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Building the Dream Final Episode: How to Build a Shop

you can see here we’ve got radiant floor
throughout this section this is more like the clients going to work on the
machinery this is more storage so there’s gonna be a radiant tube heater
it’s gonna be the main source of heat you can turn this on and if you don’t
put the tubing in before you pour concrete you never do it again so that
was the thought behind this customer said even if he doesn’t put a boiler in
right away he’ll have it here so if he wants to it’ll be ready to go and here
in the office this will be also radiant heat so this will be the only source of
heat in this room however out here there’ll be a radiant tube heater which
is a really efficient way to heat a building they work really well getting
poured so that’s that is pretty exciting got a lot of guys around here I’m gonna
go ahead and set my I’m gonna try to set my GoPro up they’ve already got a couple
trucks unloaded got the first probably quarter percent 25% of the building
floor poured but I’ll go ahead and set my camera up hopefully we can capture a
little bit of the rest of this you know these taxi guys get up early at Saturday
morning a long week I slept in till 7:00 so I don’t know so
in order to get the concrete all the way in the back of that shed with all that
radiant heating and they’re gonna do this all in one for
so 72 by 80 and one for they got a conveyor truck pretty cool they just run this out what is cool about this dream
got a heart scene see how narrow and the depth of it up
here in the front but as it goes he gets a lot deeper so that’s a custom drain
was designed and made for the space that way it’s hard to got the slope
pre-engineered into it pretty cool pretty cool the way they are able to do
these buildings in one for to get these ride on machines and these are gonna
finish the they’ve all got set up four different blades different finishes that
way they got the ability to kind of one of them comes in and knocks it all flat
the next one comes in and polishes it up and then the last one comes in and
furnishes it that way they can just keep kind of just keep following each other
around pretty cool we’re gettin eight inch pour this is a six bag mix we’re
gonna go with I think it’s a five inch slump and I don’t know all you guys out
there that are maybe concrete professionals or whatever I don’t even
know what all that means if I’m being honest like I understand the slump the
way it works and it’s going to be a sweet floor I know my customer is super
pumped he’s been waiting for this for years he just told me that at this point
when we get the doors on he’s got a shed with a roof doors concrete he doesn’t
even need heat he’s been working outside his whole life doing maintenance on the
gravel drive so I’m really excited for him he’s gonna love this and I’m gonna
love it I think it’s gonna be an awesome finished building so we’re gonna let
them get the pour going I got that GoPro set up and we’ll see how it turns out so
we’ll see you back here in a little bit you get everything poured you you we had messed up I messed up on these
trimmed with an exact dimension which was 5 and
3/8 and because lumber is not exactly perfect even though the manufacturer
Mills these post two five and three eighths the problem is we were noticing
that if our post had any sort of a kick to it and it wasn’t dead-on laser
straight then we were having problems with our trim going over top of it so
you can kind of see here this was one that we did before and we’re going to
take this off I just left it for the time being we couldn’t get them to
actually close here though is the new trim that I just bought so it’s two
pieces we slid one from the outside because no one’s really ever gonna be
seeing it from here people are gonna be looking at it from
over here so the hope is you look at it from this side you’re looking over the
lap and we just start tucking them into our brackets we’ll punch our holes back
through and bolt it all together we’ve got some columns to do and I’ll take off
a couple gutter downspouts as well to get to them man
Greg we always underestimate the longevity and time it takes to do these
weird different detail stuff that we don’t do everyday so how about that
guy’s color-matched garage doors 24 by 16s got the front apron all done just wrapped up wrapping all those columns
down the lean to listen to that echo big empty building 72 by 80 you can see here
this is what typically happens in 99% of our shops because honestly most farmers
contractors whoever’s putting up the building they don’t necessarily know
exactly what they’re gonna do but they know they want power so surface mount
with conduit they can add on let’s say they want to do a bench
they can just run the wiring right where they want it after the
act add lights kind of just build the whole system out as they go we’ve got a
door to put in here for the office nice 20 by 20 it’s gonna really look nice
when it starts getting used but these are Rainer garage doors Rainer is
actually their corporate office their worldwide headquarters is what it says
is right in Dixon Illinois which is just the town over from me and so these are
their rainer used to be their tricor series these are now a three inch thick
foamed in place it’s called their TM 300 I do believe they have an r-value of
about 25 so 25 r-value that is definitely one of the top rated doors
out there and we got them as you can see color matched exactly to our burnished
slate steel so man this building looks sharp we officially are probably going
to end this maybe I will come back in a long time see how this thing got moved
in to see how it’s being you know held up for the customer and how it’s working
out but I hope you guys enjoyed the build series I know I really enjoyed
this project not often do we do one like this and we’ll see you guys on the next
one make sure you guys hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out
on the next build series so thanks


Jack Thwaite

Sep 9, 2019, 11:18 pm Reply

Okay 2.49 I had to do a double take thought they were Daleks. exterminate

Fonzy Brookestone

Sep 9, 2019, 7:56 pm Reply

Awesome place! It DESTROYS my OCD seeing that the center of the building isn't center of the 2 bay doors!

Widget Handler

Sep 9, 2019, 1:52 am Reply

Kinda ghetto without electrical and plumbing.

Affordable build none the less.

Devon Bradley

Sep 9, 2019, 4:02 am Reply

Dahm this guy can build like a mf good stuff bro from ny

Anton Shubnyy

Sep 9, 2019, 11:54 am Reply

what about condensation on the roof


Sep 9, 2019, 9:38 pm Reply

Nice building.
This end video is like 90% too long though. No need to up the mins you have a good product, they will watch.

M Rod

Sep 9, 2019, 7:13 pm Reply

any cost estimates for someone wanting to do same? what is on the ceilings and upper walls?

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