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hey, everyone it’s your friend Thinknoodles and Welcome back to Roblox Jailbreak as you can see I have four hundred and Thirty-five thousand three hundred and sixty money Money and I got two hundred and seventy three chests So guess what guys we are going to get to five hundred thousand and yes, I was wrong It’s five hundred thousand for the bugatti that we’re going to get in this episode and also guys there are apartments that you can have parties in and Also, they double the Robux to cash rate which if I had bought it because that’s how I got mixed up And I’ll start I’ll start opening chests That’s how I got mixed up was that uh well if you go here. Oh, I didn’t mean to do that Oh,I GOT ZEBRA FIRST GO YEAH That’s the new one right there That’s the new one right there it turned out that five hundred thousand five hundred thousand money was Sixty thousand, Robux, which was six hundred dollars yeah, that’s what it was YOU DID IT 😀 Alright time to open some more safe and look. Oh, my goodness. We are so getting it We are so getting it. thank you guys so much. I definitely would never have even gotten close to 500 thousand money without all of you whoo there it is Finally let’s go. I hear someone making a break though That is not gonna do it so guys I am five hundred and eighty three Thousand money, and I’ve got a key card, and it is time and they come he’s a good cop He’s a good cop II told me he’s a good cop. He’s I got a recipe. he’s gonna do nothing He’s not gonna do nothing. I can’t trust that guy though. Can’t trust that guy though Nope, don’t trust you Nope, all right. I’m going for it. I’m in don’t you dare arrest me? Don’t you dare arrest me boom-boom? What hey what’d I just say don’t do that? I thought ah Gun on the ground – I’ll take that. Thank you alright. Now. We got something going here I think we have any coppers do we have any coppers. No coppers. No coppers. Oh Nope, you’re not a cop okay. I’m going in I’m grabbing this and this and Yes, someone started robbery so that will distract them let’s do this. We are headed off What do you have in your head? What? Do you have under okay? Fine? It’s fine. Oh, I better go quickly Whoa this guy’s crazy. I’m running. I’m running I’m making a break for it. Nope you can’t catch me Whoo did I get away I got away? Uh-oh he’s chasing me still. He’s chasing me still I just have to get in this car here get in the car drunk no You got in the car with me. I did not approve this I Did not approve this dude sir. So could you please get out of car? Thank you. Thank you. Nope so run Oh, no run Somebody come pick me up. I need a fellow criminal go he’s on the car. All right you have fun, sir. He’s coming free I’m running all the way to the city I’m gonna get my bugatti if I have to walk on foot and looking at I just got 60 bucks whew Still chasing me. I can’t even believe it. Okay. There’s a there’s a there’s a there’s a ramp I and I I did read your comments, and where you guys told me that I need a bugatti Also with some sort of engine upgrade as well. I think maybe to actually use the ramps properly so sorry about chevalier II still chasing me Okay, we should get a motorcycle any second here It should be along one of these posts so all right I gotta be quick guys I gotta be quick He is right on my heels yep, bye Bye, bye haha Yes, I did it it took so long, but I did it I escaped his evil clutches that I’m coming back of the bugatti, but you got there. What is that? whoo oh Looky looky all right. I’m coming. I’m gonna get with you. I’m gonna come at you only get what it is. Oh Yeah of it wait. I don’t want to buy this thing and I’ll be able to drive it why bugatti for 500,000 wait no where to my book on what happen to the gotti come on come back bugatti. What happen to you? What I have some money to buy it why didn’t you wait? Did I buy it there it is? Oh, okay? Here you okay. It must have Despawn. I done I’m good Okay, here. It is La Llevo. Okay here. We go five hundred thousand three two one Boom whoa. I need a let’s see how do I get there noodles? Yeah there it is, baby Well the Jacksie. I’ve brought I’m ringing the cop okay this oh my goodness things you people said It’s really fast. I mean Yeah, I guess let’s see if we can hit the ramp Alright. We go there. We go. I’m gonna miss it. I’m gonna make it oh I think that okay hold on hold on let’s upgrade the engine man there. We go the fastest you can go level five Bugatti Here we go here. We go. Yeah, baby. Oh, yes Alright, let’s go find another ramp that we can’t get is over anything, but it actually got us some air, so I’m happy about that Okay, but I thought I saw another one like back. Oh my goodness I saw another one back over here, and this niggas like oh here. We go did it oh? Is history okay? Go all the now there are apartments here, and I don’t have any money to spend on mine Whoa on top of the gas station and I? Want to get on solid hold on this thing is wasting fast control max speed here we go Nil, what are their other ones are there any other ramps? Oh? Yeah? Just think as soon as whoa Oh, I flipped it on but they’re back on top. Oh here. We go here we go Whoa? Oh yes? Yes made it over whooping. Whoo that was awesome ah That let’s take I thought I saw another one. Yep. There’s one right here whoa Look, how are you? I’m under the water. Please help me Spell spell how we getting out here? I don’t know That was really cool try it one more time do it uh ah We totally made that yes Evek all right, so let’s go find some apartments, and then we’ll do some some store robbing Holy Chalice things at top speed Wow Oh, man. Yeah. I was afraid of that. There’s different. Whoa. Look at my car. What have we done let’s leave it back down Yeah, all right. What do we got right? Here is the apartment. Oh Wait drive enough. I don’t have enough money let this apartment for twenty five thousand Jailbreak lightly. Lou. What hold on $25,000 per Jailbreak day We need to call $25,000, but you know what let’s rent it. I’m in holy cow I’m in oh look at my pad. Yeah, whoo? Oh guys check it out. I’m glad that I had just enough money. Thank you so much can we sleep can I sleep? No, I can’t really sleep all man. I’ve got such a great view up here Holy cow, how do I about can’t fight? Oh wait? No no no let me not get I want that good Okay, what so it’s gonna downstairs all dude my car’s in my apartment. Oh Yes, look at that sky elevator. That is so cool. What is this? Whoa? What is this? What what is it? I want the gun, we have a party going on and I want this confetti gun thing Is that what it is? I don’t know yes, whoo ah? There it is baby. Ha ha I found the id for Darude Sandstorm whoo Yes, everyone get ready. Let’s party. It wasn’t a party in here until we did this whoo Javi Yes This is awesome. Dance dude. Come on get in here party in my apartment. Look at this all the criminals and cops Together all right it is time to go get some money. We’ve done some dancing I got the bugatti. Oh my goodness I just fell out on my face and check that out look that’s my apartment right there wait. Where’s my car? Where’s my door? What? It was in my apartment Try not man. I gotta get my dough jeez I better run. I better run Okay, I’m Gonna go get a bugatti first What it’s a cupcake buggy? What are you doing? Dude? All right? Let me get my car. Let me get it customized here Boom all right. Where’s the bank is it the bank? Yeah here we go. Let’s let’s do a bank robbery here All right, let me lock my car There we go get out. I’m gonna Rob a bank So that man my car looks amazing Up here we go butt kickers. If you need them like the cop is leading the break Here we go. We are Gonna Rob the bank With the cop in the lead and there there are a few that are not joining in and the fun like this So we need to be very very careful Keep an eye on them. I think we’ve got it this one got enough criminals. Don’t die dude. Okay? These two are good you two are good all right. It’s going off Let’s see so the other ones might show up all right here. It is here. It is come on Boom okay, holy cow you guys okay, but I’m stuck okay. Let’s get in let’s get in let’s get in let’s get some money Let’s get some money. Let’s punch the money punch the money don’t wait Well, you gotta do it like what it’s like this like give me money money money my name okay. I’m gonna look this way I’m gonna look this way, okay. We got to be careful because that guy could be behind us at any moment I’m going for a full duffel bag of cash Oh, I hear somebody coming all right we got to be ready guys you gotta get all the way because I got I got to Shoot him if you come hold on guys look look everybody’s got money. I got two thousand don’t die guys don’t die 2,200 I’m being greedy. I am being greedy 3,000 come on baby three thousand three. Oh, no, they’re all dead they all got crushed by the lasers Oh here. We go. Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. I’m outta here Okay, here. We go here. We go. I’m down. Oh, no I got hurt by the laser be careful oop okay be careful be careful be careful And I’m up. I’m out okay hold on got to be careful dude got to be careful that guy could be anywhere Guy could be anywhere careful they say Wait, what’s going on wait are we are we good? We’re good right? We’re good. I’m getting away on my bugatti Let’s go, whoa. Let’s get wait. Wait. Why can’t I drop my bugatti a bugatti won’t drive What? Drive Bugatti Drive This is the worst Getaway ever come on No, oh, I’m not in my bugatti. That’s why yes whoo. Yes Here we go. I take it off and off into the sunset I was in the wrong guy on the absolute worst bank robber in the world to flip it back over Yes guys that is it for this episode home. I could just look at that thing look at that thing of a Roblox Jailbreak, thank you guys so much for all of your Safes and stuff that was able without it. I would not have been able to get this bugatti or okay? I turn on the lights. Yeah. Oh my oh my goodness that thing looks amazing I wouldn’t been able to get it without you guys so thank you so so much and also the apartment and thanks to the cops on this server for Trying to make go to the car for helping me out and and oh yeah look at it donuts for helping me out and getting Let me get through the bank and make a successful robbery and making donuts with the bugatti this figure is awesome alright guys if you enjoyed this episode of Jailbreak in you want to see more go ahead and pick up those chopsticks and book that like button as hard as you can also Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and please do become a noodler today and subscribe. I’ll see you guys again soon Thanks for watching and of course… Noodle On!


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