as the eighth largest one in the country and is an administrative center of the municipality of Sliven and the city of Sliven. The largest seaport in Bulgaria-Burgas is located on 102 km East of the city. The name of the city is associated with the mergering of three rivers – river Asenovska, river Novoselska and river Monastery. The population of the city is approximately estimated at 90,000 people. The average annual temperature- + 14 / + 18 degrees; The average minimal temperature- + 9 / + 10 degrees; The average annual rain – 620 mm. The city is located in a zone with transitional – continental climate. There can be recognized four seasons: not cold winter, hot summer, autumn is longer than the spring. The earliest discoveries of life of ancient people in the city and the area date back to the New Stone Age – sixth millennium BC. Follow historical periods of the Thracians, invasions of Persians, Celts, Bastari, Byzantine period, Ottoman rule … During all these periods the city has been established as an administrative, commercial, craft center. Religion – Christian religion is fundamental. The city has five Christian temples. There are 10 secondary schools and two higher educational institutions. About the city and its merits can be written a lot. However, we aim to introduce you to the opportunities to acquire real estate for industrial uses in most – attractive area of ​​the city. Industrial lot with size of 48 252 m2.
Price – 20 Euro / m2 The terrain is provided with complete infrastructure: drinking water, sewer system, electricity, road, option for gas supply (100 m). Location: At the entrance of the city from the highway Sofia-Burgas. The terrain is designed for industrial and warehousing uses. The area borders with asphalt road – 300 meters; It is closed to a non-operational airport. Distance: From Sofia – 300 km; Burgas 100 km; Svilengrad 150 kilometers (borders with Turkey and Greece). We offer full assistance to potential investors in the implementation of possible project. Contacts: +359886148917

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